fara - January 12

hi juju.. i've been on this site for a while now..glad to know everythings ok with u.. :0 ) ..well,i have been 'trying' for 4 months now after my misc in may last year..but so far,theres nothing,no bfp's af arrives every 29 days.. i have ewcm,higher temps after 'o' ing on cd 15.. alot of people have told me to stop thinking about it n it wil happen.. (so i do my best to stop,but at the back of yr mind its still there).. was this true for you before u got pregnant?..appreciate yr ans..


JuJu - January 15

Fara; great to hear from you!! Wondered how you were doing - I know it's disappointing when the BFP doesn't come quickly enough.....but on the upside, 4 months is still well within the normal range of ttc. But I understand it's frustrating. I guess the positives are; you seem to have a strong, regular cycle that is well within the ideal timeframe of 28-30 days, which is great. It's also really positive that you have recognisable ewcm and higher temps after 'o'ing - all sounds like your body is right on track. I guess the variables are things like timing (ttc), egg quality, partner's fertility, stress, diet etc. But honestly, I don't think you should be too concerned at this point - fertility stats show that even when the timing is right etc in a 'normal' couple, that couple still only has a one in four chance of falling pregnant in any given month. It's just all such a delicate balance. How long did it take you to fall pg last time? You asked about my situation, but my DH and I are not normal when ttc, because we usually fall the first month or so, every time. Wether that's our combined fertility or just good luck or something else - who knows! But our OB has told us it's very unusual. Most of my friends fall pg somewhere between the 3-12 months timeframe, and a few have taken longer. From what you've said you're on the right track: I guess if you were still not pg a few months down the track you could look into speaking to a doc or other fertility specialist. But it's fairly likely that they'll tell you not to stress about it until you've had no luck for a year. Have you tried seeing a natropath who specailises in fertility? I know a few people who have found that path to be worthwhile. I saw a natropath after my 2nd m/c, because I was feeling so run-down, and within a couple of months of taking some supplements/potions that they prescribed I was feeling so much better. I have no idea if it helped me fall pg faster, but I made sure I took fish oil suplements and my prenatals religiously, and I also took care of my diet - had a freshly squeezed juice most mornings; apple/orange/carrot, mint & ginger. It definitely helped my general health, if nothing else ;) Anyway, it definitely sounds like you're on the right track - not sure if I have helped at all, but hope it happens for you soon! {hugs} juju


fara - January 16

hi Juju!! thank u soo much for replying.. i am on supplements too..fish oil,multi vits..eat fruits all the time heheh..i think im out for this month too,af is due 21st n i can feel the pms coming on..oh well..i was thinking of seeing a specialist next month tho..dh is real supportive n i feel bad at times..the 1st time we ttc was 1 month after marriage..aug 05,we fell preggy rite away..sadly i miscarried in dec..then in march 05 after 3 months ttc ..well,mayb im thinkin too much,it cud happen next month...thanks juju.. i appreciate ur reply.made me feel better bless u.:) :)


JuJu - January 17

fara; I can see why you're getting impatient - you have fallen pg very quickly before, so it's natural that you would see those timeframes as a benchmark :) But that's a great indicator that your general fertility is good, which is hugely rea__suring. It may take a little longer this time, but given your history I don't think you need to worry! Good to hear that your taking the supplements as well - they will make a difference. I read the other day a recently released medical article in a fournal, that fish oils are have been found to improve brain development in a fetus; apparently they have studied brain development in premature bubs and those whose mother's took fish oil during pregnancy had an edge on the others. So definitely keep it up! Re: feeling pms symptoms; I always feel pms-y when I'm in the early stages of pregnancy, so you never know! juju


fara - January 17

hi juju.. today i feel super tired n my body's aching,i have this sickly taste in my mouth..n i was giddy all day yesterday.sometimes yr mind plays tricks on u so u get all these symptoms,but this time,the symptoms are just real!! ..i dunno.i'll wait n see if af arrives on sunday.. then me n dh are gonna test.. i'll keep u updated.. take care babe.


fara - January 20

hi juju..well af showed yesterday,29 day cycle this month.i think im gonna take a month off..its taking its toll on me..i think i need a break..



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