Low Fetal Heart Rate Miscarriage

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MaW - September 30

I went in 9/27/07 for 1st u/s. According to lmp, should have been 8wks 6days, but measured at 6wks 1 day. Also, the fetal heart rate was only 60-65 bpm. My doc said this is "not normal, but not uncommon and that it should resolve itself by my next ultrasound" which she has scheduled for 10/11/07 (2wks). Everything I have read has lead me to believe my situation seems dim--anyone had any experiences like this? will i most likely miscarry? I'm scared!


cyndilea1973 - October 1

I am not trying to scare you, but I went in for an early u/s at 5 weeks due to a miscarriage last May, and measured smaller. Went for another u/s at 6w, baby measured 5w with heart rate of 86. The doc said the chances were 50/50. Went back at 7w and there was no heart beat. It was devastating because I had just seen the little one the week before and 86 bpm was only off a little. At 6 weeks, the bpm should be 95-100. I am not saying you should worry (though I know it is ALL you can do) , I read alot of chat threads like this one and found half of the women went back for u/s and the baby was fine, and the rest had m/c. Just know that all of us at this site are here for you and know firsthand what you are going through


MaW - October 1

Thanks for your response cyndi. You're right...all I have been doing is worrying. I just feel like something is wrong, and my doctor isn't telling me. Although, I may just be paranoid because this is my first pregnancy. It just seems really hard to believe my due dates could be so far apart (5/2/08--lmp & 5/21/08--ultrasound) when I know the date that my boyfriend and I you know...(even though we are excited now, this baby was not planned--we never went without protection besides that one day--8/7/2007). The fact that these dates are so far apart, paired with such a low heart rate is causing me great concern. Any other response/input would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!


Paige B - October 3

I am so sorry for the stress you are going through. I had a u/s at 6 weeks that showed no HR, at 7 weeks it was in the 70's, and at 8 weeks there was no HR. I had a D&C in July. I tried to be optimistic and couldn't understand why my OB was not, but it turns out she was right. Good luck and hopefully your situation will be different. I have read that the HR can increase. I would ask for a repeat u/s in a week, though, 2 weeks is too stressful of a wait. My thoughts are with you.


b___boobear - October 5

Hi there. I'm sorry to tell you this, but you should prepare yourself for the worst. I've had two miscarriages and they both had htbeats at around 6 wks of about 60. Studies have shown this is a good sign you'll miscarry, however should you make it thru the first trimester, the odds are you will carry thru to term. I would just prepare yourself for the worst. You probably had a trisomy, like I did. I know the torture-maybe you can ask them to do an u/s sooner. that sounds like too long to wait for your sanity.


Paige B - October 6

b___b___bear - did you have tissue testing done on both miscarriages? Since it was my first miscarriage, I did not, but wish I had. They were able to tell it was a trisomy that early? Hope this isn't too hard to discuss.


stefkay - October 7

MaW, I'm very sorry you are in the midst of this right now as I know it is very scary. The others here are right though that it doesn't look promising. Not even so much with the heart rate, but it's happened to me with every miscarriage that the baby has measured around 2 weeks behind what it should be and my dr. finally leveled with me that it is almost always not good when measurements lag that much regardless of seeing a heartbeat. I had a great heartbeat on one of mine (183) but the growth was exactly 2 weeks behind. At the next u/s there was no longer a hb and growth had completely stopped shortly after the last u/s. I would also see about getting a n earlier u/s as 2 weeks is forever at this stage of the game. My thoughts are with you....


cynnababy - October 7

MaW, I had the same thing happened to me, and unfortunately, it ended in a miscarriage. I went in for an u/s at 8 week, and my baby was only measured at 6.5 weeks with heartrate of 77bpm. I went in 2 weeks later, and the baby didn't grow anymore, and there was no more cardiac activity. I am sorry, but everywhere i looked on the internet says that low fatal heartrate is not a good prognosis.


MaW - October 7

Thank you all so much for your responses. I have been preparing myself for bad news on Thursday. I just hope I can wait that long...it's already been a week and a half. And I am at the point of insanity! Maybe things will turn around, but at least at this point, I have prepared myself in case it doesn't.


b___boobear - October 8

Hi Paige and MaW You can get a "karyotype" done that early, you just need to ask for one. I had a D and C twice, and now I have to have my 3rd on Thursday. It gave me a lot of useful information, such as they were both trisomies, one rare, one the most common and they were both boys. It makes you feel better that the miscarriage wasn't due to anything you did (I kept blaming myself for all these things that I could have done-like not taking it easy, etc.) but it is just due to my advanced age (38). Good luck to all and I feel your pain. I can't believe i'm in for another d and c, i had high hopes for this one, but once i saw that htbeat i knew things were not good.my doctor made more of a deal of the size, though. I might try PGD, but studies are very mixed as to whether it will help, but i don't see how it wouldn't in my case.


MaW - October 8

b___b___bear: I am so sorry to hear about your bad news. I hope you are ok and everything goes well with your surgery. I will be finding out on Thursday whether or not I will be going through the same thing. We are here for you if you need to talk!


b___boobear - October 8

MaW-If you do end up having a D&C, don't worry too much about the procedure itself, it is not that bad. It is just hard to wait so long to find out news and then there is more waiting before trying again. Maybe next time you can get an initial U/S at 6 wks. Another clue as to how your pregnancy is going are the betas. My initial betas were in the 80's-not horrible, but not great. My doc said lower than 70 is usually not viable (80's seemed a little too close for comfort). My 2nd MC had an initial beta of 10! My betas were doing great until they stopped doubling every 2-3 days within the last week. Hang in there-I'm trying to!


MaW - October 10

Thanks for your information b___b___bear. Well, tomorrow is the day. So I will be letting you all know the news tomorrow afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed.


Paige B - October 10

Good luck tomorrow. You are in my thoughts. The "not knowing" is the hardest part. Let us know how you do.


HeavenisMine - October 10

Hang on until tomorrow, maybe spend tonight bonding with your little one, even if they aren't going to make it. The night before I found out my baby was dead I bonded with them, and even talked to them, I just had a feeling I should. I am glad I did because the next morning at my doctor's appointment our little one had no heartbeat.


HeavenisMine - October 11

Do let us know how you're doing when you are ready. God bless you.


MaW - October 11

Well, bad news, as I had expected. The baby stopped growing shortly after my first ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. It was devastating news, but at least now we know something instead of the incessant worrying we've been going through the past 2 weeks. Thank you all for your information and support.



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