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missliss - February 24

Hi all. I just found out yesterday(in the ER) that there is no longer a heartbeat (I was 12 weeks) I was wondering how long you need to wait until it is ok to try again? Has anyone else been through this and how long did it take to get pregnant again? Thanks for any advice you can give me...Lis


BeccaC - February 24

Hi Missliss. I am so sorry that you are going through this right now. I had two m/c last year, and both times I found out through ultrasound because I never bled. The first time I was 12 weeks when I found out and it broke my heart because I thought I was past that 3 month waiting period. I had a D&C for both m/c. As far as trying again, my dr suggested I wait two cycles before trying again, but emotionally I waited until I was ready. I will be saying a prayer for you during this difficult time. Take care.


stefkay - February 24

Lis, I too am so sorry about this. What Becca said is pretty standard from what I've heard. I like to take the averages of what everyone's doctor's tell them here...ha! Some say start right away, other say to wait a cycle and some say 3 cycles. I just made it through one (yippeee) and am probably going to wait out this next one too. Good luck and hugs!


sososleepy - February 24

I'm so sorry misliss. Advice...each of us is so different that good advice for one is bad advice for the other. I'm 28 days past mc, still emotional, not as often, but the emotions seem worse lately (as in I cry harder when I cry, yell louder when I holler [when no one else is home 'cause yeah, I'm angry about it too], dream weirder,..) I think because I'm due for af soon, but who knows. I was nearly numb at first, just stunned. If it helps at all I think I've detailed nearly every thought somewhere or another in this forum since it happened. It helps me to express it. That won't work for everyone, but I do hope having it all out there helps someone. Pg again... well since the test was another big negative (bfn) this am, I can't answer that one, but I did ttc starting day 12 after mc, my doc gave me permission to ttc day 16 after, I think I O'd day 19 after (vastly different for everyone as you won't O until after your hGC drops way low as I understand it), and started those (thanks again Stefkay) $tree pg tests at 6dpo, or 25 days after. It's now 9dpo, and every one (duh, like I thought I'd get a + in there... um, yeah, I hoped) was negative, so I can't say how long it'll take me to get pg again, only that I needed to try immediately. All the reasons to wait at least a cycle sounded rational, they just weren't sufficient to over ride my (irrational?) want to be pg. Do you chart bbt? If you want to ttc again, I'd be happy to post all I learned about figuring out when I'd O. Hang in there gal, there are lots of us here with you if you need to talk.


DownbutnotOUT - February 25

Im so so sorry for your loss. I had a missed m/c in may 2006 and got pregnant right away and ended up haivng a chemical pregnancy in June 2006. I was devistated and I really should have listened to my dr. who said to wait at least 3 cycles. well i didnt have a period for july and august and in september af finally showed. i got pregnant in september and I am currently 25 weeks today with a healthy wee one. I really recomend waiting at least 1 cycle to give yourself and your body time to heal. the best of luck to you


missliss - February 25

I just wanted to say thank you for all the kind words and support. It means so much to me right now. My prayers are also with all of you who have gone through this as well. I know someday we will all be holding the cutest babies..we deserve it!! Lis



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