Long Term BCP And Miscarriage

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tiffany79 - February 28

Hello all! Im new here... would like your opinion... I have use the BCP for about 10 years and went off of it in Nov 06. I had a period in Nov and Dec (both light). Jan we started to ttc.. and i got prego! I was SOO excited.. unfortunently it ended in an early miscarriage, or chemical pregnancy. About 2 weeks after my AF was due, thats when it happened..i was 5w6d. I went to the ER and my HCG was 44, thats why i assume it was a chemical pregnancy, since my levels were so low already. Anyway, i bled for about 4-5 days w/ bad cramps the first day. I never had any brown spotting either. So.. my question is to all of you.. I have a weird feeling this could be linked to my Long term use of the BCP. Maybe my lining wasnt thick enough yet?? (i rarely ever had periods on the pill). Or were my hormones not where they should be yet??? OR.. was this just one of those that happen--bad chromosone?? Thoughts?? Has anybody had a miscarriage after using the pill for so long? I plan to ttc agian soon.. after my next period, which should be any day now! (hopefully!) ps.. i have researched this, and of course.. there are no studies that link the two together, but would like to know if anybody else has experienced it. Thanks!


jessieb - February 28

well, i experienced the opposite so maybe that will help you. the first time, i miscarried without ever ever using any hormonal form of birth control in my life. i didn't like the hormones and found other ways to avoid pregnancy. after that miscarriage i reluctantly went on the patch. i was on the patch for a year, then got pregnant the first month off the patch. i miscarried again. so, with my experiences the birth control had no effect. unfortunately, i have not fallen pregnant since then. my opinion, my experience, birth control or not the results have been the same. i don't know if that helps but i thought i would share. sorry you are going through this, i don't wish ttc heartache on my worst enemy.


tiffany79 - February 28

jessieb, thanks for your comments! Im sorry to hear you have had 2 m/c, such a scary thing. Im so nervous to try agian, but excited at the same time.. I hope to hear more feedback from people, what their thoughts are :-) Good Luck to ALL!!!



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