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ausi - July 14

I had an u/s yesterday because of mild brown spotting and cramps. I got a lot of bad news. I am supposed to be 71/2 weeks along but the embryo is only measuring 6wks2dys. I had a small amount of blood pooling on top of cervix. The heart rate was only 109 bpm. The doctor said I would probably miscarry within the next couple days. This is my first pregnancy and my husband and I are heartbroken. I saw the heartbeat on the u/s and I almost wish I hadn't because it makes it hurt even more. I am scared of the wait, the possible surgery, and trying again. I just wish this whole situation would be over and done with. Anyone in the same boat?


DownbutnotOUT - July 16

Sorry I am not in the same boat but my heart goes out to you. I saw my baby dead at 6 weeks 6 days when I was suppose to be 11 weeks, its so hard. I was lucky though I had the m/c naturally and it felt horrible knowing the baby was dead and still inside me but I was glad I didnt opt for a D&C right away. Take care and your in my prayers.


Val - July 16

Hi ausi - I was in a similar situation last summer... they saw the hb at about 6.5 weeks. I didn't realize at the time that it was slightly slow (99bpm), then at 9 weeks I started spotting and cramping. When I went in for an u/s they could no longer find the heartbeat. I ended up having a d&c a few days later. The surgery/recovery wasn't very bad - it was the right choice for me especially since I was still having pg symptoms which was really hard to take. Since then I've learned how common miscarriages are (unfortunately). Take care, and know that the sadness and pain will get better over time.


alexasmommy - July 16

I am so sorry. Same thing happened to me in April. Hang in there. It's not easy, I know. I'll keep you and your little one in my prayers. Try to remain optimistic as dr.'s are not always right. Take care.



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