Lost Our Girl To Infection Help And Advice Please

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K - December 1

Dear all, this is a follow up to my earlier post, 'lost our little girl'. When we were with the doctors after we lost her, they said that she probably had downs and had also contracted an infection in the womb which killed her. During the pregnancy we had amnio and were told that she didn't have downs. However, on birth the doctors said that that was probably a faulty result. Now they say that the test they did showed she didn't have the third cromasone which would indicate downs?!! so if she did have it, it was the genetic kind which means either dh or I or both, carry a gene that made her like that. Now we are stuck in a situation where we have to have genetic testing to see if we are carriers and whether or not any future pregnancy is in danger. If we are then we have to take that risk if ever we want children, and if not we have to accept that our otherwise healthy baby girl contracted an infection in the womb and died because of it. We have never felt so helpless, angry and confused. Any similar stories or comments would be gratefully recieved. Specifically from anyone who has gone through something similar and now has a healthy child! Hating life at the moment and the cruelty of it, either way we seem to be screwed!!!! Help.x


Jessica lynn - December 1

I am SOOOO sorry for our loss and in a way i can say i know how you feel, although everyone has diffrent feelings. i'm 19 i had my little boy ayden on july 25th 2005 on, aug 5th i brestfed him at 8am.. his father burped him... and let him fall asleep on his chest in our bed, so the 3 of us.. feel asleep my husban had to get up for work at.. 8 45 and when we woke up ayden wasnt breathing. i started cpr and my husban called 911. we got a little hreat beat. when we got to the hospital the dr told us there was no hope.. they had him on life suport.. and they said he was stable.. we asked to keep him on it.. untill my father got home he was in mexico visiting family. .. on saturday there was no change.. then on sunday.. ayden was tryign to breath on his own.. and on monday he was breathing all on his own.. but he still had the life suport for when he got tired.. kinda hard to explan.. but anyways then on tuesday.. the 9th they decided to take the life suport totaly away from him. and well he went quickly.. i got to hold him in my arms that one last time.. my father was able to get there intime to say good bye. my little guy was such a fighter.. he held on as long as he could.. they told us it was sids, but like 3 days ago i got a call, and the found out i had strep b , so he got a lung infection from it. again i am SO sorry to hear about your loss, stay close to the people you love, they will be a big help to you over the next few months lots of love jessica lynn


Kara - December 2

K - I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Drs had thought that infection may have played a role in my first m/c at 15 weeks. The doctor said that they would give me a precautionary round of antibiotics just before we would try to convieve again. Turns out it wasn't an infection, but the fever I had ran with the flu two weeks earlier that ended the pregnancy. But I would talk to your doctor about it, if and when you are ready to try again. I hope you feel better soon. Jessica Lynn - I am so sorry to hear about your baby. It must have been hard to get that phone call. Take care.


Tara - December 2

I believe I talked to you on another site. My daughter had Turners and we had to end the pregnancy because there was no way she would live and toxins in the placenta were already entering into my blood and could kill me. I was first told it was Down syndrome and then after Amnio it was for sure Turners Syndrome. My hubby and I have appointment to do genetic testing even though we have two healthy children this is our second loss this year. First one at 12 weeks and our daughter Treya they ended the pregnancy at 18.5 weeks. My husband is scared because he was exposed to radiation and chemicals at work. Im sorry I dont have a story of having healthy children after but I did have two healthy children before this. Im doing the testing because I dont want to risk having another baby if there is something wrong. I feel like you and hating life as well, I wanted my little girl more then anything and feel like things could have been so wonderful and how happy my children would have been to have a baby sister. Turners Syndrome is a missing x Chromosome and some babies do survive, but my daughter had cystic hygroma and fetal hydrops with swelling in her brain and heart and she was also have failure in her heart and lymphatic system. Im sorry that I cant give you a good story, but Im going through something similar and understand your fears of future pregnancies.Did you have an autopsy done? We did just in case we did not get results from the Amnio and this was a second loss. I was told that the Amnio was 99% correct, thats strange that they didnt pick up a missing chromosome. I want to see the karotype that was done on my daughter I want as much knowledge and answers as I can, so I can understand what has happened. I hope you get the correct answers you need . Lots of prayers


Tara - December 3

Jessica Lynn, I wrote to you a long time ago on a post that you had told your story. At that time I only had one loss well now I just had my second at 18.5 weeks. Your story and pictures of sweet little Ayden touched my heart. How are you doing at the time you wanted to try again. Im in the same position as wanting to try again, but really need to heal and understand what has happened.How are you and your family doing?Im so sorry your finding things out now it makes you mad that the doctors werent aware of this earlier when things would have been diferent. In my case I had a few ultrasounds and doctors kept saying they all looked good then I did the maternal Screening and thats when it was picked up there was a problem . It still wasent too bad because doctors said there could be a problem, but I wasent losing my baby. Well my little girl had a lethal condition and Im so mad at all the false hope the doctors gave me.I dont know if I can ever feel at ease with a doctor again in future pregnancies.I wish you all the best healing and healthy future pregnancies



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