Lets Have Some Compassion

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Unbelieving - October 17

I have read many unbelievable stories on here and have just experienced on in my own family. I have had three miscarriages this past year. I am know pregnant but no one knows. My sister in law and cousin in law just lost their babies. One to a blighted ovum and one to fetal demise. They are both grieving. My brother in law and other sister in law found out they are pregnant as well. The day after they found out my first sister in law had miscarried and knew my cousins were waiting on a second ultrasound to confirm fetal demise, they decided to call everyone and tell them of their pregnancy, including the two going through the miscarriages. It is only the sixth week so its not like it was immediate to tell. I was horrified at this behavior. I can only imagine how the others felt getting that phone call. I know that one miscarriage has nothing to do with anothers pregnancy but lets have some compassion here. They were both second losses for these women (each have one child also). This is a third successful pregnancy (with no losses) for the brother in law. Anyway, thought some of you might be able to sympathize. I am still in disbelief.


Julie - October 17

If it's any indication of how heartless people can be....my "friend" called to whine to me about how she couldn't get in for an u/s for two whole weeks on the day I found out my pregnancy was a blighted ovum. I was bawling on the phone with her and she had the nerve to think I was crying for her! Then, a week later, I went in to confirm that I had pa__sed all the fetal tissue and she called to say she got in for her 20 week u/s and wasn't it soooo wonderful that she was pregnant and having another boy. It's been almost three months since the b/o and I'm still upset at her behavior. It's at a point where I almost wish for bad things to happen to people so they know how I'm feeling for a change.


hmm... - October 17

It's unbelievable how difficult to get pregnant when u want to, and to carry it to successfully..However some people are lucky than other..Part of life..Those who have and those who have not..That is my feeling after our first m.c...and we still trying for #1.. :(



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