Just Miscarried Still Feel Pregnant TWINS

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pebblesnbambam - November 10

I am 30 years old... 31 in December... and have two beautiful kids. We settled into the fact that we were done having kids and then SURPRISE.. I found out I was pregnant. It took two weeks but we were soo excited and looking forward to this surprise.. then I miscarried. I now think I want another child... although my husband is not soo convinced. Here is the thing.. I still feel pregnant.. sore bb's, sore abdomen and back... hormonal... headaches... I had a miscarriage 6 years ago and don't remember this happening. When we went to the hospital they did an ultrasound and estimated me at 3-4 weeks.. saw the sac with TWO dots in it... opposite ends. HCG at 1000... which seems high for one baby at 3 weeks. No heartbeat nor fetal pole yet. I did have lots of bleeding and clots. I am waiting for results from doctor... I know I have already gotten my hopes up that I am still pregnant.. but in my heart I know I am not. I guess just looking for others in similar situation to go through this crazy process with.


smmom2 - November 10

Pebbles...I am sorry about your loss. The reason most likely that you are still feeling pg is because when a woman has a m/c the pg hormone hcg is still in the body. Even though we lose our babies, our bodies take a while to 'go back to normal'. Once the hormone is back to zero ( a count less then 5 is considered 0) then your body should feel normal again. That is when you should 'o'; again and have an af. Some women need help with that though after a m/c. SO it all depends on your body. If you want to ttc again, you ahve to be on the same page as your dh...and I think if he knows how much it means to you, that he will come around to wanting one as well. As for the twin factor, when a woman has twins and m/c's one..it is called the vanishing twin. It is sad, but it happens. The only way to know if you are sucessfully carrying a twin is to have your dr. do another u/s. I hope this helps.....


pebblesnbambam - November 10

Thanks for your help smmom2.. I think it is false hope to wish for a twin.. although the two spots could have indicated that as the doctor said.. but both in the same sac does not give one a good chance to thrive with loosing one. I am hoping we can come to an agreement to try again. Thanks again for your time.. We'll see what the future brings!


Teddyfinch - November 11

when i got pregnant, i had an u/s and the tech only saw the sac, no baby. when i got up from the table, i bled and pa__sed lots of tissue and was told i had miscarried and to come back in 2 weeks to make sure it completed on its own. during those 2 weeks, i kept feeling pregnant with the heartburn, potty breaks, and i bought dollar store tests to make sure the positives faded, indicating the hcg levels were going down as they should. well they never did and 2 weeks later at my next ultrasound, i saw our baby and i saw the heartbeat. i'm now 39 weeks pregnant with her and my doc told me never trust a uterus, so if you still feel pregnant after a couple of weeks, ask for another internal ultrasound just to check. after what i went through, i believe anything is possible.



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