Late Miscarriage 18 Weeks

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LittleT - March 24

Hello Everyone, I originally started this post/forum. I've been meaning to respond to all the posts. I had trouble logging on and had to create a new account. I want to first say how sorry I am for all of you who have experienced a loss of a baby. It has been the most difficult thing my husband and I have been through. I went through periods of depression and deep hurt. I know how painful it is. We waited and tried again a few months later. We also went to a couple of Specialist here in our area. No one could tell us why this had happened or why I would keep miscarring. The most common response I got was. It was just "Bad Luck". We had another miscarriage after we lost Lily. So that was a total of 6 miscarriages. I was devasted again !! I just didn't understand how or why this kept happening. We were about to give up and not try again. Maybe adopt. Deep in my heart I knew I was not done trying to conceive a baby. In the summer of 2006 we found a specialist in Chicago (Joanne Kwak-Kim MD). Her office specializes in recurrent miscarriage and research of it. I had some testing done she found that I had a blood clotting disorder. I was put on Lovenox a blood thinner. I'm happy to report that I had a successful pregnancy. I was monitored closely and went full term. I took the blood thinner during my pregnancy and it seem to help. I had a baby boy who was born July 3, 2007. He is my miracle baby !! He is healthy and I thank God I have him !! It seemed like a long road that took forever but we finally have the baby we had been trying for. Each ultrasound and appointment I felt so sick and terrified that something might be wrong. It wasn't until he was born that I felt relief that everything was okay. So please keep trying !! If you think you still want to try again please consider it. I kinow it is a difficult road full of worry but so worth it for the end result. I'm glad we decided to try again !! You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs,


Judi Sarah - March 24

MHARDSTONE and LITTLE T - thank you so much for sharing your stories of success. i lost my baby boy at 17 weeks last month and am waiting and waiting for af to no avail. my dr suggested i wait 2 cycles and i am just growing so impatient. your stories have made me feel so good right now and i thank you so much for that. MHARDSTONE, you and i had a very similar experience, can you tell me what your dr said the cause of your loss was? there still needs to be testing done with me so i have no idea what the cause is right now but i want to have everything tested to make sure it never happens again, God willing. thank you again ladies. please write soon.


mhardstone - March 25

oh my god little T I am so happy to hear that you had a successful pregnancy after all that you have been through! judi sarah all I can tell you is that they did an autopsy on our beautiful baby and found nothing that they could say was the cause. In one way that is a good thing because it meant that we should just keep on trying regardless, on the other hand if it was something we could pinpoint then we could have tried to fix it. It was only luck that meant that everything worked out the next time I suppose? I will just tell you what I did I dont know if it is what made it all work for us but it did keep me somewhat positive, I saw a naturoapath who gave us lots of vitamins and supplements that were the right thing for the specific time of our pregnancy, and I saw a well known OB, and maybe they really did nothing, but in my mind, they were there to get us through, and thats what worked for us because I believed. I also kept a journal to get my thoughts out, and not hold in any negativity. I was scared the entire way through but also positive it worked and miricales do happen and I believe that they WILL happen for you... I believe that what we have all gone through will make us better people and appreciate everything we have now and will have in the future. I will keep looking at this post and hope to hear some more good news stories like little T's!


Judi Sarah - March 25

MHARDSTONE - thank you for your words of encouragement. they did test our baby and there were no chromosomal abnormalities. soon they will be testing me with bloodwork and an HSG to make sure all is fine, God willing. part of me thinkis it would make me feel better if for next time around they find something treatable so i am positive throughout the next pg, God willing, knowing that whatever it was is now treated. you're right about appreciating things. you never know how great you have it until something is gone and you definitely find out who your close friends are when some tragedy hits. i can't thank God enough for everything and everyone i have and even though my baby isn't with me, i know he is in a great place (with all the baby angels who were lost). thanks again for writing back. i guess i should know that even if they don't find anything, there is still hope, God wiling. (just to clarify, i don't want anything to be wrong, i just think that if i don't know what went wrong and can't treat it, i will be freaked out completely for next time).


sterlinberlin05 - March 25

Hello ladies and sorry to hear about everyone's losses. july of 06 I misscarried at 8 weeks. I thought it was the worst thing ever. But then feb 6th of this year I was 27 weeks pregnant and my little girl had died. Apparently it was "bad luck". She had twisted so much it collapsed her cord it twisted so bad. But Judi Sarah I too am looking forward to trying again as soon as af comes. It will have been 7 weeks tomorrow since I had her and still no af. My doctor said within a couple weeks it should return and I can try as soon as I'm ready. I would a__sume once you have your first af you should be able to too. As long as there were no abnormalities with you, your uterus usually heals within 6 weeks. So hopefully you and I can go through this next one together with some good turn out!


latimer - March 25

Hi everyone, I'm so happy for Little T and Mhardstone it gives me hope! At the same time I am very nervous about trying again after losing my baby girl at 22 weeks on Jan 14th 08. I still don't know why it happened but she was very much alive and her heart beat for nearly an hour after she was born, I know it is only reflexes at that stage in their development but she was looking straight at me and smiling, I will never forget that beautiful little face. I was very lucky to get pregnant on my first round of IVF at 41 years old. I have been examined and tested, everything is completely normal which is good, I will get a cerclage (st_tch in the cervix) next time to be safe (God willing) and hope/pray for the baby to go to full term. I have plenty of Irish in me which bodes well for having babies! I still haven't held anyone's baby since my miscarriage I find the idea too painful, but I have just been made a god mother (5th godchild) and will meet my new baby godson this week, it will be very emotional holding him but I know it will be a good thing too as I love babies and maybe he will spark off new baby making hormones in me?! I wish you all the best and will keep you posted with any news.


llama8 - March 25

I posted here before. I lost my baby in Feb at 20 weeks (17 weeks missed miscarriage). We though the cord wrapped around the baby's neck, but the autopsy came back different. The baby was completly normal, but the placenta twisted too much (overcoiled) and cut off blood and nutrients to the baby and caused the cord to thin where it met my stomach (stricture). The doctor said it only happens in the 2nd and 3rd trimester and there is nothing to do about it. She says it was a bum placenta...but I am very nervous about it happening again cause it won't happen until later on. Does anyone know of anyone this happened to and had a healthy baby afterward? Thanks.


sterlinberlin05 - March 25

llama08, I'm so sorry for your loss. You got a little more information thatn I did though. My OB said that if they see a twist in the cord that it is usually at the end where it connects to the placenta. My little ones was at the end that connected to her. So they didn't have anything to tell me besides maybe it was just a week point or something that allowed it to twist so much. I just wish I new what god had planned and why he even let me know I was having the little girl I always dreamed of and then just take it away like that ya know. latimer I know what you mean about holding babies. Luckily I haven't been around a new born yet. But I hate looking at them that's for sure. My sister in-law is prego, one of my good friends, and my needless to say I don't talk to them a whole lot right now. But when I'm pregnant again I'll feel better. I just resent the fact they still have their babies guess. I am happy for them don't get me wrong it's just hard to know they are still pregnant when I should still be too.


Judi Sarah - March 26

STERLINBERLIN, LATIMER & LLAAMA - so sorry for your losses ladies. you may have already read my story, so you know i can empathize with your pain. i completely understand how it feels to be around or hear about other pregnant women. it's tough to cope. like you guys, as happy as i am with them, i wish i was still there too. i am ok looking at baby pictures though. it gives me hope for the future. in any event, STERLINBERLIN - i am still waiting for af, how about you? i am almost 6 weeks past my d&e and uggh, so annoyed that it's still not here. i will not be trying right after my first af b/c my dr recommended to wait 2 cycles. have you had any bloodwork done? my dr wants me to do bloodwork after my first af and to do a HSG after my 2nd one. i want to start ttc right after the first one b/c i hear we are most fertile 3 months after a m/c or giving birth so i want to take advantage of that time, but not at the expense of God forbid going through another mc. i understand the risk is not higher if i ttc after my first af, i just want to make sure all the tests are done so we know what to correct for next time, if anything. i know there's a possibility i may not find out what went wrong at all. i just hope and pray we all go on to have beautiful and healthy children, God willing. maybe we'll be pg buddies, i would really like that!!! please keep me posted on what's going on with you ladies. thanks!


sterlinberlin05 - March 26

Judi Sarah af came last night! woo hoo! 7 weeks exactly, so hopefully your's is right around the corner. When I was in the hospital they took tons of blood to test for everything and I have yet to hear anything and I've seen the doctor since so I'm a__suming they found nothing wrong. Freak accident I suppose. Stinks that it happend to me but we'll try again really soon I guess so I'm excited. And really nervous but I feel like as long as I can get pa__sed the first trimester all should be well. So I'm hoping you see af soon and then get that next one on time so we CAN be pg buddies!


Judi Sarah - March 27

STERLINBERLIN - yaaay for you! i am excited for you! still no af for me and tomorrow is exactly 6 weeks from d&e. hopefuly you'll get pg immediately after af and then i will get immefiately pg once we also begin trying and while you may be a few weeks ahead of me, we can still be pg together and share stories. you MUST keep me posted!!!


samy - April 4

hi little T, many of the old people on the site know me well,...though today m writing here almost after 2 months.i have had two 2nd trimesters miscarriages.........they were actually pre mature deliveries....first time i was carrying twins-boys, and second time i had a sweet little daughter....i know how difficult it is to understand and go thru it...but talk abt ur little angel...rem them always, which none of us can ever forget...i feel they r still with me...if i go out for kids shopping..i a;always imagine my little angels would have looked in it...they r special to me ..first time i lost them at 20 weeks and 2nd time at 24 weeks.....all bcoz of sudden labor pains......i will suggest u go thorough check up for next time to rule out y it happened...and then plan a 2nd pregnancy...take care...god bless u.


austin-our-sweet-angle - August 1

i there i just read yours story of loss and i cry and have a little hope from read .your story.but it so fresh we loss our third child on the 20th of july 2008 after going to the ultrasound to find that our baby died two days afte hear the heart beat and move on the wednesday night ,friday hear the bad news and giving birht to my died baby.a day after my dad bday .and have a boy break my heart more because i know deep down it was a boy and i named him austin.this is a first for me i have to health kids five and two and half.i waitting to hear if the drs find out to help understand why ?


rita - August 28

hi i delived my twin daughter two weeks ago is the hardest thing. i trying very hard to heal but i wake up some day and is hard to live and eat every day i staying at my mom house because i feal that my house is so empty. i been rying to have a baby with my husband for about 5 years and no luck i have a condition that is call polisystic ovari syndrome. i under a team of fertility doctor and i got pregnant on my first try i was so happy but the big but pain i stated to feel pain the doctor say it was normal i hated the answer because i new it wasing normal so then i started to bleed i told the doctor and they say that was normal. i was like that for about 2 to 3 weeks my husband say it was more i dont remember or i dont want to remember the doctor say sorry but i dont see the baby it was so hard for me and my poor husband he is so supporting. i whet to the clinic for two more sections of injecting my stomic and nothing the doctor was very unsuporting so i stop going then i went to my ob and i told him wat happen and he gave me name of more ivf clinic so i try another one againg that when i got pregnant with my twin gilrs i lost them too i feel so empty people tell me that is ok that i should be happy that i have two angels watching over me and my husband but still hurts. my cousing and i were pregnant together she is due january 13 and i was january 12 but i guess its only her now i not jelous or anithing i am very happy everithing is ok with her and her baby.


IsabellasMommy - August 31

Hi Rita. I understand what you're going through. I went to my doctor for an ultrasound on July 30 and was told that both of my twins had died. I had a d&c done the next morning. I still deal with things every day, some days are easier than others. For the most part, I smile because I have two angels with me at all times. I think what helps me is that I named both of my twins, even though we didn't know if they were boys or girls, we picked names that would be good for either.


Missjd5 - November 24

Hi little t so sad to hear of your loss but inspired to hear of your later successful pregnancy! 2 weeks ago my husband and i suffered the heartbreaking loss of our baby, ben at 19 weeks and 6 days. Like so many of you the shock of losing our baby along with the hopes and plans for the future gives a new meaning to pain. We dont know the reasons yet and will meet with our gyneacologist before Xmas. In the meantime we are taking all the help going, counselling, time of work, church and friends and family. It's so inspiring and humbling to hear of the courage and perserverance of sisters who push through the pain and unknowing in the faith that they will be mummies again. I salute you all and thank you. You are truly an inspiration and have taught me to have faith and be stronger than I ever could have imagined. Me and my husband had ben through ivf and know that the journey ahead us uncertain but we will try again if possible thanks to the bravery of the women on this forum. Has anyone been in a similar position regarding ivf and late miscarriage and had a succesful pregnancy? Much love x x



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