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JM - March 23

I have only posted a couple of times but I just wanted to tell everyone that I lost my baby on Sunday.I was 10 weeks along. The nurse was so nasty to me is was awfull. Please keep me in your prayers.


Alison - March 23

I'm so sorry JM I will pray for you. I have had 2 m/c (Sept: 9wks then Dec: 8 1/2 wks) and am still waiting for my first baby :o( I am so sorry the nurse was unpleasant. At a time like this it's so important to have understaning people administering your treatment and it's so terrrible an experience as it is that to have a nurse being unkind must be awful. Thankfully the medical staff I was cared for by were very good. I wish everyone had the same care. Take care of yourself, take things one day at a time. Post whenever you need to share- there's lots of nice people on this site who know how it feels to go through this. By the way I made a "memory box" to keep mementoes of my pregnancies in and we chose names for our babies.Sometimes it's good to do things like that to re-affirm the existance and importance of that little life that we held. Take care x


insigths - March 23

Hi, Ive just returned from the hospital. The baby has not grown from last week, and there is no heart beat. Its a missed miscarriage. I've had some medication for the baby to pa__s. Regards


JM - March 23

They did not say anything about a d and c do i have to have one?I am in a lot of pain.


Alison - March 23

You do not have to have a D&C if you don't want one. You can take medication which brings on the miscarriage or you can wait for it to happen on it's own. Both times I chose the medication to avoid surgery and avoid having to wait for things to start on their own. It was very painful I have to say (I ended up being given morphine) but I think that varies for each person. Some people say it's just like a period in terms of pain. Have you been given pain relief? Sounds like you need it. Have you actually started to miscarry? Maybe you need to go back to the hospital? (if you do ask for a different nurse if that's possible)


JM - March 23

I had the miscarriage at the hospital. I am now dealing with the after pain I guess?


stacey - March 23

JM- I am so sorry for your loss, and for your unhappiness with the care you were given. I wasn't thrilled with the way we were treated either and told my dr. Was going to write a letter to the hospital, but never did. As for helping to ease the pain, I also made a memory box for the baby. I wrote in it everything that had happened since I got pregnant to the time I found out I lost it. Also put in cards and hosp. bracelet. It helped a bit. Talking on here helped alot too! To be 100% honest, I only really felt better after I could focus on trying again (we didn't wait for the recommended time, but thankfully didn't get pregnant before my fist period. I feel more comfortable that it worked that way, but am really trying now! (we m/c in Jan).


Rachel - March 23

JM I'm so sorry for your loss it's a very heartbreaking time. I miscarried at home and chose not to go to hospital until the next day the nurse i saw was really horrible and i was glad i'd stayed at home until then i had to wait in a corridor for four hours to have an u/s to make sure it was complete which thankfully it was so i could get away. it was Jan 21. it makes it easier to blame the nastty nurse even thought it was nothing to do with her but it took some of the heat off me.


Kat - March 23

So sorry JM. :( Prayers for sure. If the pain is a lot, I would run it by your doc or midwife.



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