Lost Pragnancy

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bhavani - February 27

hi iam vani i lost my pragnancy last year october because my boy is suffring with trisome 18 so iam desided ti abortation so from last 2 months we are trying to pragnant so whish time is good to intercourse plese tell me.........


Whisper - February 27

I am sorry for your loss. I can't imagine how hard it would be to go through that situation. In response to your question, you would need to figure out when you ovulate. If you have regular cycles it should be easier to pinpoint. There are many methods of tracking ovulation. Temping, CM, CP are a few ways to tell. You can also use opk's (ovulation predictor kits) to help figure it out as well. The Signs of Pregnancy board has a lot of good information about this sort of thing. Once you figure out when you ovulate, and a__suming your cycles are regular, you can then know about when to try each month, because you want your intercourse to be around your ovulation time. My plan has always been to start ttc a week prior to expected ovulation, and a week after just for safe measure, by BDing every other day at least. The rest of the month every 3rd or 4th day, lol. I want to cover all my bases =D. Best of luck in getting pregnant soon! Hope I have been of some help. I'm sure the ladies could all help further if we had more information about your cycle length and such. =). If you have 28 day cycle for example, your ovulation will be around day 14 but can vary =). God Bless!


sososleepy - February 27

Hi Vani. I'm sorry you had to go through that. To find out your best time, you can use an ovulation prediction test kit (opk), available at Dollar Tree, pharmacies, grocery stores ect., check your cervical mucus (cm) and position(cp), and take your temperature before getting out of bed every morning (bbt: basal body temperature) with a digital thermometer that gives you one or two digits after the decimal or a basal thermometer. Write your information down every day. The first day of your period is cd1 (cycle day 1). You should ovulate about 2 weeks before your period starts, and you want to have intercourse right before you ovulate. The opk's will show positive before you ovulate, so as soon as one does, bd (baby dance, as in have intercourse) every day for several days. Your cm will get stretchy right when you're most fertile (just before you ovulate), and there will be more of it. If you get a glob of it between your finger and thumb and open and close it several times, it will stretch a lot, often (as opposed to s____n which will stretch a few times and stop stretching). Your temperature should go up at least .4 degrees F and stay up until your next af (Aunt Flow, as in period) after you ovulate. That won't help much the first month you chart all this information, but on the second month it lets you know about how many days into your cycle you ovulate so you can start bd before that. I also write down how I feel, cramps, energy, headaches, acne and anything else that comes up so I can look for patterns. I seem more tired right after I ovulate for example. I hope that helps.



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