Lost Symptoms This Early

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HeavenisMine - March 15

I am only 4 weeks and 2 days along...I just recently lost a pregnancy. All my symptoms when I woke this morning were gone, no br___t soreness whatsoever, no legs cramps, nothing except regular cramps that feel like my period is almost here... Was it most likely chemical? I haven't started bleeding yet or anything, so I am just sitting and waiting.


HeavenisMine - March 15

Also, are dark yellow and bright orange/tan spots in your discharge considered spotting. There are just a few teensy weensy spots like those when I wipe.


Shannie - March 19

I'm sorry that you're having problems. I know that preg. symptoms can come and go, but I don't know much. I've had a m/c about 3 years ago and will probably have another soon. (will find out this week) About the yellow/bright orange discharge thing: the only thing I can a__sociate with that would be vitamins. Women's one a day vitamins will do that to your urine. I know because I freaked out after having my gallbladder removed. They said if I had any jaundice (yellowing of the skin, whites of eyes or bright colored urine) to go immediately to the ER because my liver could be failing. And of course they told me to take a one a day multivitamin to make up for the nutrients I would be missing until I healed. But they neglected to tell me about the vitamins turning my pee neon. So yea, i freaked. So maybe it could be that if you had just peed before you wiped. But my advice would be to talk to a doc. Good luck :)


mommyssweethearts0506 - March 19

I wouldnt get too worried yet. I had a m/c when I was 18 and it started out with blood before cramps. I have had 2 babies since and had cramps through both pregnancies. At some points it felt like I was having period cramps. The doctors always told me I was fine. Cramping can be a sign of your uterus stretching or because you are dehydrated. If your cramping lay down and drink alot of water. That is what I was always told to do. Hopefully it helps. But dont stress to much about it, you dont want to put stress on the baby. and besides cramps are normal. If you are concerned call your doctor...thats what they are there for!


HeavenisMine - March 19

That is funny because I take those vitamins. I am just hanging onto my bundle....I am tired of miscarriage...



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