Loss Of Pregnancy Symptoms

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G - January 13

Im 11wks and had some spotting when I was 6wks. Ultrasound showed baby with a strong heartbeat. Recently all my pregnancy symptoms have disappeared. My nipples are lighter than before, I am not hungry and I have a decrease in br___t tenderness. Anyone else experienced this?


r - January 13

Yes, most of my symptoms stoped around 6 & 7th week, I'm at 11 weeks now. I had an ultra sound done as well, and it showed everything was okay. I don't think you need to worry at all, it's completely normal. My b___sts are not tender, no sickness feeling at all, or anything else. Count your self as a lucky lady not to be having some of the syptoms anymore. If you start bleeding and start getting bad cramps then it's time to call the doctor or go to the emergency room. But 'till then don't worry about a thing...try to eat still because your baby needs the nutritians. :o)


G - January 14

Dear r, thank you for your response and rea__surance. I will try not to worry although that is easier said than done.


r - January 14

I know it's hard, but think of it this way, your baby needs positive energy from you so you will have to be strong and trust that your baby's heart beat was a good sign.


G - January 20

R: I just wanted to give you an update. You were right, I was panicking unnecessarily. Had a doctors appointment yesterday and heard the heartbeat. Everything is normal so far!


r - January 20

I'm glad to hear that. The heart beat is so rea__suring! are you in your 12th week now? I think we must be around the same weeks...when are you due?


Mary - February 17

I amm 15 weeks, and I have lost most of my symptoms. I am not getting sick, I have no b___st tenderness (which was my biggest complaint), no cravings. The only thing is that I am still making frequent visits to the bathroom. I am very worried, but I do have an ultrasound on Monday.


jessica - February 23

you probly had a miscarriage if i was you i would go to the doctors and have them examin you


Kris - March 6

I don't have an answer to the question but I, too, have a similar situation and am fearing that something is wrong with the pregnancy. I am just entering my 6th week of pregnancy and a week ago I had an episode of brownish spotting. It happened once on the day I was supposed to get my period. The next day it was even slighter still and by the third it was gone. No spotting since then but I am feeling now that my b___st tenderness is going away and I'm not really feeling sick or anything. This is my third pregnancy and in both of my others (with my daughter especially) I had morning sickness. I alerted my dr. about the spotting and he said it could be normal but to watch it if it increased or turned red in color (it hadn't) I feel foolish at this point calling him and saying "i just dont' feel pregnant any longer" does anyone have any words of wisdom for me??


Pam - March 6

I am sorry to hear of your worries...if you are worried, please call your doctor! I didn't have morning sickness, had all my pregnancy symptoms and thought everything was fine...i went in for my 12 week exam and they couldn't find the heartbeat. If you are worried, tell the doc you would like to hear the heartbeat. That's my advice!


jodi - March 6

I'm at 10 wks same thing decrease in tenderness but had a u/s 2wks ago and saw no heart beat I'm scared but I've had no spotting or bleeding I see the dr on fri but he wants to do a [email protected] what should I do could someone pls help


lynette - March 6

Pam! Where have you been?! Hope you are doing okay. Kris, definitely see your doctor. Not necessarily because there is something to worry about, but because you are worried. Get him to check your hcg level with a blood test to make sure they are all going up in the right way. Not only will this stop you putting stress on the baby (probably unneccessarily) but you will feel you are being proactive, which is very empowering in this situation where you feel otherwise unable to do anything but wait. Good luck. Let us know how it turns out...


coryne - March 7

Hi, I am so sorry you are going thru this, I just found out I was pregnant and had very sore b___sts with a lot of nausea just like my previous pregancies and now nothing, just two days after finding out I have no more symptoms and have a terrible fear that I will lose the baby, any suggestions


Di from PA - March 7

Mary, did you have an ultrasound today? I was wondering if you were able to get peace of mind today or if you were still worried. Please keep us posted on how you are doing!


Misty - March 7

To Jodi, I looked around to see what other people said about when they frist saw the heartbeat. Most said that they saw it at around 6-8 weeks but weren't able to hear it until after 10 weeks. I don't think this really helps but it was what I saw. I'm very sorry for what you are going through, it is tough. Do whatever makes you the most comfortable. If you want the doctor to wait and try to do another ultrasound in a week or so then by all meanss tell him that. You don't have to rush into anything unless you want to. Just take care of yourself in the mean time.


Cat - May 24

I have not yet gotten positive confirmation of pregancy but I estimate that I am at 4 weeks. I had symptoms from about 2 weeks ago, b___st tenderness/fullness, headache, nausea and tension in lower abdomen. Now, nothing. I'm at day 31 and don't know if I should be awaiting my period or what...so confused. Would it be possible that I'm still pregnant but that my symptoms have disappeared already?



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