Low Hcg Levels

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staci - May 5

ladies, how do you know if you are having an eptopic pg? what are the signs to look for?


Kris - May 5

Staci, here are the symptoms I had with the last one: bleeding varying from heavy, period like to brown, pink, or red spotting. All of this off on on. There would be none for a week and then more spotting. there is also pressure in one side, in between ovary and uterus. I had one episode of every cramping and chills. It felt just like labor pains for one hour. Also, HCG levels go up, but then stop doubling. They still go up, but they don't double. If it ruptures, you would know it. Unbelievable sharp pain all over abdomen, more bleeding with pa__sing out due to loss of blood. If you get this far, call an ambulance ASAP, b/c you could go into shock... That's my experience in a nutshell, but mine went further along untreated than most.


mandy - May 5

i had the same appart from a bad back pain on the right side where the eptopic was.. and only got the brown red discharge when i wiped my self. i know it sounds gross!!! and i had pain now and again down my cervix that was quite bad...


Kris - May 5

Hey girls, I've got bad news from the doc. HCG was only 222. That's just +50 in two days. Waiting for a second call to see how we are going to proceed.


staci - May 5

thanks for the info. do you always have bleeding with an eptopic or can it be just cramping?


Kris - May 5

I think there is usually bleeding, but Anita here on this thread had no spotting. Is that right Anita?


michelle - May 5

Hi Anita and Kris. I had my D&C this morning. It went fine. Just some slight cramping after. My doctor doesn't do the shot, so it was either the D&C or waiting it out. I opted to get it done so I can move on. I am so sorry that the two of you didn't get the news you hoped to get. Believe me, after as many miscarriages as I've had, I can share your disappointment. I pray that you will find peace in your own time. Blessings to both of you. And just a head's up, be sure to take care of yourselves on Mother's Day. That has been hard for me in the past.


Kris - May 6

Praying for recovery for you Michelle. As far as my story, they called me into the Dr. yesterday afternoon for another blood draw. The Dr. is supposed to call today with an update, but I know what it will be... numbers rising, but not doubling. On top of that, I got a call from my dad last night that my dearest grandmother pa__sed away. I haven't sobbed so hard in such a long time... When it rains it pours.


Kris - May 6

I am so sorry to hear about your grandma. I can imagine what a devastating time this for you. I pray you have lots of support from people close to you. I will continue to lift you up in my prayers. I actually feel good today. A little tired and achy, but emotionally I feel like I'm doing okay.


kris - May 6

Well girls, I head into the hospital tomorrow morning for a methotrexate shot. The Dr. called and said I could be misscarrying, but she could not rule out ectopic. I am opting for the shot tomorrow morning.. rather be safe than sorry. I get the shot and then head out of town to my grandmother's funeral. I need a break...


michelle - May 6

Kris, you do need and deserve a break! What happens with the shot? I asked my doctor about it and they don't use it at all. Why not a D & C? How is your husband/partner doing with all of this? E-mail me at m_millermft@yahoo.com when you get back if you'd like to talk. Part of my closure is to get off of this site so I can put this behind me, but I'd love to hear from you to know how you're doing. I'll think of you tomorrow. Michelle


Raquel - May 7

I found out on April 18th that I am pregnant. Good news right? By the 22nd, I was spotting bright red with mild cramping. Dr says I had cervicitis. Placed on antibiotics. On the 29th, HCG was 200. The next day it was 180. The next one was on May 5th. It was 280. Dr is thinking possible ectopic. wants to repeat on weds the 12th. I am getting married in 3 wks and going on a cruise for a wk. What do you think?


me - May 7

Raquel. Please ask the doctor for an ultrasound. This is a better indicator of how your baby is doing. They can ultrasound your tubes and see if the baby is growing there (ectopic). I had the same problem. Lite brown spotting, low hcg levels the doctor suspected ectopic, or blite ovem however the ultrasound showed a 6 1/2 week embryo with a beating heart. The day after the "good news" I m/c with no warnings of cramping, pain or heavy bleeding. I'm still not sure what caused me to loose the baby but the ultrasound ruled out ectopic. Ps my hcg levels were 2700 tue. and 3500 thurs. For this far along should have been around 15,000 I was told. I hope you get good news and ask for an ultrasound.


Anita - May 9

Hello Girls..sorry for my dissapearance but...I also needed a break. My uterus was empty last Wed. when I went for my u/s but the pregnancy hormone is still in there somewhere so he believed it to be tubal. I had the methotrexate inj. that day and so far.....not a thing has happened...Have my labs drawn again Wed. and also see the dr. that afternoon. I am so ready for this to be over. I had one roud of cramping and thought "this is it" but no bleeding at all as of yet. Kris I'm so sorry for all your heartache. The old saying is so true.."when it rains it poors" My Mom fell Friday and chipped a bone in her leg. UGH what next??? Michelle, I'm glad your feeling good it's been good talking to you...and hearing your stories. Do you plan to try again? I think we are gonna hang it up after this is over. Thanks to all of you for listening!


kris - May 9

I had my methotrexate shot Saturday. I have had not bleeding since Friday. So I guess Anita and I get to wait it out. I really hope this works, as my right tube is all I have left, and I don't want to add scar tissue that surgery would cause.


staci - May 9

I am wondering how I will know if it is ectopic? do your pains come and go or are they constant? I dont have a u/s scheduled until next week to see how far along I am or to check to make sure everything is fine so with every little pain and cramp I freak out seeing as my m/c was only in March-so worried. On saturday I had some sharp pains on my right side that lasted maybe 15 minutes and then have gone, nothing since, no bleeding or spotting...would it be best to call doc office and request a u/s as soon as possible or jus wait until next week...thanks



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