Just Lost Twins

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klc - November 10

i had my first ultrasound on oct 29, they determined i was 6.5 wks but no heartbeat was detected. i had levels drawn that day and two days later. i also had a tv u/s and that is when twins were found, but still no heartbeat. levels had dropped. i ended up having a d/c 11/2. what are my chances of conceiving twins again??


elew - November 10

do twins run in your family? i am not sure if that matters but everyone always asks that. Are you ttc again now?


Tory1980 - November 10

It doesn't seem likely to conceive twins again as even with a family history it doesn't always occur. Some women conceive multiples two or three times but it is rare to do so. I am sorry to hear that you have lost your little ones though and I wish you all the luck in the world in TTC again.


belladust - November 16

Hi there. I'm sorry, I can't answer your question, but I wanted to express my sympathy having gone through similar with triplets. I conceived them straight away following m/c in August. I was around 7.5 weeks & 3 scans later no heatbeats were ever detected. I too had a d&c. I conceived them naturally, with no known family history on mine or my bf's family. I am 36 & I believe multiple births are far more common in older women, not too nice for me, but those coming to the end of their reproductive years. Were your twins identical or fraternal do you know? My triplets were identical, the odds to a succesful birth being around 200 million to 1! Take care of yourself, my thoughts are with you.


mptate24 - November 16

I also had to have a D&C on 11/2. I am not sure of the chances of conceiving twins again. I am sorry for you losses I know how bad it hurts. Are you already trying to conceive again? I know my husband and I are, our doctor told us we didn't have to wait 1-3 cycles before trying again. He gave us the go ahead to ttc again.



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