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Megan - February 26

Does anyone know the pain of lossing your child? I'm 19 going on 20 I was 19 weeks pregnant when my sons heart stopped. I still gave birth to him and now i have to deal with his funeral tommorrow. Does anyone know that pain?


stacey - February 26

I'm sorry for your loss! I don't know the pain of actually having to give birth to a baby whose heart stopped, but I (along with most on this forum) have lost a baby as well. I was pregnant for 10 weeks when I found out my baby's heart stopped.


Michelle - March 3

I'm so sorry for your the loss of your child. I gave birth to a seemingly healthy 8 lb, 6oz boy who died 12 days later with a rare lung condition (ACD). The grief was unbearable for the first 5-6 months and I can't believe I survived it (and continuing to deal with the grief). Be easy with yourself. Cry whenever, whereever you do. I let myself listen to sappy pop songs just to release the heaviness of grief and sometimes the anger pent up inside. The one thing that got me through this (and continues to help me) was going to a parent bereavement group and talking to other parents who experienced the same thing. They were able to give advice, wisdom and support. It is heartbreaking to lose a child. And I'm so so sorry. Try to be strong and remember that you still gave birth to a child and you are still a parent to that child. Parent that child, look out for his best interest when it comes to his death and memory. And as with all parenting, it is best to be strong in yourself in order to give the best care for your child. Good luck and again I am so sorry.


Anne - March 3

We found out at 18 weeks that our baby would not survive another week and had not developed any organs properly. We did the D&C a week ago and although I did not induce labor and experience a funeral as you are doing. It is an awful feeling to lose your little one -- no matter how far along you were. I am so sorry for your loss. For me, each day seems to be getting a little easier as my husband and I look ahead to trying again in a few months. You'll be in my thoughts. Anne


LR - March 3

When I m/c 3 weeks ago, I found what helped me was reading other womens stories about their loss, it helps that you are not alone. I don't remember the exact websites maybe do a search "Angelbabies" and she had links to similar websites. My thoughts are with you.


anne-christelle - March 19

i know the pain.i was pregant 27 weeks and a student in france. i gave birth to my premature son in germany because i was on an internship. he was healthy until the third day of his life when he had a brain bleeding, 4 degree on the left side and 2 degree on the right, they said he would be 80% handicapped. he died 11 days later.im having a hard time because to me, he was not handicapped, he was a normal premature baby who would walk, talk, hear, see and play. you cannot imagine how loney and sad i am without him in my tummy knowing he would have been healthy if he would have come out at the right time.he is with the angels now with no pain and no tubes, machines and doctors around him.he is now my guardien angel and the most beautiful one.


Tammy - March 26

I do know what it feels like Megan I am a 23 year old married Woman That just only Seven months ago lost my only child I was 37 weeks one week away from her due date and Her heart stopped beating also, I gave bith to her and they told me that the cord was wraped around her ankle several times and due to lack of life line being cut off she died. I and my husband both went thru a Funeral with her...Get a Book and write in it everything you feel everyday..it works it really does. hunny I know what your feeling its the hardest thing you will ever have to endure. Listen i know that your probobly wanting another child not to replace him but to fill the whole But listin to me when I say this take your time the feeling of wanting it so badly will fade alot and trust me the more you want the harder it is to get so relax in that area I know were still trying to get prego...seven months later. If you want to talk e-mail me [email protected] God Bless you and please write me you dont have to face this alone. Hugs love Tammy and Angel Maggie.


sarah - April 14

yes i no the oain your going throw i was 16 and pregnet with twins and on died its lungs were bad from me smoking pregnent now i have to out up with this my whole life.


Amanda - April 14

i lost my baby at 14 weeks pregnant there was a heart beat on the scan and then 2 mins in to the scan it stoped in front of my eyes i went for 4 more scans and still nothing! its the hardest thing takeing them pills to make you start labour. in my case it failed and then had to go for d/n/c to remove the plasenter. they say your ok after 12 weeks it just proves your never safe at any point in pregnancy. its terribal that some ladys go the full 40 weeks and the heart stops it just makes you think " what have i done so wrong " well it happens to the best of us! i also had a cremation for my baby it helps and after you will be glad you done it, but the bulid up to it is the worse for me it was anyway. i wish you all the best and good luck.


G - April 14

Yes. I lost my child at exactly nine months to the day. I also had to deliver and my body has not been the same since. I understand what you are going through and am very sorry for your loss. God Bless you


guyla - April 20

tummy been hurting bad no what is bleeding bad


Paola - April 21

I know what you are feeling ,I loose my little Isabella 2 weeks ago at 28 weeks my placenta separates from my matris .she was healthy if it wasn't for that she will still here. I saw her I had her in my arms I kiss her ,she look like she was sleeping there is no day that I don't remenber her beautiful face . I'm glad that I get to see her. sometimes I feel guilty I feel sad I feel like nothing its going to be the same that I'm not going to be happy anymore. I had a c section but I dont care about that kind of pain because the pain of not having my baby is the most horrible I also feel angry but in those moments I look at my parents my wonderfull husband and to god and I get strengh and I have faith that one day gad will send me a baby and that baby may be my little Isabella returning to me and thats what keep me going triying to keep my self healthy so in the future I can get pregnant againg its hard I cried everyday when i'm by my self I don't like other people to seeme like that because I know they get sad and depresed of seen me like that .just have faith ,hope and keep your self healthy dont stop taking your prenatal vitamins maybe when you last expected gad will send your baby back to you and you will be pregnant againg .


Shelby - April 21

I understand what you are going thru. My husband and I lost our little baby boy at 20weeks. I went in for my first ultrasound to find out that our baby had fetal hydrops a chromasomal abnormality. We couldn't believe it and then exactly a week later his heart stopped beating. I gave birth, I was so scared to see him because he would be all swollen from the hydrops. But I was glad we got to hold him and see him, to me he was perfect. It's been 3 months since and everyday I think about him. It feels as if I have a hole in my heart and somedays are very difficult, but I know that it was for the best that he didn't survive because he would have had so many problems. I just consider myself blessed because I was able to have this perfect little soul inside me for as long as I did. I know one day God will bless us again with a beautiful healthy baby and he will bless you too. Just remember that, God always has a plan and no matter how much it hurts and doesn't make any sense there's always a purpose. If you ever need someone to talk to you can email me [email protected] I know its hard but I've found in the last few months that talking about it with others who are supportive is really helpful. Love and God bless you, Shelby


rosa - April 29

I'm at my 13th week of pregnancy, I had an argument with my husband the other night, and I felt my baby move around alot. I always feel hungry like around 2:00 AM, but this morning, i wasn't hungry, Do you think i've lost my baby??


Nanna - April 29

rosa i dont think not feeling hungry is a reason to fear the loss of your baby please try and stay calm im sure everything is ok. i know its easy to panic but it doesnt sound like a concern to me.



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