Is This A Miscarriage

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Alia - August 17

I am really confused. I went to the ER last tuesday because of bleeding. They told me that my HCG levels were really low and that they couldn't see anything on the u/s but it looked like something were on my ovaries. So they said that the pregnancy might be ectopic. So I went to the doctor yesterday and he said by pelvic exam that my tubes felt swollen which indicated ectopic pregnancy. So he drew my blood and had me return today for an u/s. So he said that my levels was as low as it should be if I were a couple days pregnant and the u/s didn't show anything. So is it possible that I miscarried without knowing? The doctor drew my blood again today and he said if my levels go back down to 0 then I don't have to worry about a D&C or anything. What do you guys think? Any advice?


J.K. - August 18

I went through the same thing. I miscarried at 1 week. I had one day of bad bleeding so I knew I miscarried right away. I am okay but glad not to have a D&C.They did a u/s as well and found no trace of pregnancy but did find a cyst. Did you have spotting, bleeding or cramping?


To J.K. - August 18

Yeah I had some very light bleeding w/o cramping. So I am glad that I won't need a D&C either. I am just happy that it happened as early as it did. Last year I miscarried at 20 weeks. The doctor called me today and said that my level is at five and yesterday it was nine so it will go down to zero. I am kind of anxious to start trying again. I am very positive I can carry a child. I carried my first son 2 weeks past my due date and he is a very healthy 5 year old. Are you trying again? Seeing that we were so early in the pregnancy is it a certain amount of time to wait? The doctor wants to see me in the office next week to talk he mentioned a Hysteroscope, have you ever heard of that? Keep in touch


To Alia - August 18

I am able to start trying again as soon as I can.My doctor sais I could start now. I think it all depends how far along you are. I have never heard of a Hysteroscope? Let me know what it is. Is it a test to check why you have miscarried twice?


To J.K. - August 18

He didn't explain much of what the procedure was but told me he would in more detail at my next visit. So I searched on the internet and it said it was an in office procedure where they insert a tube of some type with a tiny camera on it to view the uterus real closely to see what's going on. I like this doctor alot and he seems really concerned so if he suggests it, I am all for it. I have been through alot of rude and disconcerned doctors. I am going to start trying again after the test depending on what the results are.



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