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littleangel - March 7

hi ladies, i read Juju post on our old thread and i thought i would start the new thread this time, so every one is welcome whether you have had a miscarriage or pregnant or even if you just wanted to chat...


littleangel - March 7

so i will start this off,,, Juju glad every thing went well with you OB and you have only 12 days left i cant believe how fast it has gone and all the hurdles you have jump to get this far it will truly be worth it in the end, having your little bundle of joy in your arms. have you chosen her name yet or is it secret.....Jen you sound such a proud mummy with Bella, how is she doing? Ash hows Garrett, doing well i hope...Kort how are you doing as well with your new baby girl...Well i am 8 weeks today and boy to i feel like poo, i am so tired still i hate cos no matter how much sleep i have i am still tired, m/s is not too bad i get it late morning then after my lunch, i am up in the night too peeing i went 3 times this morning, my b___bs seem to have grow my bra is a bit tight will have to get a new one, i got a letter from the hospital today my u/s app is on the 16th April at 9.30am so i really cant wait for that to come round, tomor i have midwife app so that will be nice to be check over, i am getting mild pain in my lower belly but i think that's just stretching, mark is great very scared but great, we cant Wait to tell every one but we are going to wait untill after my u/s app which is in 5 wks yeah i am so happy its unreal i still cant belive its happened we are haivng a baby yeah :) .chat later lov Jo: xxx


Jennifer28 - March 9

JO- Thanks for starting the new thread. Hope all the girls find us. ;) I cannot wait until your u/s - I'm sure you're giddy w/ excitement! I am so glad your symptoms are increasing. Wonderful sign, sweetie!... JULES- The countdown is on! Only 10 days to go! Holy cow. I am so glad they are keeping such a close eye on you. Haven't heard from you in a couple of days so make sure to drop in as often as possible so we know what is going on! You have braved this pg so well and soon it will all be over and you'll have that beautiful little girl in your arms. Too exciting!!!... HOPEFUL- I read your post on the other thread! I am sooo happy for you and dh! What a beautiful name for a boy. How tiny he must be. Be sure to post pics if you can! I would love to see him. ;)... Well gals, I finally created a piczo site so you can see updated pics of my Bella as they become available, lol. It is cja-smith.piczo. Check it out when you get a chance. Oh, there is a pic of Chad & I, too. There isn't much to it - just really wanted to post some pics of the baby Bella. There are some on the home page and more under 'my pics'. Like I said, not much to it - just threw something together very quickly. She is already sooo big. Her next dr's appt is the 23rd of this month. I cannot wait to see how much she is weighing now a days. She is w/ my mom - her gramma today. I love Fridays. My sis takes great care of her but gramma spoils her so! As for her night time feedings - she slept thru the night again on Wed night - but last night she was up 3 times. Go figure. ;) I don't mind it. I am tired but I love talking to her during the night and snuggling w/ her. I never put her back in her ba__sinett - just snuggled w/ her all night. DH rolled over and snuggled too. She has completely taken over both of our hearts. ;)


littleangel - March 10

hi jen, sounds like mother hood is good with Annabelle, its nice to have time to your self to chill and let her get spoilt., i hope the rest of the girls find this too, Juju not long to go yeah and she will be here, how you feeling now?...Up date on me, i had my 1st m/w appointment and it went really well, i had my bloods taken, blood presser done and just chatted about how we were feeling, she asked me if i have thought if how i am going to feed my baby, i told her i need to have it first before i think of things like that lol and mark was with me so i felt better, still got sickness and the rest of the symptoms so far so good, she told me i will be closely monitored with this pregnancy, i have me next app on 3rd April with the midwife and she is going to find me a heart bet with one of those machines, so i cant wait for that, and my u/s app is on the 16th April, i am 8wk 3days today yeah and feeling OK......Jo


JuJu - March 16

Hey gals!! Well, this is probably going to be my last post for a while...having my baby girl in two days!! I am so emotional right now - just so very, very thankful for you girls. It's been a long road that we've travelled together, and I feel incredibly blessed to have shared this experience with you. I will definitely try and post as soon as I am able to - will miss you girls so much. Jo, you keep that little been nice and safe honey, Jen28, Kort and Ash; big hugs for you and your beautiful bubs, and of course big hugs for everyone else too. Thanks for hanging in there with me {{hugs}} and **kisses**, JuJu


littleangel - March 17

hi juju, 2 days to ago yeah, i cant believe it your nearly there your desvere this baby so much, good luck with the birth and hope everything goes well, pop in when you have time to let us know how you are both doing and her name of cause, its been a long road and i am glad i met you and gave you some help along the way, i will miss you too.....i am 9 wks days today and going good, i had a scare the other day i had really bad belly pains and i did not feel right, so i went to the docs and to be told i have a water infection so i am antibiotics for 7 days now but apart from that i am doing really well, i still cant believe it really and i just cant wait to tell my family a few mores wks to go yet, hope every one else is OK and doing well...chat later Jo. :)


Jennifer28 - March 21

Hi Jules! It had been so long since we heard from you I thought maybe the bub arrived a bit early! Although - by now she is here!! I can't believe it. I am so happy for you. Please let us know all about her as soon as you can! I will miss you terribly. Good luck and prayers to you and your family!!... Soon, Jo your little bub will be here too. I am sorry you had a scare and I am thankful that all is well! Not too much longer until your u/s!... KORT- I hope you and your baby girl are doing well. Please drop in when you can to let us know how things are progressing... Annabelle's 4 month check-up is Friday. She was 16 wks yesterday. Did you gals have a chance to see her pictures? You should - she is a living doll. I have a thousand new pics but no time to post them all. ;) She slept thru the night 5 nights this past week. 9:30 - 7. Amazing. I don't know how to handle all the extra sleep! She was asleep by 7 last night so she woke around 1:30 for some food. Still b/f and loving it! I swear I lose a pound a week. I am already back into a size 7 in pants! Just one more size to go until I am back to pre-preggo size... Well, Jo it sounds like it is just going to be the two of us for a while. ;)


littleangel - March 21

hi jen, i thought it was a bit quite on here,but glad you still pop in from time to time, i have not seen your pics yet i don't know where to find them, she sleeps through how lucky you are are take advantage of the extra sleep and i cant believe you already getting back to you normal size that's quick, i know its a weired question but did you b___st feed cos they say id you do your weight falls off...well i am 10wks today and feel bloated, i am still on the tablets but they have given me thrush tmi i know sorry, is there any thing i can take? i doing well taking a day at a time, every day i wake up i think i am still pg, going to the loo is bad cos i expecting the worse all the time is that normal to keep worrying, i have my midwife app on 3 April so hope full i get to hear the heart beat. i am still tried and my sickness has nearly gone thank god, my belly is starting to come out and my pants for work i a bit to tight, apart from all that i bless to get each day over, i don't think i will be OK untill i get over 22 wks then i can enjoy it..chat when you can i understand that your busy with annabelle...Juju post when you can too let us know how the birth went of your new girl and her name kort how are you both doing? chat later lov jo :)x


Jennifer28 - March 21

Hi Jo! Sorry about your 'little problem'. No such thing as tmi around here! ;) You might want to call your dr/midwife about what you can take. I know the over-the-counter stuff (the 3-day version) should work w/o harming your little bean but check w/ your dr. to make sure first! I decided to b/f b/c I just think that is why we have bbs, lol. The weight loss is just a MAJOR bonus. It has been sooo easy, too. Hard at first - when you're waiting for your milk to come in - but when it comes to night feedings it is a breeze to just bring her into bed w/ us and put her on the b___b, lol, rather than to have to get up, make the bottle, heat it up, etc. I highly recommend it. ;) If you go to my piczo web site (cja-smith . piczo) - don't forget the dot com on the end - you can see our pics. I wish you could still post url's on this site. Don't know why they stopped us from being able to do that. Very stupid. I know it is going to be quite some time b4 you can actually enjoy being preggo but do try. I actually miss it. Can't wait to be pregnant w/ #2 to tell you the truth. It is so funny b/c I thought after I had her I would go out and have a thousand drinks and really party it up - but I truly have no desire to go out on the weekends anymore. Chad feels the same. We have been out a few times but after a few hours we both just want to get home to her. ;)


littleangel - March 22

hi jen, i looked at you site and she is lovely, how cute, i can see why you never want to leave her,and she suits her name, when will you try for another or are you waiting till shes iis older? .... i have been think of b/f my self but it the thought of my baby on them and then my partner if you know what i mean lol it freaks me out, i have a baby site as well i started one like Kort, w.w.w.(babysites).com / sites / babyducky take out the spaces and brackets and extra dots, my I.D is Babyducky pa__sword is duckys i have put a few pics on there so your welcome to have a look...i wonder how juju is with her new arrival and kort as well....


Jennifer28 - March 22

Hey Jo! I'm glad you got a chance to take a peek! I looked at your site as well. Just remember, that is going to be the first of MANY pics you will post as your pregnancy gets further and further along. I am so very excited for you!! Isn't it fun to put faces w/ names? I had a picture in my head of what everyone looks like and it is just fun to actually see the real thing! :) Chad and I have to really talk about when #2 will come along. He is convinced we should just spoil the heck out of Belle and not have any more kiddos. I, on the other hand, do think about having one more - a lot actually. I would love to have a little boy. But, like Chad has said a hundred times, we might not have a boy. So, I don't really know. We'll have to wait and see. If we do have another one, I was thinking about waiting until Annabelle is at least out of diapers. Two lo's in diapers might be just a little too overwhelming for me, lol. Your comment about b/f made me lol! DH has yet to go near them since AB was born - but I think he is afraid of them leaking on him, lol. You should really consider b/f. No pressure from me but I can tell you it has really worked out well for us. You can always stop if you wanted to for any reason. Not only is it totally easy, you lose weight so much faster AND the bond you create between you and your lo is awesome. Just my opinion. ;) I am so excited to hear from both of them!! I hope it is sooner rather than later. TTYL!..


littleangel - March 24

hi Jen, yes it is nice to put faces with names exp after nearly a year of chatting, how time fly., i am sure chad will come round to idea of having more, i think after every thing you both went through just get Annabelle here safe and sounds like he just wants to savour every moment with her and watch her grow in to a big strong girl.one day you might change his mind...i am thinking i might try it, i have heard its great to lose weight and you can all ways express for night times i really like my sleep lol..glad you liked my site..i cant wait to here from juju and kort as well....chat later Jo.


JuJu - March 30

Hey girls!! Our baby girl is here!! We called her Allegra Bea, and she is just so beautiful. I sneak into her room all the time just to look at her; I am just so grateful to have her......we gave her the middle name of 'Bea' because it means 'blessing' - she is so worth everything we went through last year. The c-section went really smoothly, it was actually a really warm, enjoyable experience - my OB, the anethetist and rest of the team were great - there was a really great atmosphere in the theatre (sounds bizarre I know!) and when Allegra was born and they put her on my chest - well, it was just amazing. She is now 10 days old and doing really well - she was a pet_te 2.8kgs (6p2oz) but very healthy ...... she's b___stfeeding and sleeping really well, which is great. My 2 year old DD is adjusting so well - she loves her little sister and is very proud in telling everyone so! My DH has been on paternity leave the past couple of weeks which has been great, but all good things must come to an end - he's back to work Monday. Anyway, I also wanted to say how grateful I am for you girls - it was a lucky day the day I happened to find this forum. When I first started writing here I was fresh from my 2nd miscarriage, greiving intesnely and not sure about what the future held for me. I was just so happy to find other souls like me - suffering through m/c but still hopeful. I can't really express how thankful I am - but I know that you know what I'm talking about - words just can't always do justice. Just looking forward now to sharing in the next chapter with you :) JuJu {{hugs}}


Jennifer28 - March 30

JULES- I am just sitting her almost sobbing I am so happy for you and your family. So glad your beautiful baby girl is *finally* here! Wonderful to hear there were no complications and that b/f is working out for you! Please post often and let us know how that miracle of a little girl is coming along. So exciting!!... Now the countdown is on for you, Jo!!... I know exactly what you mean about this forum and having you ladies in my life. I couldn't have made it thru my pregnancy without all of your support and advice. You truly saved my sanity. {{{{{{BIG HUGS}}}}}} Talk to you girls very soon!!


ksorbin - March 30

Hi Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow it has been forever since I have been on. I read some of the posts, but just do not have time for all of them. Jo----sounds like besides your UTI, your pregnancy is progressing normally. I am soooo happy for you!! I just can't wait until your u/s...just 2+ weeks away. Jen...I made it over to your website...what a cutie!! You all look super happy!! Glad to hear mommyhood is going so well for you. Are you b___stfeeding or formula feeding? Well Aubree is doing quite well...she is not quite as easy as my boys were. Just a tad bit on the high maintenance side!! But I don't care, I adore her!! She gets a little colicky at night, but oh well...we are patient. She is getting big soooo fast. She is 5wks now and is about 9 pounds already. Lordy! I am trying to keep up the b___stfeeding until I go back to work (april 23). When I go back, I am going to try to pump. We give her a little formula here and there....mainly at night before bedtime so I can get a bit of sleep. She wakes up 1-2 times a night and goes to bed anywhere from 9:30 to 12:30. She has reflux and is on Zantac twice a day which has been helping, but now she is sorta constipated. She goes poop about every 3 days....and when she does....Whoa!! It is amazing how much poop she produces at one time. It is a mess!! LOL! As for me, I am a little distressed about the site of my abdomen...it is fluffy. I would really like to get rid of my spare tire, but with Aubree and studying...there is hardly any time to exercise! Oh well. JuJu---congrats on Allegra!! How funny that all of us having little girls have picked such lovely names that start with A. Aubree, Annabelle, Allegra. Very cool! I am soooo happy for you. How is being a new mommy going? Big sis being a good helper??? Get lots of rest....are you b___stfeeding? How fun that we are all getting the dreams that we wanted. We all had our little babies and now Jo is on the road to being a mommy. How wonderful!! Well I gotta go...study time...Aubree is sleeping in her swing. Shhhhhh. Still don't have a job, but some prospects. Talk to you ladies soon!! Take care. -Kort


littleangel - March 31

hi ladies, the gangs back at last, its been really quite round here.. Juju, CONGRATS on your baby girl Allegra Bea, what a lovely name, i am so glad the the birth went well and you are both doing fine, glad big sis likes her new baby sis,it been a long road and i am glad you finally made it..Kort, glad that you and Aubree are doing well, sounds like you are settled in to motherhood just nicely. Jen hope you and belle are OK too. i might have to choose a name that starts with an A as well keep the trend going what do you think?....well me i am fine morning sickness has nearly gone and my tiredness is getting better instead of falling asleep at 8pm i am hanging out till 9.30 so that good..my UTI has gone now and i just got over a touch of thrush due to the antibiotics. i still have not told my mum yet i am waiting untill her bday no one knows only mark, my best friend and your girls, i have to hide my little bump now as well its starting to pop out and my clothes are too tight to wear so i had to buy some elasticated waist trs and new tops, i go on Tues to the m/w for my bloods and see if i can Liston to the heart beat so we are very excited but very nervous at the same time and then in 2 wks 16 april i will have first u/s and that i cant wait to have done, just to see my babys heart beating away will make me feel so happy..i am nearly out of the 1st tri as well i am 11wks 3 day today yeah, 17 oct is not that long away really, just hope it goes fast... good to hear from you all keep posting chat later jo... :)


JuJu - April 1

Hey Girls; Sunday afternoon here and I am relaxing on the couch with my 2 yr old DD - Allegra is fast asleep :) All is well with the world :) Jen; you are so sweet! It is good to be back in the fold - was weird not being in touch over the past few weeks. I really feel like the world is mine to explore again, now that Allegra is safely in the world - just such a relief. So far she seems to be a really placid baby; but I know that can change very quickly so I'm not banking on it at this stage!! How is gorgeous Annabelle?? I am planning to jump on to your website after posting to see her pics! Jo; I am so happy for you honey - can't believe that you're almost done with your first trimester!!!! You won't be able to hide that bump for too much longer! Kort; so good to here that everything's great for you - colic aside ;) Allegra has a touch of it too sometimes, but only mildly at this stage. Re: b___stfeeding - yep; I am b/feeding - Allegra took to it really well immediately so aside from the obligatory sore nipples it's been great. I b/fed my first DD for 15 months, so I guess second time around it's much easier. We were globe-trotting so much when I was feeding my first DD, so it was really convenient - on tap meals!! I work from home too, so it's easy for me to keep b/feeding. And how funny - I didn't realise that we have all (so far!) named our babies with 'A' names!! Must be on the same wavelength! Kort; when you said you were returning to work in April - does that mean that you found your graduate role, or are you still looking? It's great that Aubree is gaining good weight - from memory I think she was a similar birthwieght to Allegra (6p2oz)?? Allegra is gaining well too - at this stage I am feeding her every 3 (ish) hours during the day and every 3-4 (ish) hours at night. In a couple of weeks when she's gained a little more weight I'll let her sleep a little longer at night - at the moment I am finding that I have to wake her up sometimes - which breaks my sleep-deprived heart!! Anyway, better stop waffling on - might never stop :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend girls! JuJuxo



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