Ladies I Need Some Help On This One

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AmyF - April 5

Am I going crazy? Cliffs note version: m/c on 1/26 and af came on 3/1. I usualy have a 30 day cycle, so af should have come on 3/31. It is now the 5th and no sign of af. Am I pregnant? I had a LOT of gas pains (so painful) with a slight bit of nausea on 4/1. B--ts slightly tender to the touch, but nothing crazy. Experiencing a lot of 'wetness' that feels like af is here, but when I go to check- nothing.... any thoughts? I'm going nuts here. I took a test on 4/2 and got a BFN, but I took it at night and didn't use the first morning urine.


AmyF - April 5

I just took another test.... and got a BFN. I just don't know what to think...


Angie - April 5

Amy I hope that you get a BFP if that is what you are hoping. I'd say wait another week and test again. Sorry I feel like I am no help.


AmyF - April 5

Just any reply is good- thanks Angie for responding. I just feel like I'm losing a battle I can't win today. I am soooo depressed. I thought for sure I'd be preggers and the BFN today really hit home. Have you had your second af since your m/c? I thought I would be on a normal cycle by now. This is so frustrating.


stacey - April 5

I'd ask your dr. for ablood test. There has to be some reason that you haven't had a period. That's a long time! I had a d&e on 1/28, and have already had a period. getting ready for the second! Something is not right, either you are pregnant, or some other reason....wish I could help more. Please call the dr. and let us know!


mulgajill - April 5

26th january m/c..... af on 1st march... all sounds pretty normal... my first period after m/c was 30 days later, then cycles back to normal 27/28... The wetness that is 'nothing' is it the famed creamy cm? I just looked up hcg levels (normal ranges) in early 14 after O 3-426, day 21 afer O 18-7340.... the lower ranges would not show on any hpt test. Night urine is no good apparently because it is too dilute... all i can say is the standard "test again in a few days".... ahhhh... it is not much help...


AmyF - April 7

Well, I haven't called the Dr yet, but I will on Monday if I haven't started yet. I'm still a no show on af. I am excited, but sort of nervous. Oh I hope I'm late for a good reason!!! Sometimes I think I feel that same 'pressure' below the bellyb___ton, but then I think it's just me making it up. Not too much b___st tenderness though. I guess that's why I think I'm not preggers-



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