Kristie H Where Are You

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BeccaC - February 24

Kristie - you seem to have dropped off the forum. If you are still logging on, please let me know how things are going. And - if Ella is out there, I would love to hear from you!!


Ella82 - February 24

Hey Becca i am still hanging around. I hope all is well with you, i m/c naturally last tuesday and i went to see a new obgyn and he is running a few tests and will get those results early next week. Dh and I will start trying again in April so i hope to join you again soon xxxx


BeccaC - February 24

Hey Ella, great to hear from you. I am so glad you are still checking in from time to time. I think about you a lot & wonder how you are doing. This is your second m/c - right? I know how it feels, and I know what you are going thru, so if you ever need to talk, seek me out on the forum. Take care. HUGS*HUGS*HUGS!!!


kristie h - February 26

Hi Bec i am still here, i wrote to you on the other part of the forum. Ell, i am so sorry you have been delt this hand and i feel your pain. I hope that your tests show somthing that the doctors can help with let us know the results. Just hope the saying comes true for you "third time lucky" you are in my thoughts and i pray that your next bundle is here to stay. Best of luck and BIG ((hugs)).


Ella82 - February 27

Hi Girls, hey krisite! Well i got my results back from my obgyn they tested for three things 2 of the major ones come back negative which is good and the third one came back positive which is where my cells attack there own tissue (like an immune problem) to fix this i have to take a low dose of aspirin 100mg from when i find out im pregnant and stop taking it around 35weeks. So i am glad they found something and that it is easily treated. I hope that the third time will be the charm!!


kristie h - February 27

Hi Ell, thats great news that doctor can fix and help youwith the problem. I know alady on here named JuJu and has had two miscarriages in a row. With this pregnancy she had to take baby asprin everyday and she is now 35 weeks pregnant or there abouts. I am sure she would not mind you chatting to her about the condition. How is you af? Is she back on track yet?


BeccaC - February 27

Ella, you are such a trooper. I have heard of so many women taking aspirin & having healthy pregnancies. Yeah!! I am glad it is an easily fixable problem too - and I am glad you are continuing to check this forum. How are you feeling? How is your dh handling this? It seems like you have a great dr who is doing all the right things for you. By the way ladies - I feel so dumb for asking this but what is an af?


kristie h - February 27

LOL bec, AF is aunt flow = periods


BeccaC - February 28

HA! That is too funny!! I see it all the time, but I'm too afraid to ask. Thanks for the clarification - I can't stop giggling.


Ella82 - March 2

Hey Girlies! Kristie my mc only happend about a week and a half ago so i havent got my first af yet i expect to see her in about 3-4weeks obgyn said its ok to start trying after that. I pray that i fall again as quickly as i did my last two. Becca yeah i am doing ok i think i am better this time than last. I have been reading up on why i have to take aspirin my body was producing antibodies when i was pregnant that can cause clotting in blood vessels that lead to the baby which is sad, but i am glad that it is easily fixed. To the both of you I hope you and your little babies are doing well (((HUGS))) x


BeccaC - March 2

Hi Ella! Make sure you keep in touch! I will continue to look for you on the forum. I want to know when you get pg again. It is awesome that you can stat trying so soon. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!!!!!


tsmith6105 - March 2

What aspring do you take? Brand?



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