Low HCG And Climbing Slow

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Juliajhb - January 20

Hi, I had what I thought was my period for 2 weeks. It was heavy, fleshy etc and I went to see my GP and she gave me provera to clear it up but did a blood test anyway. Blood test showed I'm pregnant or was with an hCG count of 975. She sent me back 3 days later for a follow up BhCG and we fully expected the number to drop because we assumed the bleeding was a miscarriage. But the number went up to 1191. Very very slight increase in 3 days but not what we were expecting. I haven't talked to my doctor yet and am very confused. Am I still pregnant? If so how would that be possible after all the bleeding.


Kara - January 20

I am so sorry you are dealing with this stressful situation. Generally, it needs to double every 48-72 hours to sustain the pregnancy. It is possible for there to be a little rise after the m/c has already begun due to the placenta still producing horomones. I would be concerned that the bleeding has been going on for so long and your number is not going down. The whole thing should be done in a matter of a few days. You may need a d/c to remove the remaining tissue. The longer it stays in, you risk losing to much blood and the possiblilty of infection. I certainly don't mean to scare you, but GPs are not OBGYNs and sometimes they are slower to react. I had a d/c with my first m/c and I really needed one with the third, but I didn't realize how much blood I had lost. Take care.


JA - January 23

Your case sounds similar to mine. I started spotting around 5 weeks. When I had my first OB appt at 8 weeks, my HCG level was 24,000, which is low for that gestational age. When it was repeated the following week, it had only risen to 26,000. Ultrasound showed a gestational sac with no fetus. I was diagnoses with a blighted ovum. In these types of pregnancies, your body still thinks it's pregnant and produces pregnancy hormones, however, they tend to rise slowly. At some point, they stop rising and begin to fall. That's when a m/c is expected. Unfortunately, in my case, I didn't start to m/c on my own and had to take misoprostal (cytotec) to start the m/c. I'd recommend seeing your doctor again for another HCG level and ultrasound to try and get better information as to what's happening. I'm very sorry you're going through this. I know how rough it is.


juliajhb - January 23

Thanks for your responses. I had an internal ultrasound on Friday and they didn't find anything at all. NOTHING which has stumped everyone considering my temp went up. So today I'll go for another BHCG test and find out tomorrow if the number has gone up again. It's the waiting that's driving us nuts.


Kara - January 23

Make sure you doctor has ruled out a tubal pregnancy. It can cause slow rising hcg and will show as an empty uterus.


Juliajhb - January 23

They did an internal ultrasound to rule out a tubal pregnancy...they didn't find anything at all. YET my bhcg is still going up. Nuts.


Kara - January 23

I hope this address works, but its a Q/A regarding a situation similar to yours. http://www.infertilitytutorials.com/case_illustrations.cfm They said that hcg has a half life of 1-2 days once a pregnancy is in demise. Meaning that if its 2000 on Monday it should be 1000 on Wednesday and 500 on Friday. It also said that if it is not falling or not falling fast enough, there are pregnancy cells somewhere. It also said a tubal is very hard to diagnose with u/s. There's lots of info in the aticle and it discusses all the possiblilities. It might be a good idea to read up on it before your next appointment. That way you can make sure your doctor is doing what the experts say to do. I love my doctor, but read up on my problem before I go. She has hundreds of patients to care for but I only have to care for me :)


Kara - January 23

Sorry, the link doesn't work. But I found it by Googling "rising hcg empty uterus" and found it a few hits down. The website is called infertiltiy tutorials or something like that.


Kara - January 23

Thanks Kara. I read it too. It seems there's so much information out there on what it could be. I go tomorrow for another blood test (doctor wanted to wait one more day) and she thinks the numbers will have dropped considerably. If not, I'll suggest more tests to completely rule out etopic. Next I guess I just wait another month or two and start trying again.


Kara - January 26

Juliahb - How are you doing?


Julia - January 27

Well on Tuesday my count was up again but only by a couple hundred. So on Wednesday off I went to the hospital where I met with an OBGYN who took my count again and it was up by another 100. He gave me 3 choices a) do nothing and wait and see b) take methatrixate by iv or 3) a scope put in through my bellyb___ton to remove the pregnancy. My GP and the OBGYN both felt it was etopic since the internal ultrasound I had last Friday showed absolutely nothing in my uterus. So that's what I did, yesterday morning I went to the cancer centre at the hospital and they gave me the methatrixate through iv and off i went to work. I wasn't expecting this pregnancy at all and yet it was the saddest thing I have ever done in my life. I felt like I was murdering my baby yet with etopic I had no choice. There's never been a successful transplant of a fetus in a tube to the uterus so it wasn't like there was any hope. So sad. I was told that since I was so early on in my pregnancy and had no pain, the falopian tube was fine and wouldn't stay stretched etc so they didn't need to remove it. So in 3 months I can start trying if I want. Which I do. Thanks so much for checking up on me.


Kara - January 27

I am so sorry you are having to endure all of this. I sure its almost impossible to start healing emotionally when this just keeps going on and on... Keep us posted on your progress. Hope you feel better soon!



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