Late Miscarriage 18 Weeks

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macy - March 21

Hi, so sorry to hear of everyone's losses! Life is just not fair!! I like many others seem to have had my fair share of bad luck with pregnancies! I gave birth at 22 weeks, induced labour for 26 hours, naturally it was not a nice thing to go through! Following that 8 years ago, I have had 3 miscarriages (still no baby yet!). My 3 miscarriages were 6 weeks, 7 weeks & 11 weeks. I still light a candle for the first little boy every year, its even harder as I had him on Boxing Day & Christmas should be a happy occasion! Its my way of remembering him. The miscarriages were slightly easier to cope with. I am going to try once more, before going for tests for hormone problems etc. just wonder if it could be 5th time lucky! It makes it even harder as my partner already has a child with someone else & although I had always wanted a big family, I would now just be happy with one! It will happen when the time is right & I try not to let it take over my life. Everyone just stay positive, realise you are not alone & also feel very grateful that 'even though we may have miscarriages, we can still get pregnant', many woman can't at all & my heart goes out to all of them!


mhardstone - May 4

hi guys Im back,its been a few months and Im sure you all know things slowly get better with time and although I would never wish the same on anyone, its comforting to know that there are others that have been through the same thing. I just wanted to let everyone know as well that my OB said there is no need to wait after a late miscarraige as long as you are mentally ready he told us to start trying straight away. We did wait a couple of months because we were still grieving and basically living in a daze. We have started trying again and the frustating part is that it is not happening for us as quick as we had hoped, but nothing goes to plan does it! So after lots of up and downs, Im saying whatever will be will be! I think my body has only just started to get back to some sort of normal, not to mention my mind. I am currently 6dpo, and hoping this will be our year, as in mine, and all of yours. I will be hoping for all of you to get the baby that we all so badly wish for!


Niapoet - December 6

I gave birth to my first born on Tuesday morning and I was only 18 weeks. I was hoping for a boy and that is what I had my son Lucas. He was already gone when he came out but they dressed his little 7 oz., body and we got to hold him. I feel like I;m empty and will never be happy again. I want a baby since I was little I think thats the best gift in the world. I keep reading for happy endings. I want to try again as soon as my husband and I can. Is it hard conceiving again?


teachersci2003 - December 7

cjp0611 - I lost my baby last week. My baby was 15 1/2 weeks old but I was 18 weeks along. My husband and I also decided not to look at the baby or find out the s_x. We know that, down the road, we can go to the hospital and look at the pictures. I think all people handle this differently and there are no right and wrong decisions.


MJD1211 - December 8

I want to start out by saying how sorry I am for all of your losses. I had my first miscarriage at 6 weeks and am currently 18 weeks pregnant again. There has not been a day that goes by that I don't worry about something happening this time around. Can any of you please tell me what your symtoms were, if you had any? Thank you. I hope you feel better.


MissingChloeandClare - December 9

My husband and I lost our twin baby girls on Monday December 3rd, I was just over 20 weeks pregnant. It has only been a week, but it feels like a lifetime ago, the time has been moving so slow. I am very sorry for your loss as I can definetly sympathize with what you are going through.


CodyKatie5 - December 10

Losing a baby at any stage of a pregnancy is heartwrenching. My husband and I lost our first baby, Brooke, this past August at almost 41 weeks to a cord accident (3 times around her neck). It's strange because ti seems like time has flown by, but in many ways it's also dragging. I have to wait til my husband's job situation works out with good health insurance before we can TTC again. We just moved about 8 weeks ago and are still adjusting. I find myself being able to cope and move on, yet I still struggle, especially this time of year. Definitely not how I imagined this Christmas. All I know is that we can not live in fear that this will happen again. If we do, think of how many joys God has planned for us that we might miss out on.


na81 - December 12

i also had a miscarriage oct 20 and me and my husband decided no to see the baby. but as time has past i regret it so much the good thing is that my sister took a picture wich i am not ready to see right know i was 16 wks and 3rd miscarriage


latimer - March 3

My heart goes out to you, I also had to deliver my daughter at 22 weeks pregnant just over 6 weeks ago. As painful as it is, I am determined to get pregnant again and be a mum, I believe that is the best antidote to my grief. Giving birth as opposed to a D&C was very cathartic, I feel like a proper mum and she was and is my baby. Dont give up, ask your doctor lots of questions, there maybe something you can do next time. xxx


llama8 - March 6

I had a missed miscarriage. I lost the baby at 17 weeks but didn't find out until 20 weeks. I went in for a level 2 ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. It was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. The doctors thing the umbilical cord wrapped around the babies neck too many times. I am waiting for the autopsy to be sure. My husband and I did not want to know the gender or see or hold the baby and that was right for us. If I ever want, the memory box is at the hospital. This was our first child and it has been so difficult, especially because so many people at my job have just had healthy babies and I am the only miscarriage at the same time (Feb 1). Overall I now have good days, but sometimes is is very tough. My heart goes out to all of you.


jcsmiley - March 6

Im sorry for you loss. I lost my baby boy when i was 20 wks from pre-mature labor. The only advise i can give you is hold and lay with your baby it hurts really bad but it will give you a sense of closure One thing the nurse told me is that "The baby is God's baby and he just took the baby back for some reason beyond our control and when your body and the baby is ready he'll give the baby back" just remember that God makes us, so your baby is being taken care of and is in the safest place in the world.


Judi Sarah - March 7

i am sorry for everyone's losses. i know some people have not written in this post for months, if not a couple of years. it would be nice to hear from Little T and/or Tanya since it's been about 2-3 years. hopefully, they have success stories to share. we found out we lost our first baby 3 weeks ago. i was 17 weeks. it was devastating, but knowing that our baby is in heaven has helped us cope. maybe our kids are giving each other company, which to me is a very nice thought that our son is not alone. how long have you ladies waited to ttc again? i want to ttc asap, but my dr. said to wait 2 cycles. i am growing impatient and would love to start trying now, but i want to be back in the best condition for our next baby, God willing, and don't know whether waiting after 1 cycle is too soon. any advice or experiences anyone has to share?


Niapoet - March 7

Hi Everyone ,Judi Sarah, I agree with you when you say that our kids are keeping each other company, its a nice thought. It's been 3 months and 3 days now since I lost my son Lucas, and I'm hoping that God blesses us this month so that by our anniversary and Christmas we will have a baby to celebrate with. The day I delivered and lost Lucas, was 4 days before our wedding anniversary. So pray for us and I'll be praying for all of you TTC. God Bless.


Judi Sarah - March 7

NIAPOET - i am sorry for your loss. I just said a prayer for you and your family to be blessed with a beautiful, healthy child who will have God's guidance. thank you for your prayers. good luck on trying! maybe we'll get pg together!


mhardstone - March 20

hi everyone I saw that a couple of people on here wanted to hear good news stories from people who posted here a while ago and I am glad to say that I am one of them. I was on this sight looking up sleeping patterns for 7 week old babies and stumbled across this post. I now have a 7 week old son called Ryder and I believe he is my little miricale! I just want to say to all of you that I totally understand what you are going through, but dont ever give up it can happen and ryder is the proof, we still dont know why we had the previous miscarraiges or, why Ryder was the one to make it through, Its just the way it happened but you just have to keep on trying no matter what you have to do and it will happen for you eventually.. my heart goes out to all of you...


LittleT - March 24

Hello Everyone, I originally started this post/forum. I've been meaning to respond to all the posts. I had trouble logging on and had to create a new account. I want to first say how sorry I am for all of you who have experienced a loss of a baby. It has been the most difficult thing my husband and I have been through. I went through periods of depression and deep hurt. I know how painful it is. We waited and tried again a few months later. We also went to a couple of Specialist here in our area. No one could tell us why this had happened or why I would keep miscarring. The most common response I got was. It was just "Bad Luck". We had another miscarriage after we lost Lily. So that was a total of 6 miscarriages. I was devasted again !! I just didn't understand how or why this kept happening. We were about to give up and not try again. Maybe adopt. Deep in my heart I knew I was not done trying to conceive a baby. In the summer of 2006 we found a specialist in Chicago (Joanne Kwak-Kim MD). Her office specializes in recurrent miscarriage and research of it. I had some testing done she found that I had a blood clotting disorder. I was put on Lovenox a blood thinner. I'm happy to report that I had a successful pregnancy. I was monitored closely and went full term. I took the blood thinner during my pregnancy and it seem to help. I had a baby boy who was born July 3, 2007. He is my miracle baby !! He is healthy and I thank God I have him !! It seemed like a long road that took forever but we finally have the baby we had been trying for. Each ultrasound and appointment I felt so sick and terrified that something might be wrong. It wasn't until he was born that I felt relief that everything was okay. So please keep trying !! If you think you still want to try again please consider it. I kinow it is a difficult road full of worry but so worth it for the end result. I'm glad we decided to try again !! You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs,



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