Late Miscarriage 4 1 2 5 M How Dose Baby Come Out

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L - October 7

If you have a miscarriage any where between 4 1/2 months and 5months what happend how dose the baby come out to you have to give birth has anyone been throw this before please if you can tell me would for word this would help me prear Could you have a C-seation Or did you have to give bith the normal with pain meds How long did you stay in hostipal How long untill baby was out What happened when you had the baby How long did you stay after that Where you in pain when you went home If so where How long did the pain last Did you have to just rest and not do anything How long before you can start going out abd about How long after can you start to have s_x How long after can you start to try again I know these questions are a lot but it would held me a lot to know what will happen Thank you all for taking tine to read my questions..


Kara - October 8

I am so sorry to hear about your baby. I was 4 months when I miscarried the first time. I was able to have a d/c but we had to do it ASAP since I was close to the cut off period and if I waited I would have to give birth. They will have you pa__s it v____ally. I'm sure they will offer you pain meds. The baby will be small so it should go fast. They may keep you over night. Your doctor will tell you to take it easy for a week or so, but will usually write you off of work as long as you need. You may need to plans with a funeral home for the baby. In my state it goes by weight, not weeks for determining when a funeral home needs to be involved. You may be able to find more information at the SHARE website. The address is The doctor and nurses really good at managing the physical pain while you deal the the emotional pain. They will also give you drugs to make your uterus contract afterwords which will lessen your bleeding You will probably have period type bleeding afterwords for about 3 weeks. Your doctor will probably tell you to wait at least that long, maybe longer before having s_x. You should wait at least 3 months before trying to concieve. I hope this helps and I hope you feel better soon.


L - October 8

Dear Kara ------- ------ Thank you so much for your information it help a lot do you mind if I ask how many weeks you where when it happened to you at 4m Also what happenes with a D/C I am also sorry for your loss


Kara - October 11

I was 15 weeks. They put you under with a twilight drug, then dilate your cerix and clean out your uterus. I was unconcious for about 15 minutes then in recovery for about an hour then the regular room another hour. I was sent home with good pain relievers and told to take it easy for a few days. I have m/c twice since the d/c and those both were natural, but I wasn't as far along. I would have to say that the d/c was the least traumatic of the three. Hope you feel better soon.


? - October 11

What do they do if it is too far along for a D&C???


L - October 11

Dear Kara---- Thank you so very much for all your info I feel your pain has well your going to be a great mom good luck we should keep intouch only if you want leave me you email only if you want if not thanks for everthing and I wish you rhe best of luck in the world


Sarah - October 11

I went for a routine ultrasound at 19weeks only to discover my baby was dead. I was atmitted to hospital for an induction as a c section is not an option, it is to risky as your uterus is not large enough to perform a normal c section and can scar and effect next pregnancys in a neg way. I had pesserys every six hours for four days to dialate my cervix, and therfore deliver my baby. A D&C is all very well and i would have gone for one if it had been an option but it does not result in a whole baby and would be impossable to do a post mortum on a baby in peices??? If of course you did not already know the cause of death. Hope i have been of help my heart goes out to you and my experience is mearly one in thousands, in little NZ things may be done differently were you live????


Sarah - October 11

If you have more questions E mail is [email protected]


brandi - October 13

I went in on Sept 6 17 weeks to find out that my baby no longer had a heartbeat. I was told that there was the possibility to do a D&E but that there are very few people that do it because of the risks involved. They also told me that my baby would come out in pieces. I did not want them ripping her apart so I chose to be induced. They inserted four small pills to help my cervix start to dialate. I was in labor 15 hours and yes they were giving me pain shots but eventually those dont work so I was given an epidural I was only in the hospital for 24 hours.



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