Lack Of Growth 3 Ultrasounds

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diana17 - April 27

Hi, I originally posted in general pregnancy questions but wanted to repost here with updated information. My LMP was Feb. 14, 2008. We had our first ultrasound in early April. because I had a miscarriage in December. At the sonogram the tech saw a gestational sac, but said that I was only measuring 5w 1d even though we calculated over 7 weeks. We went back a week later and the baby only measured 5 w 3 d with no fetal pole. The doctor wasn't concerned about me being behind because I could have ovulated late, but she was worried about the lack of growth in one week. I went back on April 21st and my doctor was pleasantly surprised to find a gestational sac, a yolk sac and a fetal pole (no heartbeat yet). However, I was only measuring 6 weeks 1 day. She is concerned that the lack of growth could mean another chromosomal abnormality since the baby only grew 4 days in 12 days (this is what happened with my first miscarriage- we had testing). My doctor is sending us back for another ultrasound on May 5th because she said that she has seen cases where lack of growth was not a cause for concern. I am worried that measuring behind four weeks is a big issue. Has anyone ever measured that far behind in growth before? I am still having pregnancy symptoms and I haven't had spotting or bleeding. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Having three ultrasounds and waiting another 12 days is hard.


saramcg - April 27

hi diana- i am so sorry that you are going through this, especially after an additional resent loss. I don not have much information, but perhaps a littl epersonal experience....last year I had an early loss at 6 weeks, u/s confirmed that I had pa__sed the sac and a weeklater, after I had a heavy af, my betas went up. there was another sac in there that just measured over 4 weeks when I should have been 7 weeks or more. my betas continued to rise, but not doubling and the sac continued to grow. Unfortunately in my situation, theu did not see a yolk sac orfetal pole. I opted to have a d&c but my docs talked me into waiting. they said that even though i had started spotting again they were optimistic because the sac was story didn;t end up with a happy ending, but I am glad that I waited and made sure that things were really done...the good thing is that even though I measured behind, they still had hope, and I didn't even have the yolk sac or fetal doc said that they had seen weirder things please do not give up the end there is still that chance that it may turn out bad, but at least you gave it a is worth it right??? I hope that these next 12 days go by really fast, and that in the end you have a little bean with a strong heartbeat in there!!! i KNOW the waiting is hard...but it is worth it for the chance at success!!! I will be wishing you the very best, and I hope that your story has a happy ending, but if not, you will know that you did the right optimistic---even my docs in a worse situation had a little hope!!! GOOD LUCK- and please let me know how things go~


diana17 - April 29

Thank you for your kind words... we are definitely not giving up hope! Six more days and hopefully, we will learn something. I will keep you updated!


tuesdaypm - April 30

diana best luck in the world! Sara how you doing? :)


saramcg - April 30

hi tuesday- I am doing well. thanks for asking. I am pregnant again (26 weeks now) and unfortunately on complete bedrest (since 21 weeks) for IC! yuck! glad they caught it though. how are you doing? hopefully whatever has brought you to this board is starting to work itself out by now! DIANA- yes please let us know how the u/s goes!!! still no spotting??? that is a good sign. Hav ethey at least been checking your betas at all through this??? I hope all turns out fine! Monday is not that far away! Keep your chin up!


diana17 - April 30

So, I have a little bit of light brown discharge. It is on my underwear, not when I wipe and it seems a little tacky. Is this normal? It doesn't look like the bleeding I had during my first miscarriage... or is this a bad sign? Sara- I am not sure what betas mean... I did have my HCG levels checked and my progesterone. My HCG was a little low, but not terrible and my progesterone was high.


saramcg - April 30

DIANA- yes that is what I meant by betas---if they are checking them every few days, then they should be doubling. (or at least going up by 60% every other day) hopefully they have checked them more than once. as far as the brown spotting--it's hard to say...but as long as it doesn't turn red, then you should be OK...I'll be thinking of you! I hope that this weekend flies by!


diana17 - May 5

It didn't work out for us... I ended up bleeding all weekend to find out that the fetus had not grown past 6 weeks and the fetal pole could no longer be seen. Because I am bleeding so much, my doctor gave me misoprostrol to expel everything. We chose not to have a d&c to reduce scarring tissue since I already had one, and the fetus was so small. However, I am finding that this is the worst pain ever. I have major cramps and the clots of blood has not stopped since I have taken them. Does misoprostrol usually expel everything? We are so worried because we plan to try again in two months.


tuesdaypm - May 6

Hi saramcg, I did put out a post to talk to you, I have ic and lost dd may last year at 22 weeks, was following you on another post but couldn't rememer which one?? So glad to hear you ok! I had a cerclage done at 16 weeks but was too late as membranes had already been exposed and infected, we hung on till 22 weeks though! Have you a cerclage? I wasn't put on bed rest and after following you wonder if I could have had diff outcome?? How far along were you when they discovered ic? Sorry for all the questions :) xxxx


decbaby - May 6

hey diana17, im so sorry for your loss my heart goes to you as im going through a similar situation im also waiting to miscarry as i found out that i have a belighted ovum and have to do a d&c cuz my body is not letting go of the pregnancy. any ways i hope that you can try again as soon as possiable and be blessed with a beautiful and healthy baby. alot of baby wishes to all.


saramcg - May 6

DIANA- I am so sorry for your loss...I know that this m/c must be even harder than the is not fair and I hope you the very best in getting back on track soon! I do not know about the meds that you are taking, as I had a d/c after my loss, but I truly hope the best for you in the months to come when you begin ttc again!


kacib - May 9

I'm so sorry for your loss Diana and unfortunately I have almost the exact same story even dates. My LMP was 2/12 and my first US was 4/9. It showed that I wasn't as far along as I should be so we had another US 4/18 and there was slight growth if any but my dr wanted to have one more US to be sure. That was on 4/24 at that point it was clear no growth, that the baby stopped developing around 6 wks and I had started to lose some fluid from my sak as it appeared a little flatter. My dr wanted to do a D&C right away but I wanted to try to pa__s it naturally. I'm still waiting and have been spotting since Sat 5/3 but no real bleeding. I did however spot a lot shortly after finding out I was PG but didn't think to much of it at the time becuase I spotted with my last pregnancy without compications. Anyway I am going to talk to my dr about the misoprostrol if nothing happens this weekend. Hope you heal quickly!


diana17 - May 17

Kacib, Thank you for your answer. I am sorry that I didn't see it earlier as I took a break from the forum. How did everything work out for you? Did you end up taking any pills? I bled for about two weeks, and now I am not bleeding though I occasionally have a small spot after a long day on my feet. I am a__suming this is normal. Went for a post-op checkup and the doctor said that I could try again after one period. Two doctors are saying that both pregnancies were chromosome issues. We are praying that this won't happen again. Has anyone found ovulation kits to be a good tool?



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