Loss Of Amniotic Fluid At 18 Weeks Answers

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lotus - April 12

6 weeks ago I started leaking amniotic fluid, after a week it was discovered there was no fluid at all and we were told the unwanted news that our baby would not survive. I was pushed pretty heavily to induce labor by the medical staff, but chose to let things happen naturally. Labor eventually started but I was not dilating at all, and after a few days I was told the risk of infection to me was too high and they induced. It was so hard, I could feel my baby moving and knew she was still alive, and she stayed alive until the moment of birth. It was a very sad but incredible moment. Throughout the whole event numerous tests were done but all reported back with no explanation as to why it happened, and when I left the hospital the next day I was told to put it down to just bad luck. But sitting here a month later I cannot find peace, In time I want to try again but I am so scared. If anyone has a similar story or can offer some advice it would be greatly appreciated.


Jessicab3 - April 13

Lotus, I am so sorry for your loss. I also lost a baby recently at only 22weeks and it seems its pretty common to be told they don't know why. I have a thread I started called "Getting Ready to TTC -Please Join Us" There are several us there who have lost babies and are struggling with the emotions of trying again. You are welcome to come join us there. I am also on cafemom they have a number of great support groups there. I belong to one called "2nd trimester loss support" I would highly recommend it because the more you talk to other moms and tell your story the more at peace you will be. The greif of your loss and the fright of trying again never really go away but it does get easier to cope with. You are welcome to find me on cafemom too I use the same screen name Jessicab3 =)


tuesdaypm - April 13

lotus I am so sorry for your loss, I went thru this at 16 weeks, but lost fluid in one go then again last year at 22 weeks, my situation was diff to yours as i have an incompetant cervix, I had dialated at 16 weeks and the membranes were weakened by infection, the second time I had a st_tch put in at 16 weeks as they saw my cervix funneling on us at 15 weeks, when they put stich in a week later it was worse and membranes were exposed, I held on to her but already had infection and membranes ruptured at 22 weeks, I in same situation as you. Desperate to try again but terrified at same time! The ladies on the ttc thread are great, they really helped me, i had early mc last week and have been very low but they help everyone just get through, you can say how you feel without worrying you are making someone uncomfortable? I hope you find peace lotus and the strength to follow your heart xxxxxxxxx


Dylan12508 - April 14

Hi Lotus ... I have a similar experience to you ... during my 19week appointment my doctor mentioned something about my amniotic fluid appearing to be on the low side of normal and that he was going to monitor it ... I asked a milion questions and I was a__ssured that i would know if i was leaking fluid and especailly know if my water broke ... however, i was having issues with bleeding due to a hematoma so I never felt my fluid leaking ... 10days later while I was home on bedrest I went into preterm labor and by the time the ambulance got me to the hospital my babies heart stopped beating due to umbilical cord proplapse (tmi?) and I was already 3cm dilated and had lost all my amniotic fluid but still never really felt the signs that most thought i would?? So i know the heartbreak you feel and I am sorry for your loss. The only testing we did was of my placenta and chromosomal heel testing of the baby and placenta ... my doctor seem to be able to make some sense of the course of events and does not think it will occur with my next pregnancy ... but I am with you in terms of being so scared this would happen again. I will keep you in my thoughts and wish you all the best



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