Just Got BFP After 4 Mc S

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Melissabp1 - September 23

Hey guys, I was wondering if I could join you? I have been lurking for a long time. Here is my history. I am 38 and have been married for 12 yrs. We don't have any children. I had a blighted ovum in 8/04, no hb at 8 wks in 8/05, no hb at 6 wks 5/06 and hb stopped at 9 wks in 11/06. Every ultrasound showed at least 1 week behind on growth. I have seen an RE and had all the testing done. Everything was normal except FSH was 9.6. RE suggested IVF with PGD. He thinks it's a random chrom issue. My insurance doesn't cover IVF so that wasn't a option. I am approx 10 dpo and this morning I used a dollar tree test and there was a very faint line. I feel cross eyed from staring at it! This afternoon I bought a CVS digital and could only hold my pee for about and hour and a half. It came up PREGNANT! Given my age and history I am scared to death! DH is out of town today so I will tell him tonight. I will call dr in the morning to schedule betas and get a prescription for progesterone. I did this with the last 2 and also baby aspirin so we will see what happens.


Tory1980 - September 23

Congratulations sweetheart!!! Scary word that 'pregnant' on a test but I hope this is your sticky one! May you have a healthy 9 months!!


emtcutie1028 - September 23

Congrats!! I hope you have a happy healthy 9 months!


HeavenisMine - September 23

I don't take the digital tests anymore seeing as those are the kind I took when I had my last m/c. I am kind of lame and had to do everything differently to make sure I didn't miscarry, isn't that silly? Anyway congrats on your new pregnancy, I am really hoping this will be a sticky one for you!!


Alison - September 23

Aww Melissa I am praying every blessing over you and your precious babybean. May that little one be born healthy and well and bless your lives abundantly xxx


julie2007 - September 24

hi melissa - congratulations! that is gerat news for you!! -- my FSH was 9.5 (last ck'd in june) and i had my 2nd m/c this year just over 3 weeks ago - i am 39. my RE suggesetd IVF with pgd too - or IVF with donor eggs - and neither of those is an option for DH & me at this point. ---- is there anything you did special to get PG this time? acupuncture? herbs or vitamins special? i hope to be where you are someday - i hope this bean sticks and you have a happy & healthy 9 mos!!!! all my best to you!


Melissabp - September 24

Hi Julie, we did not do anything different this month. I had even stopped taking my prenatal vitamins. I have some words of encouragement for you. One of my coworkers is 42 and she had a couple of mc's in her early 30's andt hen didn't conceive again. When she was 39 she went for a workup and was told her FSH was in the 20's, I can't remember the exact number. She was told she would never get pregnant without donor egss. She is now due in Jan 08 with a healthy baby. No IVF or anything! It was all own her own. Doctors don't know everything!


samy - September 24

CONGRATS!! wish u a happy and healthy 9 months :-))


cynnababy - September 24

Congratulations on your BFP!! Relax, and enjoy your pregnancy! I am sure this one will be a sticky one!!


julie2007 - September 24

thanks melissa for the encouraging news - i am so worried about ttc again - if i do it on my own & get pg and lose it again - i will waste another few months and i don't have that kind of time. did your co-worker friend do acupuncture or anything special?? that is amazing! --- thanks for sharing! how are you feeling? when do you go to the doc?


Melissabp1 - September 24

I know what you mean about wasting time. I'm afraid if this one doesn't stick it could be my last chance. I am about 12 dpo and I am feeling tired and very irritable! Also bbs are starting to feel sore. My coworker friend didn't do anything but I was thinking about accupunture before this.


julie2007 - September 25

hi melissa - i hope this one sticks for you - and you didn't even need the acupuncture. i did it last time for 6 weeks before and i got PG - but lost it at 9w2d. i am going to try to start back to acupuncture this week - my RE's ofc says it does help with IVF - we aren't going to IVF yet - it's so expensive here (we are in cali - where are you??) -- but even the acupuncture is $100 a week - i am hoping against all odds i have the opportunity to get pregnant and have a healthy baby -- i just hate the thought of putting myself out there again to risk another miscarriage. it scares the heck out of me (dh doesn't talk about it too much - i guess it is hard for him to talk about?) - - when are you going to your doc?



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