Large Yoke Sac

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marnee - May 27

Unfortunately I started bleeding heavily with cramps on Friday. Yesterday I had a scan which showed I had m/c. I am booked in for a D&C tomorrow morning. Thanks to reading all of the above I had prepared myself for the worst. After 4 years of trying, 3 m/c and 4 fertility treatments it is a big b__w. My thought and prayers are with each and everyone of you in your journey towards parenthood.


stacybrevin - July 31

Hi, my name is Stacy Savage. When I was 8 weeks pregnant I was told I would miscarry by 12 weeks due to a large yolk sac. The sac measured 9 mm at 9 weeks. Let me just tell you there is baby is alive and well and is 11 months old. NOTHING is wrong with him...he is a true miracle! I was told that he has a chance of downs.....but he is whole and healthy. If you need to email me you can reach me at [email protected] Title it Large yolk sac so I know.


sweetbaby1 - March 27

hi i did my U/S today even i have the same proble 6-7 weeks pregnancy & they found big yoke sac & no heart beats even my doc said that wait for a week im very very upset it's my first pregnancy & im also suffering from PCOS i was trying from so long for pregnancy but now everything look so blank...God pls help & all would be mothers...Goodluck with your preganancy..God bless you all...


melc1135 - June 7

I am 8 weeks pregnant, the ultrasound showed a tiny baby only 6 weeks and a large yolk sac, there was a heart beat but not strong enough to track, I am having another ultrasound in a week, but my doctor says this is a definite sign there is something wrong. When I pressured her about weather there is ever a normal happy ending to this situation she repeated "it's a definite sign something is wrong". I'll let you know how things turn out.


Emma B - November 15

Hi, When I was 12 weeks I had a scan that showed a large yolk sac measuring 7mm (and also short lower limbs). I read a lot about it and got really worried. Anyway, to let you know that there is hope, I am now 20 weeks and have just had a normal scan.


meetu singh - March 9

HI,I am in 25th week of my pregnancy right now. Initially in 6th or7th week my yolk sac measured around 7mm and gradually in about another three weeks it increased to 10mm. My Doc told it was not a healthy sign and there was a possibility of miscarriage or birth defects. She also told me to monitor my sugar levels after each meal which I did and my levels came out higher than they should be. As a result I had to start with Insulin shots before meals to keep my sugar levels in control and have been continuing till now. I also had double marker and triple marker tests which showed very low chances of downs syndrome or any birth defects. My ultrasounds have been showing normal growth of the baby. But I am still worried about uncertainties.I would highly appreciate suggestions or any useful information that might help me out with my worries.God bless you all.


Rose77 - September 20

Hi Ladies, I just found out this week that I too have an enlarged yolk sac. However there is an embryo present at 6w1day according to scan. No heart beat.i now have to wait 2 weeks to repeat the scan. The sonographer was very negative, however my Doctor has told me not to give up hope. It's such a long wait and I now have a tiny brown discharge when I wipe:/ Has anyone got a success story to share:) 



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