Lost My Baby

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fara - May 11

hi,i had a miscarriage 1/12/05 @ 14weeks.. i was so happi cos i got pregnant again in march 06..however i started bleeding on 28th april 06 ..i was only 5 weeks pregnant.. we cud still see the sac n tiny dot inside until the 2/05/06,the gynae removed the rest of the tissue. i have no more tears left to cry..but i am hoping i will have the strength to try again..i am terrified of losing another baby.. i'm always wondering why its happened to me twice..but i noe if its mine,its mine n nothing can change that..


Jennifer28 - May 11

Fara- Your story brought tears to my eyes. I'm so sorry for both of your losses and that you are feeling so sad. You have every right to be terrified of another loss, but please do not let that keep you from ttc again when you can... Have they talked about testing to see why you are m/c? Good luck to you sweetie. I hope you can find the strength to move on and ttc again. (((HUGS)))


cristina_t2004 - May 11

Dear Fara, I completely understand what you are feeling. and the big question is "why me?". It's happened to me 3 times. When the time comes for the ultrasound at 61/2 weeks, the sac is empty with no fetus. I am waiting to see if I can find free testing or someone that can advice on what to do. I am even thinking of going to another country for testings. Wish u luck.


karen goode - May 11

I know how you feel. I had my first mc 12/22. I heard my baby's hb but it was not strong enough. On 4/13 I had my second mc. My heart is broken. I am scared as well of not being able to have children. From the time I was a child I imagined how motherhood would be. I am currently being seen by a RE. Are you being seen by a specialist. I too am unable to grasp why this is happening to me. It's just too cruel. I will ttc again and will try to be hopeful but it is so difficult. Good luck to you.


fara - May 11

hi ladies! thank u all 4 ur replies.. christina:i'm sori to hear about ur loss..we share the pain,the questions,the anguish..i hope u will get pregnant with a healthy perfect baby..soon!! Jennifer:thanks for the support..u realli helped.. karen:dont wori darling..i'll pray 4 u..that u will have a healthy baby.. take care & eat well.. lots of water,fruits n veg.. xx thanks


JuJu - May 11

Hi Fara; so very very sorry to read your story....it is very similar to my own. I had my first miscarriage in early January 2006, fell pregnant again straight away, but unfortunately miscarried again in March. Both pregnancies ended around the 7 week mark. I am sitting here now writing this, and although I am happy to say I feeling much better about things......scratch the surface and my grief is still very raw. I can't believe how or why this has happened to me - sometimes I wonder if it's happening to me because I was too happy before - crazy huh?!! I feel like my soul now has some painful 'notches' carved into it - experience that has brought with it a lot of pain and grief. However, I really do feel that in the long run - the experience will make me a stronger and better person - and mother. Like most of us, I had very little emotional understanding of miscarriage (how can we?!) and now that I have experienced it first-hand....well, let's just say that I am looking at the world through a different set of eyes........ life seems so much more fragile; but strangley more wonderful. I always think of that saying; 'better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all'. It's only now, after losing my 2 babies, that I fully appreciate those words. And it is those very words which give me the strength to tilt my chin, smile, and get back on track with baby-making. So I wish you all the best Fara; I know that everyday is a struggle; but we can beat this! {{{HUGS}}}


fara - May 11

hi juju,yeah i've read ur posts b4..i just didnt noe how to reply u..i didnt noe what to say,it was painful reading it..i feel 4 u.. i noe what u mean by ur soul has notches carved into it..we must b strong n fight..eat well..mayb God will grant us another child.



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