Low Progesterone Diagnosed Did Supplements Help

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Jen - November 18

I had a m/c with low progesterone. I took the supplements but not until week 4.5. I'm not sure which caused which yet. I'm waiting for my hormones to regulate and then I will have them checked before ttc again. Does anyone have experience with taking supplements from immediatly after ovulation? Negative or positive results?


Kara - November 19

After two micarriages, I took progesterone with my last pregnancy. I made it to 7.5 weeks. I still miscarried, my numbers looked much better that time and my lining looked really good on the u/s. So the progesterone did it's job, so they think it just wasn't a viable pregnancy that time. We are tttc again. I took the progesterone last month, but did not concieve. My doctor warned that if you do not get pregnant, it will probably make your period 3-10 days late. I was using a hpt from 7 dpo up until the day my period should have started - all negative. I started spotting early in the day my period should have started so I didn't take my evening dose of progesterone. I started my period the next day. I am now waiting for a positive opk to start trying again and I will be taking the progesterone again as well.


Erin - November 19

Hi. My story is like Kara's I miscarried three times this year, the last time I was taking progesterone from 5 weeks. My hcg was 5000, but my progesterone was just 11. I had a very tiny amount of spotting before taking the progesterone. It stopped and I started having lots of nausea and saw the baby, good size for dates and good heartbeat, at eight weeks. By 10 week ultrasound, the sac was empty and embryo had reabsorbed. But sac was right size for dates, so progesterone was working in that respect. I had a 21 dpo progesterone level blood test done last week, and it was a whopping 26, two points above normal, so it was definately the pregnancy that was causing the low progesterone. I had a whole bunch of blood tests done last month, one of which came back saying I had a chromosomal mutation called MTHFR which causes recurrent miscarriages due to blood clotting issues. I will be trying heperin next time around. It's worth the progesterone if it is low or falling while you are pregnant, in case that is the problem. KARA - I would have a diagnostic 21 dpo progesterone level blood test done before taking supplements again. If progesterone is not your problem you will be masking the true problem if you miscarry again. It is a big waste of time and heartache. Take it from me. I wish I'd insisted on a progesterone test ($100 if your insurance won't pay) after my first miscarriage. I


Kara - November 20

Erin - Doc said my cycle is too irregular for blood test to be effective (18-30 days). We could do the endometial biopsy, but we would loose two months of ttc. Other than the EB, I have had all the bloodwork and HSG that my insurance considers R&C after 3 m/c. So we are charting basal temp to see if I have a suffencient rise at ovulation. If not, they diagnose lpd. We are ttc again right now and it is not happening as easily as in the past. Doc thinks it maybe lpd is the cause of that too. My last cycle, I ovulated on day 16 and my period started on day 26. 10 days is not enough time for proper implantation and hormone spike to prevent your period from starting. So if continue to have cycles like this, we may be forced to do the EB and need additional hormone a__sistance. If we do concieve and m/c again, my insurance will pay for an RE which we will take advantage of. I'm glad to hear that you are getting some answers! It must be somewhat empowering to know there is something you can do to take back your fertility! Plus protect yourself from vascular problems that you may have never known about until it was too late. Good luck!


Jen - November 21

Kara, I have started 11 days after ovulaton the past 2 months. I thought that was strange too. I always spot heavily the whole week before my actual period starts. Does prog. help if you do have LPD?


Erin - November 21

Kara - Sorry to hear about how difficult things have been for you. That irregular cycle makes things very difficult and you are right, invasive procedures take away precious months of trying. Good luck with everything and keep me posted. Jen - Progesterone is the ticket if you have LPD and is very easy to treat. I have had a cousin and two close friends with LPD who went on to have several children using progesterone supplements. Just another note though, for a few years before I had my daughter, I would spot for a week before I had my period. I had a miscarriage during this period, and then my little girl. I got pregnant with her 2 weeks after that miscarriage, and I think the only reason I did was because I was hyper-fertile coming off the previous pregnancy, although with my clotting issue, I'm not sure how all of that worked. I must have been eating killer amounts of folic acid and not realizing it or something.... Anyway endometrial polyps can also cause pre-menstrual spotting. They start to bleed when your progesterone rises then falls. I don't know why... I had a polyp removed this spring and that weird pre-menstrual spotting had started again the month before. It had stopped completely after I had my daughter, for seven years!!! My doctor says I may have had another polyp before her, they often come out with the delivery. Anyway, you should have an ultrasound to check out if you have a polyp, too. Just in case. Sometimes polyps also cause miscarriages.


Jen - November 21

Thanks Erin. For as long as I can remember, I've spotted before my periods. When I was younger, and ignorant I just thought I was having lots of periods. Now I can tell a difference between the actual period and the spotting.


Erin - November 21

That doesn't sound like a polyp then. They tend to come when you're getting on a bit in years...


Jen - November 28

I'm supposed to get my prog tested on day 23 but this month I o'd on day 11. Kinda early for me. I'm not sure I'll make it to day 23 without starting my period. What should I do?


Erin - November 28

Tell your doctor. If you haven't gotten your period yet, maybe she can still tell something by the numbers. Otherwise you may have to have an endometrial biopsy.


Jen01 - December 14

I made it to day 23, even though I was spotting. My prog was a 5.3. She said 6 was borderline. She said to do it again next month. I started on Day 25. Anybody have experience with these kind of #s? Are they low?



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