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hailey07 - February 28

I had an m/c about a month and a half ago and I am two weeks late. My m/c was natural and only lasted a few days, it was very quick. Since then I've been going through the typical m/c emotional things. I've noticed that I am two weeks late, and I'm fearing another pregnancy. I've read that it is quite common for women to be quite late after m/c's but my cycle has always been like clockwork. Also I didn't have an assisted m/c which I've also heard can influence the fluxuation. I took a pregnancy test last week and it was negative, but I seem to be having light cramps, nothing like my typical period cramps... I hate to say it but, they are a lot like my cramps during my pregnancy. I'd just like some advice as I feel like I am worrying myself too m much, but with everyday that passess without a period, I keep getting more and more worried about another pregnancy. I don't think that I or my sig other is ready for another pregnancy or m/c. I just need some help.


jdstrong80 - March 1

hi hailey--i think it's normal for the cycles to be a bit off the first couple of cycles after a m/c. I had a m/c in dec (natural, no d&c) and the bleeding lasted quite a few days. my first af afterwards was right on time, 24 days after the end of the m/c. but my 2nd cycle was almost a week late, and I really thought I was lucky enough to get pregnant again so soon and went through 3 hpt, but all were negative. I think it takes a while for your body to "reset" itself. All that being said, it may be worthwhile to see your doctor just to make sure there's not anything else going on. take care.


ahay - March 1

Hailey... I had a miscarriage on January 19th and was suppose to have AF by the 16th of February. NO AF! So I took a test on the 19th and I was prego! SO DO NOT RULE OUT PREGNANCY. You could be pregnant again. Did your doctor follow your HCG levels down to zero after m/c?!?


hailey07 - March 1

Yep, I had my third bloodtest done about two weeks after the m/c. They had returned to 0. So, here I am 2 weeks and a day late. I feel fine, other than a few light cramps and I'm noticing some changes in the feel and tenderness of my breats- but I have always had that with every cycle. I have noticed my nose running a lot, even in room temp areas- which I've been wondering about... I feel so silly having taken a neg preg test and I'm still looking at pregnancy signs and symptoms. I have an appt on Monday the 12th, just for a pap, but I'm thinking that I'll have him run a bloodtest if I still haven't had a period. Do you think that the runny nose, slight cramps, and b___st changes could exist as pregnancy symptoms without a bfp?


DownbutnotOUT - March 1

Soryr about your loss Hailey and all I know is it sometimes takes 9 weeks for some women to get af back after a m/c and even than some women don't and they need a shot to get af going. Though definatly have him run a blood test and maybe get him to check your other levels as well as your BETA. take care


JuJu - March 2

Hi Hailey; you could be pregnant, but you could also be like many women (who also normally have regular cycles) whose bodies take a little longer to get back to normal. After both of my miscarriages, it took 6 weeks ('o'-d 4 weeks after m/c) ..... however the first time I didn't get my af because I fell pregnant again. After my 2nd miscarriage, my cycle was back to normal after 2 cycles, although I decided to wait a full 3 cycle until we tried to conceive again - needed the time to heal emotionally. Just a question though - did you have unprotected b'd-ing since your m/c? JuJu


sososleepy - March 2

Hi hailey07. I just got af after mc, it took 33 days to show up, and I had light cramps for several days before it arrived (and much worse ones now, yuck!). Don't feel silly about the neg test, I took, um, well 10 $tree and 1 answer test in the last couple of weeks. They were all neg. On a couple of days, 2 were neg (neat, huh? I wasn't pg twice in the same day.) Beat that for silly! (no, don't... waste of time tears and money.) I can't answer the symptoms part, pms and pg symptoms are too similar. I'm writing mine down daily on my chart now so I can compare month to month, but I'm not up to real answers yet. If you and sig other aren't ready for pg at this time, I'd suggest some form of bc and or charting. If it turnns out you are pg, worry is normal, particularly for those of us who have mc, but don't let it stop you from ttc if that's what you want. Keep us posted.


hailey07 - March 3

Actually the first time we concieved was an accident. I was on bc pills and I have a chronic condition that causes me to have esophagial spasms, which often cause me to vomit. Not thinking about it, I took my bc 2 days in a row and I had severe spasms in which I vomitted. sorry if tmi. Anyway, I didn't even realize that I had not gotten the bc dose for the 2 days. So I got pregnant. Yes, we have had to use condoms, as I am waiting for 1 cycle to start bc again, but I sometimes worry myself too much as I think of one bc method failing. i took another hpt yesterday and it was negative (big surprise) and still haven't had a period. My symptoms had actually gone away. Funny how your body goes so crazy after an mc. Really though, it makes a lot of sense- not only does it affect you physically but emotionally as well. As of right now I'm certain that it's just my body's way of trying to get back to normal, I'm sure my stress level ahsn't helped either. Thanks for everyone's help.



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