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Tchild - April 10

I am going out of my mind. I had a miscarriage in Nov 2004. It was my first pregnancy and was made harder by the fact that i miscarried twins. It took 14 months to get pregnant again. I had my first ultrasound today at 11 weeks 3 days. However the tech did a va___al u/s and only saw a sac. She said there wasnt a heart beat and when i asked if she at least saw the baby she said i wasnt 11 weeks and it looked more like 6-7. Which is impossible. My lmp was Jan 19th. I found out i was pg Feb 14th. Which was like 9 weeks ago. I asked her how that could be and she said "dont know" I am so scared. Has anyone had this happen to them? What was the result? The tech wouldnt even tell me anything except good luck. I am trying to remain hopeful but it is so hard. I dont want to lose a third child. But i feel like thats whats happening. Any advise?


AshleyB - April 10

It sounds like you may be experiencing a missed m/c. It's where the baby has pa__sed away but your body doesn't get the signal and holds on to it. I had one in Dec. I had my 1st u/s at 11wks, there was no hb and the baby measured only about 8-9wks, which meant the baby pa__ses away 2wks prior to my u/s. Anyway I had to have a d&c. I hope this is not the case for you. I hope things will be ok for you. Get another opinion or wait a week and have another u/s. Good luck honey. I'll say a little prayer for you and your little one.


onetwothree - April 10

I hate to say it too, but it does sound like a missed miscarriage. I am so sorry. At 11 weeks, 9 weeks or even 6, there should be a h/b. I had a blighted ovum where I was supposed to be at 11 weeks but I was measuring 7. I ended up having a D&C. I do wish the best outcome for you but I can only tell you from what I and those around have experienced.


Tchild - April 11

Thank you for being honest. I really hope the tech was just a retard... i just dont get it. It took me so long to get pregnant again and i went through every test known to man and nothing is wrong with me. So, why does this keep happening? Could it be something wrong with my husband?


stace - April 11

Tchild, I hope everything is alright for you, fingers crossed. I can only repeat what the other girls have said, it does sound like a missed miscarriage. Ive had 2 missed miscarriages and its very hard as you don't know that anything is wrong until you have your u/s. There is probably nothing wrong with your husband at all. Sorry to sound trite but it is just one of those things. Thinking about you!


SaraH - April 11

Hi Tchild, I’m so sorry your having to go through all of this waiting and wondering. I can also only say what the others are telling you. I recently had my 2nd miscarriage (I was 7 weeks +1). I went into the Dr b/c there was some spotting and they did an us. The us indicated that I was not anywhere near 7+ weeks (I was 100% positive on my dates so...). I did end up miscarrying naturally but we are figuring that the baby was so small b/c it had pa__sed away a couple weeks earlier. This maybe what has happened to you. (I'm sorry) The only thing I can say is that my Dr asked if I had had any previous bleeding/spotting (that we may have a__sumed was implant bleeding or such). I hadn't, but the Dr. said that if I had, than prehapps it was possible that I could have miscarried (the previous bleeding) and not known it, then gotten pregnant right away again without ever having my period. Maybe this is possible with you? If this is what has happened then obviously the baby would be much earlier along than a__sumed. I'm sorry I can give you anything better. I'm praying all will be well with you and your baby.


Tchild - April 11

It sounds as though you were all right. I went to the doctor today. She sent me for blood work and i go again for more friday... but she said unless i got my dates wrong, which i know i didnt then i probably will be having a miscarriage or have to have a D&C. It just sucks. Its crazy to think how long you try to prevent getting pregnant and then when you really want it, you have so much trouble :(


AnGeL - April 11

I am so so sorry to hear about, your trouble. I hope the best for you and you will be in my prayers tonight.



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