Just Loss Twins The Day After I Found Out There Was 2

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SashaP - May 26

Hi I just found out tuesday that I was having twins at 8 weeks along. I had a ultrasound 3 weeks ago b/c of bleeding and there was only 1 but this week another one decided to show up. On wed I started having heavy bleeding with no cramping and was rushed to the ER. They found no heartbeats and I had to have a D&C yesterday. It took us 28months and 4 rounds of fertility treatments to conceive these babies. My dreams have come to a halt. I can't stop crying and I don't know how I'm going to get over this. My Dr told me to wait 2 cycles and I could start the process all over again. I got pg my first try with an IUI and I'm afraid it won't be that easy again. I know thats the only way for me to get pg but I fear once I do again that I will lose them again. I would like to talk to people with a simular situation and know how I can get through my day without thinking about it every second. I'm so grateful that my dh is being my rock but he dosen't understand what I'm fully going through.


Eva29 - May 26

Sasha, I am so sorry for your loss. I think it is very important that your dh is being so supportive but I agree they don't fully understand the pain. I think your wound is still too fresh for the moment for you to think of next time yet. I understand how you feel because now that we are trying again I have this huge fear that it will happen again (I m/c at 14w) For now just let yourself cry and let others take care of you for a bit. Again I am so sorry


Melissabp - May 27

Hi Sasha, this is Melissa from the femara posting. I am so sorry for your loss. I have not posted in a while but I am in the same boat. I found out on May 16th that we were having twins. I was 8 wks but they only measured 6 and there were no heartbeats. I went back on May 24th for another ultrasound and found out that one twin had reabsorbed and the second had not grown and still no heartbeat. The sac had grown so I wanted to wait for the d&c until next week. As my luck would have it that same night I started to cramp and bleed. I called the dr office at 8:00 thursday morning and just before leaving home I had to go to the bathroom. Well, when I did everything came out. It was the most horrible experience. I went on the dr and he thinks everything did come out. So far i have just had some normal cramping and bleeding with a few clots. He told me as long as I didn't run a fever or have extreme pain then I should get to avoid a d & c. As bad as this has been doing it naturally I am really glad I didn't have to have one. I have already had one in August 2004 and August 2005. After this third m/c we are going to have some tests to see if anything can be determined. I am 36 and will be 37 in July. We have not been successful at all. Going thru 3 consecutive losses is the hardest thing in the world but I am not giving up. Please know you are in my prayers.


SashaP - May 27

I'm so sorry Melissa! My biggest fear bacame a reality. I'm glad I had the D&C they weren't moving on their own I was having very heavy bleeding with no cramping. The ER and my Dr said that most people pg with twins usually take 2-3 weeks to m/c and you still have about 20-30% of the tissue left in you after that. I wanted to speed up the process. Plus while I was in the ER I saw a friend there who was visiting one of her friends I told her what was going on and she said she had a m/c at 6 weeks they didn't do a D&C and she developed a ma__sive infection. They told her she would never have another child. A couple of years later she conceived her miracle baby. So she told me if I had lost both babies to have the D&C that sealed it for me. I didn't want to put my fertility at anymore of a risk. I don't blame you for not having another D&C after having 2. Every situation is different and it sounds like your body resolved yours. I'm glad your going for testing 1 m/c is bad enough I can't imagine going through 3. Keep me updated with your progress. Take care.


dee23 - May 28

so sry to hear about ur loss sasha. i know how hard it is to except, but i just wanted to give you abit of encouragement. i understand that no pregnancy can replace your twins, but in my views, it always seems easier to concieve after you have had a miscarrige. i conceived within a few months afterwards, and so did afew other ppl i know. i have also heard of stories similar on the internet...and many of them....this may not be the case for everyone, but i beleive that your angel will look after you. you dont really need it, but good luck hun :)


JuJu - May 29

Mandy; how are you?!! Been thinking about you and wondering how you're going! Jo-ann; thanks for your post; what you're saying is basically what my OB has mentioned to me (he is pro-Heparin). Have you had to take medication during pregnancy? juju


JuJu - May 30

Sasha; somehow my post made it from another thread on to hear (!!??) Not sure how this happened (?) but the good thing is we cross paths again. Hope you're doing ok; your loss is so recent. Always sounds so trite....but time does make things a little easier. Thinking of you. jujuXO


Carole - June 5

Sasha... I wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts. I used to post with you on the Femara thread. I followed you and DD to the other board and that is where I read about you. I am soooo sorry. Please know that there won't be a day that goes by that you won't think of your precious babies. I had a m/c last August and I still think about it everyday. It gets easier but you don't forget. I would definitely remember that your body changes after you have been pregnant. Your hormones may have leveled out. Take advantage of the following month if you can mentally. Your body may respond a lot better than before b/c you had those hormones in you. Also if you need someone to share with, I started a new thread on the problems getting pregnant board. "Starting injections today, anyone else, need some support" Please come over if you want. I have been doing injections for 4 days now. I am going to have a follie check tomorrow. Please take care of yourself. Do you know where DD went??



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