Is There Anyone Who Has Suffered A Loss And Ttc Again

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melex06 - January 8

My Dh and I lost out triplet Angel Babies on 3-31-08. Ava, Sadie, and Andrew were just 22 weeks when we lost them. We conceived them on clomid, which was a big surprise. I had two mature follies and one of them split. To make things even worse, I'm an US tech and found them myself. The girls had a late diagnosis of TTTS and my son was to premature to save. The girls passed away in utero, which threw me into labor. I measured 28 weeks at 22 weeks due to all of the fluid from the TTTS. (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome). I really would like to talk to anyone who has suffered a loss and is now on the ttc journey again. DH and I are back on clomid and praying for one healthy baby.


melex06 - January 8

I'm sorry, but I measured 38 weeks at 22 weeks. I WAS HUGE!!!!!


maybebaby2007 - January 12

Hi melex! I'm so sorry for your losses!!! TTC is such a tough journey, especially when it finally happens and then we don't get to see our babies to the end. I believe being on chlomid, you must have been trying for a while as well. I've had 2 m/c in 2006 and 2007, but very early ones. Unfortunately, since then I've not been able to get pregnant, which is very soon going to be 2 years. :o( I've been thoroughly checked, blood work, hormones and underwent a laparoscopic examination. Doctors can't find anything wrong with us, they don't want to prescribe chlomid. I don't need it apparently as I ovulate and it would only give me some nasty side effects,so that's it. It is only down to God now. I wish you all the best, that chlomid will do its magic again and this time you will get your healthy baby!


Elizander - January 12

Hi Melix ~ I too and sorry for your loss. We lost our son last September...I was 26 weeks (first pregnancy). The cord had wrapped around his neck 4 times. We are TTC again and I am a nervous wreck. While I desperately want to be pregnant again I am very anxious to do so.


Elizander - January 12

I too am an US tech and I can't help but think that I should have seen something???


melex06 - January 13

Maybebaby2007~I also ovulate sometimes on my own, but the doctor said the clomid helps make the follicle more mature to fertilize. The side effects are horrible, but it may be worth a try? I just got a BFN today from a blood test. I totally new I wasn't preggers. I just didn't feel pregnant. Elizander~ I'm so sorry for your loss. I understand how your heartaches. It was so hard to go back to work with all of the pregnant women. I'm still having my moments, but it is getting better. It has been 9 months since the delivery. I miss them so much. Where do you live? Blessings to all of you. Thanks for writing and your support.


melex06 - January 13

I forgot to mention I live in CA. THey are talking about IUI. WHat do you guys think?****Baby DUst****


pleasehelpmewiththis - January 15

It will soon be a year since I lost my twin boys. My first one pa__sed at 13 weeks on Feb 11th and the second twin pa__sed at 18 weeks on Mar 16th. We were devastated to say the least. I had vanishing twin with the first miscarriage and the second twin pa__sed from placental abruption. I got pregnant again in June and miscarried again on July 7th at 5 weeks. My first miscarriage was on Feb 9th 1998 at 7 weeks. I have had two successful pregnancies in between the years and I can say that they are what keeps me going. I am so sorry for you losses.


melex06 - January 15

Pleasehelpmewiththis~ Thanks so much for sharing. I'm so sorry for your losses. Are you currently ttc? If so, best of luck. Blessings*****Mel


maybebaby2007 - January 16

Elizander & pleasehelpmewiththis, I'm really sorry for you losses too. And thank you for your advice Melex. If nothing happens again within the 3 months the specialist gave us, we are going back and try to push either for chlomid or IUI, just simply something! Have you been on it this month? It's so hard because we carry the losses in our hearts always. I hope and I pray our healthy ones will come and everything gets better again. Hugs to you all!!


marylynn78 - January 17

i am sorry to hear about your loss. i lost my baby last november and now i might be pregnant again. i am scared because i am thinking of the worst. since the miscarriage, i don't have positive thoughts. good luck to us all. i will pray for all of you and hope you get BFP soon.


Kristin72 - January 17

Melix, I am so sorry about your losses last March. This must be so difficult for you to recover from. I have not suffered a triplet loss but I have had 5 seperate losses. 1 in Nov (a chemical pregnancy) One in October by D&C and I was 9 weeks. Inever saw a heartbeat. I had an ectopic last Sept '07. i have one 2 year old little girl and I lost another one at 14 weeks 1 cycle before I fell pergnant with my daughter. I also had another miscarriage many years ago. I have really been through the ringer. My determination is what keeps me going. Even my doctor told me if you have the stamina to keep going that it is really up to you. ......Well i am pregnant for the 3rd time in 3 months..I know it is crazy. My body has been through hell. I am about 6 weeks so I know this is a really crucial time. My levels are doubling but I am taking things at a very cautious rate. I have an ultrasound next Thursday to see if there is any heartbeat. I will update when I know more. Again I am truly sorry for your losses..This absolutely brakes my heart. But, I am sure you are in good hands with your doctor and it will happen for you again..just keep your head up. All the best to you..oh btw my doc put me on progesterone this cycle..we shall see if it helps..


melex06 - January 21

Kristin72~Thanks so much for your support. Best wishes with this pregnancy. You have 5 little Angels waiting for you in heaven. I miss my babies so much it hurts. We are on our second round of clomid and I'm on cd5. Praying to conceive one healthy baby. Healthy Baby Dust Kristin*****



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