Lost Our Baby At 21 Weeks How Do You Move On

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stillhopefull - December 6

We lost our son with an induced labor at 21 weeks for complications. Anyone have similar stories to share? It would feel good to talk with someone who knows how it feels.


hudson - December 7

I miscarried last week, was only 11 weeks so I obviously didn't have to be induced. I can only imagine how hard that had to be! I do know that losing a baby that you already changed and planned the rest of your life around is horrific. I cried just reading your short post. I'm not sure if you're religious but there is a song called "held" by natalie grant. The first half of the song talks about a two month old baby being taken from his mother while she prays. To interpret the song for you the song is saying how all these horrible things happen to good people who don't deserve it. God's promise isn't that nothing bad will happen or that you won't lose anyone and hurt in this life, it's that in the worst of times He's there for you to hold you and love you through your hurt. We all have try moving on little by little, but I don't think you ever "get over it". I feel like every year on their due date it'll feel like a funeral. This website is a great place for support and I hope this helps a little! Good luck!


stillhopefull - December 7

Thanks hudson for all the kind words. I'm so sorry for your loss. Its one of those things you can never understand without having gone through it. And a loss is just as big a loss at any stage.I started writing a 'journal'. Starting back with day I found out I was pregnant. It feels better to know I won't ever forget one detail. I hope you have someone who loves you helping you through your pain. I'm finding this place is very therpuetic, to have others to share with. Take care of yourself, your in my prayers.


Teagen - December 14

I lost my baby at 15 weeks and my labour was also induced. I feel your pain. I went in for a routine 16 week check up and my Doctor couldn't find a heart beat. I went for an ultrasound the next day and they confirmed that my baby had died approximately 1 week prior. Being further along in the pregnancy the Specialist said that she would have to induce labour. As to how you move on...........it's one day at a time. I went through this 6 weeks ago and not a day pa__ses where I don't think about what happened. One of hardest parts is that people around you that have had miscarriages or a D & C try to share there feelings with you and tell you that they understand, but they don't. Its a totally different experience. I'm sorry that this happened to you too and hope that my post "helps" you.



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