IUI Or Intracervical Success Stories

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Chas - January 25

Hi, i was wondering if anyone had success with either of these procedures when the female was completely healthy and the male had a low sperm count ? Need encouragement ! Thanks


chandellina - January 26

Hi Chas, i can't really answer because I'm just gearing up now to try IUI in March (after two miscarriages in quick succession followed by nearly a year of ttc, including 3 months on clomid). But the ladies over on the problems getting pregnant board can probably help. there are a couple of threads on how effective IUI is.


Chas - January 27

Thanks for your response. Have you actually seen a fertiltiy specialist yet?? I was wondering how long it takes to acutally prepare to have an IUI ? We are going to try this ICI next week and after that visit the fertility clinic.


chandellina - January 28

i am seeing a fertility specialist. he's the one who put me on clomid and it worked as far as stimulating more follicles, but in the 3rd month i got a cyst (it went away when i got my period). i don't think there is a lot of preparation for IUI. But if they want you to use clomid or injectables to get more follicles ahead of time, you would need to have seen the dr before you get af that month. what is ICI - i am not familiar with that!


Chas - January 28

ICI is Intracervical insemination. From what others have told me it is a little outdated, but my doc said we would be perfect candiates for it since his sperm count is moderately low and I am healthy as far as we know. The sperm aren't washed or anything but the sample is injected directly into my cervix and then a cup is placed on the cervix and left overnight to prevent leakage. I have to wait for a surge from my opk and then go to the doctor the very next day. Last month we were ready and it fell on a Sunday !! My regular OB/GYN can do this, so they aren't open on weekends. I thought it was worth a shot, it's less invasive and low cost, so why not ??? My doc thought it was a good idea. If that doesn't work we will work towards IUI. I don't think I willl want or need any drugs. But I guess it depends on the doc. If you ovulate on your own, do you necessarily need meds?? or does that help to increase the chances ? Do the drugs cause cysts ??


chandellina - February 1

the ICI sounds interesting. whatever works!!! for IUI you don't need to take any meds but it can help you produce more follicles, potentially leading to multiple eggs getting a chance at fertilization. My dr said i was very unlikely to get a cyst while doing injectable hormones since the dosage is low and sustained. he said cysts are more common with clomid. i do ovulate on my own anyway but i'm willing to do pretty much anything to improve my chances! do you have/did you have the ICI this week then?


Chas - February 1

Well, I was ready to go this week depending on my opk. I am/was waiting for a positive. The weirdest thing happened though... I started testing on CD9 with walgreens brand. I had two left, so I went ahead and used them. CD9 and CD10 both had definate lines but not quite as dark as the control line. So... i had some internet ones on the way that I normally use, and yesterday at CD 11 no line at all !!!! today again, no line !! (maybe just a faint one)What could be going on ??? DId I miss it? The brand shouldn't matter, right ?? My doc doesn't want to see me unless I have a for sure positive. What should I do ?? I am going to try to keep testing just to see what happens, but I think we should also probably get to bding !! what do you think ??


Chas - February 1

BTW... I normally ovulate pretty early. cd11 usually, the latest being cd13 which was last month.



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