Lost Baby At 17 Wks Pregnant

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Marion - August 14

I am completely devastated at the loss of my baby at 17 weeks. I was told I have an incompetent cervix and can try again in a few months, however I do not know how to move on. This would be my first child and the loss is very great. I miss my little boy, and I am scared to try again.Has anyone suffered the same thing and gone on to have a healthy baby?


austin-our-sweet-angle - August 15

i know it scary but my friend also lost baby to the same thing and when on to have two more kids about that just make should you tell you doctor your last preg if change.baby dust .by i just lost our son about three weeks at 18weeks but not the same problem.there doing test on him and we had him crenated are doing thing like this for you son.


jap71 - August 16

Hi Marion. We have also lost our first child on Wednesday the 13th. They told me I had the samething u had. We have been married for 16 yrs and we where so looking forward towards our baby. It happend so fast. I started to cramp but I thought my baby was on top of my bladder, because when i Would cramp i thought i was peeing. The cramping got stronger. I called in the the Doc. I gave him all of my sytems and he told me to go in the drs. office. When we went in i was already 2 centimeters. I was admitted into the hospital. I was given meds to stop my contractions. ( by the way when I said I was peeing it was the water that was pa__sing thru) my water was leaking. By that time I had already gotten an infection. I started to get a fever of a 103. By that time the nurse had already called the doc. When he came into the room i knew it was not good news. He told me that my cervix was weak. and that the baby had to come out. I had my son at 732 pm. He has was PERFECT. MY husband and I got to see him and hold him. He was so beautiful. We will bring him home soon. HE is our little Angel. This is so hard for the both of us.



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