It CAN Be Worse Than Cramps

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anng - June 25

Hi everyone. I just wanted to tell my story, and say that a miscarriage can involve a lot more than just "cramping". I was 10 weeks pregnant and started spotting brown blood last weekend for a few days and saw just a bit of red blood. Freaked out and called my midwife who scheduled a sonogram the next day. It confirmed that the baby had died 2 weeks prior at 8 weeks. I was devastated and decided to let nature take its course instead of having a D&C, mostly because I felt so overwhelmed already that I didn't want to add a hospital visit to it all. Everything I had read said that the worst of it would feel like really bad cramping which I've had with periods so I thought I was prepared. It took a couple more days for the cramps to begin with bleeding. By late evening the heavy duty cramps turned into contractions. I had Advil and Hydrocodone and it wasn't touching it. Still, I hung in there, breathing through it and bearing it because I knew that there was that little break in between them. Still very devastating because the emotional pain was bad enough without that horrible physical pain too. I passed many large clots along with the dreaded "tissue" which I saved as directed for the doctor. After that the pain eased up some but I still waited it out for a couple more hours to see if any more tissue or clots would pass. Finally went to bed and woke up 30 minutes later in excrutiating pain. I crawled out of bed and into the bathroom. The pain was that of a non-stop contraction. No ebb and flow, just steady, mind-numbing pain. I tried to wait it out, figuring it had to pass at some point but after 10 minutes it hadn't let up at all. I managed to crawl back into the bedroom and wake my husband to tell him I had to get to the hospital. He called an ambulance because I knew there was no way I could take a car ride and a wait in the ER waiting room. I couldn't straighten up to stand or walk at all without the pain making me lightheaded and nauseous. On the way to the hospital in the ambulance, I got as much Morphine and Phenergan as they were allowed to give and it did NOT touch it. At that point I was crying uncontrollably and begging for relief. By then I had been having the contraction for about 50 minutes. At the hospital the doctor came in (and without any more painkillers) dilated my cervix the rest of the way and started pulling out clots with a forcep. I was nearly screaming. He said that the clots had blocked the opening in my cervix and my uterus was fighting to push it out. Also, the blood was building up and putting pressure on my uterus which added to the pain. The pain subsided about 50% when he was done with the "first round" - he gave me more morphine and came back about an hour later for round 2. During all of this, I soaked 3 pads underneath my rear end with blood. He had to come in a third time about an hour and a half later to make sure my cervix had closed up the rest of the way before he released me. That was yesterday morning and today I'm just trying to rest and recover. I just was not prepared for a situation that bad because, like I said, everything online said it would be like a heavy period and that's it. I'm sorry if this freaked anyone out, that's not my intent. Had I known that something like this was possible, I would have considered a D&C, though. It was just so awful that I was having a "birth" type experience on the pain level with no baby to show for it at the end. Just made the whole miscarriage that much more devastating. It made me afraid to try to get pregnant again in case the same thing happened. I know the odds are against another miscarriage this bad if I have another one, but it was quite traumatic and has made me afraid all the same. I just wanted to share my story with you all and see if anyone else had gone through anything like this. God bless everyone.


kristie h - June 25

Hi anng, I am sorry about your loss and that the pain was that bad. When i read you post it took me back to the day i lost my one at 9 weeks. I was down in sydney visiting my dad and it was on a saturday night. I started to get slight pain and fell queezy at the same time but i didnt think anything of it and thought it was sumthing i ate. This went on for a hour or so but then the pain was getting very bad coming and going all the time so i thought i may have been constipated so i took a fiber drink. About 30 min after the drink the pain was so bad i could not walk, stand sit of even move but as they were easying off about every 2 min thats when i would try to go to the loo. I advertually got there and about after 10 minutes that was it. The pain was that bad i couldt sit on the seat so i squated over the toilet with legs on both side. I was getting hot flushes that made me sweet and felt like i was going to pa__s out. The pain was that bad it would literally make me "huff huff " "whoo whoo" "ahh ahh" breathing as if i was in labour! Then the pain would not go, i got sweater and the breathing wasnt doing anything it was like sumone slashing me on the inside a thousand times over and over and it went on for about 20 min .I was screaming on the inside, crying, getting dizzier and hotter and sweating so bad, then all of a suden i vomited so uncontolably like 4 days worth off food and at the same time i had direaha that was so uncontrolable, i vomited all over the floor. Once i did that the pain was gone!! I came back up to brisbane a few days later and had a scan at 12 weeks and found that the baby was dead. I kick myself to this day as i have 1 son already and when i was pregnant with him i went to my gp with pain and she said if there is no bleeding then everything was great and that it was normal to cramp in early pregnancy. I look back now and yeah i was having contractions and the whole miscarriage thing but at that time didnt even know it, even after that pain it didnt even cross my mind. B4 this i had no signs i was going to miscarry and even afterwards i had no bleeding at all i thought it was normal as i thought of what my gp had said and there was no blood so i thought i was fine. I was so alone in this, when i had the actual miscarriage my husband was in my home state queensland. A year has pa__sed now and to tell you the truth when i think about the miscarriage and the pain i can feel it like it happend yesterday and it was exactley the same as labour. I now have a new gp as that doc was not going to give me a scan till i was 20 weeks pregnant. When i went to my doctor of now, they did a normal 12 weeks scan and sore no heart beat the the next day i went to ER and they put me in for a d&c the next day. 3 weeks waiting the hospital calls me and tells me i had a molar pregnancy which the pregancy that has a baby but the plancenter is like a bunch of moles that have like a cancer cell in it, it adventally kills the baby but your uterus still grows just like a normal pregnancy would. If i stuck with my 1st doctor and went for a scan at 20 weeks i would of looked like and grown like a normal pregnancy but the ultrasound would of shown different. Well this is my story, your pain is the pain i felt both emotional and physical. I just pray that the only thing we feel next time is those tiny little kicks that make you giggle and emotions full of joy. (HUGS) Take care and good luck. xxx


josita - June 25

helloann, I read your story and felt so much fo ryou. I too mc-ed, officially mid- may. the intense bleedingand pain lasted about two days, I am still bleeding today. It has been about 5 weeks (stopped a little for a few days, but am still going). For me it was cramping for a few hours that were intense af cramping, I could handle it no prob, then the bleeding started... it was crazy I couldn't stop and had to just sit on the toilet for hours. the next day the pain started... it was so intense and lasted for about 1 hr. i couldn't move, crawl... nothing.. Nothing made me feel better... I was alone, bc I too felt like i needed to go to the emergency but i couldn't even get to the phone. I was screaming, sweating and the pain was the worst I have felt. i felt like this was the 'labor' part... I talk to others who say, just wait until childbirth, it can't be as hard as that... is it true??? I don't have kids, this was my first pregnancy and i mc-ed right away... it makes me so sad and I am too scared of giving birth after the mc.. it was only about 1 hr, but I couldn't move!! I want to try again, but i am nervous and hate the fact that my mc has set me back almost 6 months to ttc again... I wanted to just share my story and tell you that you aren't alone.. After reading all of these stories, I must say that all three of you are verystrong woman...


kristie h - June 25

Ho Josita, I am sorry about your loss. To answer your question about the labour part mine was the same as labour and from the sounds of it so was the ladies on the other post. Your uterus contracts the same and opens the same so yep its very eraly labour. I think why people think the pain wasnt as bad as bad as labour is cause when you are in labour you know what is going on and as people say there is no worse pain then labour. When you miscarriage you just take it as it comes, you have no idea what to think or exspect. But most defentaly the pain is the same only it didnt last for as long as labour does. Good luck


iemc19 - June 26

Hi Josita, Adding on from Kristie's reply - Also take heart from the fact that generally when you do go into labour it'snot (usually) immediate - generally it's quite gradual- esp. if its your 1st. I know that that doesn't go for everyone - my first labour was 3 hours from start to finish. My point is that there is some great pain relief out there - or so I've heard!! lol and touch wood I've never needed it. It doesn't have to be a painful or traumatic experience whereas a m/c can be very sudden and you're not prepared for it. Don't let it put you of.. You will find the strength I'm sure. Take care xxx


Jada_S - July 5

im sorry to hear about all your experiences, i wish i knew this before it happend to me, i got pregnant in nov and three months into the pregnancy i started spotting which scared the hell outta me coz i was really desperate for a baby and to lose it now was just unfair. couple days later i went for a scan and it comfirmed my worses fear i had a incomplete miscarriage, so the doctor told me my options it was either dnc a pill that brings on miscarriage or wait two weeks, well being so naieve i choose the pill because i didnt want to be put under general anistic or wait two weeks didnt wanna risk infection, so i asked the doctor about this pill and asked if i would get any pain, he didnt even know himself all he said was yes there will be some mild cramping. anyway i took the pill and came back in two days like he said btw i came in at 1:30 pm, i was waiting and waiting after a while i started to bleed really heavy, then the pain started gradually building up as time went on until the point i felt as if i was having contractions while this was goin on i was still waiting for a bed, i went to tell the nurses but they were all too busy and saying yea your bed is ready were just waiting for it to be cleaned up or something like that anyway at about 10pm i finally got my bed, and thats when i started to black out from all the clots and bleeding, i was so scared i burst into tears infront of everyone my blood pressure was sky high i thought i was goin to die, i know its probably a bit much to say that but being only 20 years old i thought it was time. i felt sorry for my DH he stayed by my side the whole night wacthing over me which im thankful for. the next day i had a scan to see if it was completely gone but nope not me i still had clots in my womb so after such an experience i begged for a d&c although i had to wait three days i wish it was my first option. i mean like one lady said on here to go through all that pain and to not have a baby at the end of it is heartbreaking still after all this it will never stop me from ttc all the pain and tears will be worth it in the end just to have a piece of you and the one you love in such a beautiful thing. never give up girls when the time is right you will get what you been waiting for : ) gdluck


Jes - July 22

Hi ANNG, I am sooo sorry to hear about you loss and the horrible pain.------I too have had a micarriage recently with losts of pain. It has been a month ago - at 10 wks. I started cramping and light bleeding on a Friday evening, cramping worse the next day, then by Sunday June 18th, I was bleeding heavier and cramping pretty bad. My husband and I went to the ER, were they confirmed I was having a miscarrage (blighted ovum) and sent me home with a prescription for pain med. I then pa__sed some very large clots at the hospital bathroom, then went home straight to bed. My husband had to catch a plane, so he had to leave me alone midday. Then the pain started to get worse and the Advils & Tylenol was not helping at all, so I went alone to the pharmicy to get my pain meds & it all got so much worse after that!! I went to the bathroom while waiting for my meds, ran into a preg women in the restroom, I burst into tears! Well, finally got my pain meds and went to my car, but the pain was sooo bad, that could not drive myself home!! I broke out into a sweat, the cramping was getting much wors & not letting up, no breaks, just steady excrutiating PAIN to the point that I as queazy, sweat soaking my clothes and squirming, vision blurred, I thought I was going to pa__s out!! I finally called my sister in law to come get me - so glad I had my cell phone with me! She wanted to take me back to the ER, I said just take me home, so she did & got me to bed with my pain meds. The pain lasted another hour then let up - I think the Vicadin finally took effect. ---- looking back, I should have just had my sister in law go get my meds, but since I ahd pa__sed a lot of stuff a the hospital, I thought it would get better, but I was wrong! A few days later I pa__sed a lot more clots, so I guess my body was just tryinig to get rid of them too. My doc also said that emotions can also make your body react and the pain can be worse than having a baby!!! -------- I has now been a month, I am physically back to normal, but emotionally still kind of shaky, each day is better though & I look forward to trying again in a couple of months. Take care & hope you feel beter soon. Jes



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