Large Yoke Sac

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Wakey - February 13

I've been trying to get pg for 5 years and have tried it all (including IVF). Nothing worked. 2 weeks ago I found out I was "spontaneously" pregnant. I went for a scan at 6.5 weeks and they saw an overly large yoke sac and no heartbeat. My dr. wants to wait a week, but was clear that he NEVER saw this situation turn into a happy ending. Anyone else out there with similar stories? I've searched all over and only found one other mention of a too large yoke sac as a complicating issue.


nica - March 4

I'm sorry, but I'm 7 weeks right now but the U/S showed no heartbeat and a large yolk sac and I'm about to miscarry. If you have a big yolk sac it's bad news. I'm so very sorry.


Teresa - April 7

I am in the same boat exactly...I had my last period Feb 8th and was so excited, took a test and was pregnant however last monday same thing for me-large yolk sac they said non-viable pregnancy-terrible news. Now I either wait it out or have to do a DNC. I want another Sonogram before I do a DNC but would prefer to wait a bit and have it natural. My email is [email protected] and would appreciate chatting more about this as I too feel sad and kind of uncertain about this situation.


elyse - April 8

It sounds like what i had 4 weeks ago i had a m/c two weeks after a scan.The scan showed a sack and no baby i knew i was about 3mnths and the scan showed only about 6weeks! this condition is called a blighted ovum when the baby does not develop due to abnormalities they say but the sack continues to grow i have looked on the net for symptoms of m/c and thats when i discovered the condition.


sarah - April 8 almost 11 weeks and bubs was only 6w 3d ..lost naturally within 3 days of light brown spotting.. that was on march im trying again.


Kay - April 9

Yes, I've seen one case where everything turned out okay. They say if the yolk sac is more than 7mm, then there is not much hope but this gal had a yolk sac that got up near 10mm and everything has been fine and I hope you get the best of news.


Marcy - May 6

I just had an u/s this morning due to spotting brownish blood. They did find the baby and a heart beat after looking v____ally. They also noticed a yoke sac (which I had never heard of before). How big is to big for a yoke sac


me - May 6

Hi. You may have what is called a blight ovem. This is when there is a problem with the development of the baby. The placenta (yolk sack before it actually becomes placenta) still grows tricking your body to think the baby is okay. However, the baby does not grow. I hope this is not the case for you. I m/c two weeks ago. I had low HCG levels at my first visit (6.5 weeks). The doctor suspected this is what was wrong, however an ultrasound showed a 6.7 week embryo with a beating heart. With no warning I m/c the next day. I'm still not sure why. Best of luck to you.


Terasa - May 10

On yesterday May 9th I had an ultrasound...Dr said I will possibly miscarry because I have a large yolk sac he is giving me 2 weeks...but he saw the tiny baby and he(hoping for a boy) had a heartbeat although it was on the slow side...Im going out of my mind this is going to be the longest 2 weeks ever...the dr said my yolk sac is approx 6mm...Does anyone know if I should just tell everyone that I lost the baby now and not look forward to reaching my next appointment in 2 weeks...Please share whatever info you possibly have to shed some light on this problem...Terasa


Misty - May 11

I am in process of miscarriage right now, doc said odd shaped gest sac and overly large yolk sac, no heartbeat was found and baby only measured 4 wks when I am 10wks, he said my complications were a mixture of all above, good luck to you and try to stay positive!


Terasa - May 11

Thank you misty...sorry about ur lose...I havent made it to that point just yet Im tryin to stay positive as much as I can...Thank you for your response and sharing your situation with me...Terasa


Terasa - May 11

My last pregnancy ended with a D&C...the genetics test revealed that the baby had too many chromosomes and stopped developing...its was the boy that me and my husband wanted dr a__sured me that the chances of that happening again was very very slim...but he said with a large yolk sac is a genetic thing...I really dont want to go thru the D&C again I have 12 more days to wait...Will keep everyone informed...Thanks for allowing me to read your stories and share mine and letting me know that im not alone...Terasa


Elyse - May 11

Terasa, sorry for your loss, thanks for sharing your story i think that was good of your dr to tell you it was a little boy, so many of us never know and wonder for ever. I live in the Uk and as far as i know my pregnancy was only tested for abnormalities which they have not told me the results of yet which i don't think they do unless they can put a positive name to the cause. I also like the way he reasured you it would probably not happen again he sounds like areally good dr. I hope you are ok and wish you all the luck in the world.


Terasa - May 11

Thank you Elyse I am fine just hoping and praying that this pregnancy goes full term...the dr was only able to tell me the s_x because he said the only way to find out why i miscarried with my last pregnancy was to send it to genetic testing...he is a very good dr yes indeed...thank you for your wishes...Terasa


marnee - May 23

We have been trying for 4 years and have finally fallen pregnant on our 4th cycle of IUI. I am currently going through the above. I had an ultrasound at 8weeks that showed a baby only the size of 5.5 weeks, large Yoke sac and a very slow heart beat , I have been spotting since 5 weeks. The doctor who did my scan basically said there is no hope however my specialist has said don't give up hope. My next scan is at 10weeks which is a week from today. What a rollercoaster of emotions, I am trying to stay positive but it's very hard.


karen goode - May 23

Hi Wakey I am so sorry. Yes I went through this. Back in 12/o5 i was pregnant. The ultrasound showed a large yolk sac. Doctor told me my baby was not developing at the rate it should be and it's heart beat was weakening.. He too told us that there was a 50/50 chance things could turn around and tw wait a week. I prayed so hard but i knew in my gut it would not work out. THe finally week we went back and the heart beat was only a flicker. We waited for the heart beat to stop and then had a D&C. It was dragged out totaly horrible. I just had another mc on 4/13. MY husband took the first one so hard b/c he really felt things would turn out well. My doctor did not say what yours did but he said it was not the best it was an indicator of a iminent mc. Good luck to you. My thoughts are with you.


marnee - May 27

Unfortunately I started bleeding heavily with cramps on Friday. Yesterday I had a scan which showed I had m/c. I am booked in for a D&C tomorrow morning. Thanks to reading all of the above I had prepared myself for the worst. After 4 years of trying, 3 m/c and 4 fertility treatments it is a big b__w. My thought and prayers are with each and everyone of you in your journey towards parenthood.



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