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Val - January 16

Summary: This thread is an offshoot of the original "going for" thread started summer 2005. Everyone here has suffered at least one miscarriage, and some have been trying for a while now to get pg again. Congrats to DD, NVGirl, Delta and Amy who have all had their babies. I think Hcw, Kitcat, and BeckyBunny are still ttc. And the rest of us - Momma's Girl, BabyTwo, BeijaRene, Jessie, Av, Angela, and me (Val) are pg and expecting babies in the next 2-6 months. There are a few other women we haven't heard from in a while... feel free to drop back in and give us an update. And here's a load of baby dust for safe and happy babies and pregnancies, and for our last few bfps.


KitCat - January 17

Yes Val...I am still ttc. Congrats to all the ladies and their new little bundles of joy, and all the ladies currently preggo! Take care. xo


oct19bad - January 17

whats a bfps?


jessie - January 17

Hi ladies!!!!! How is everyone? Me, I am well. I had my doctor's appoitment and they did a transv____al us, which showed the the placenta has moved backwards, and I should be able to give brith naturally, and no need for bedrest. They will still do follow-up every week, but I should be in the clear! YAY!!! *****VAL, good job on the new thread! *****BABYTWO where are you and what are you up to? ***KITCAT where are you in your cycle? Baby dust your way!!! ***oct19bad a BFP = Big Fat Positive = what we all want to see on a pregnancy test!!!! Welcome to the thread. I also hate October 19, as my sister died on that day. ****Have a great day ladies!!!


jessie - January 17

PS - BEIJA - how was your doc's appointment yesterday?


Beija Rene - January 18

Jessie - Thanks for asking. Today, I am 11 weeks pregnant. I did go see the doctor today. Everything looks great. I got a heart beat of 171 and we did not find any fluid or blood in my uterus. The doctor was very content with today's progress. The baby seems to be doing fantastic. He reduced my Prometrium prescription from 400mg every six hours to 200mg every six hours. I have to come back to see the doctor a week from today on 1/25/2007. I am also happy because the day after I asked my significant other to leave my house, he apologized profusely. I accepted his apology and now he is back in my life. Jessie, I am also glad to hear that you are doing so well and that you do not have to go through bed rest. Bed rest is not fun at all. Great news!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!


Val - January 18

BEIJA, so glad about both your u/s and your SO apologizing. That's great news! JESSIE, I'm glad you got good news at the doctor's office as well! KITCAT, how is it going with ttc? Are you seeing a specialist or trying anything new this month? Not much new for me to report. I did get 2 extra days off this week due to the northwest snow but I really wanted to work since I missed so many days in December! Oh well, time off is nice. Take care...


hcw - January 18

hi all! happy new year and super duper congrats on all the new babies! don't hesitate to post pictures!! thanks for the new thread val and the wonderful updates on everyone - I sure wish I could move my silly self out of the ttc category already! sheesh... well, cd 3 and hopeful as always... Jessie, great news about no bed rest and you sound just radiant, if that's possible. and laurent is a beautiful name, and a one proud too, so i'd say dh has the right idea... okay, i have to fly, but hi to everyone else! cheers and baby dust to all...!


av - January 21

Hi all! Sorry I havn' t written but I have been keeping up with the posts! Beija* your strength is really inspriational to me and I am glad that all is good with your partner! Well ladies, I am currently 23 weeks pregnant (tomorrow). Val, you must be about the same! We found out that we are having a girl!! I love that! I am doing quite well actually but I think that I have hemroids. Yuck! They can be painful I am finding out! I have never experienced them before! I am however having trouble sleeping! I am sleeping on my side but it is killing my hips! I am so sore and have to toss and turn all night from side to side and some nights it drives me crazy! I am trying to locate a maternity pillow without much luck! I am definitely feeling the baby move! that is so fun! Sometimes she moves more than other times though. Yesterday for example she was very busy, especially at night but then today not so much. I guess it gets more consistent at about 28 weeks. We also have a stethescope and can sometimes get the heartbeat with it! That is so cool and so rea__suring when I feel I don't feel her move as much as I would like! Anyhow, that is about it for my update! Congrats on all the new mothers and I hope everyone is doing really well! Val, since we are so close in due dates I would love to get an update from you! Take care all! xoxoxoxo


Beija Rene - January 22

AV - Thanks for your kind words and congratulations for the news regarding your baby's gender. You are having a baby girl. That's great!!!!!!! Again, congratulations!!!!!!


D D - January 25

Hi everyone - can't talk long but everything is great . I am actually taking a quick break from work and pumping milk for Chandler's bottles for tommorow - back at work full time and trying hard to stay on top of everything. My Grandmother watches her while I am at work, which allows me some peice of mind - she still wakes up twice at nice to nurse but all is well. I have not had an uninterupted night sleep in 12 weeks...I can't beleive I am still functioning. It is great that you all are doing so well and things are coming along. Can't wait to read about the new babies. Babydust!


Val - January 25

Hi all... DD, so good to hear from you - I was wondering how things were going! AV, that's great that you can hear the hb with a stethoscope. I bought one and swear I heard the hb once, but since then it's just not working for me. Are you looking for one of those full body pillows? They should have them at most stores that sell pillows. I know Walmart (ick) and Fred Meyer has them. (You probably don't have FM there?) I feel your pain with the hemorrhoids... they are horrible. I've been eating a lot of prunes and things seem a bit better now! Oh, and congrats on finding out that you're having a girl! BEIJA, how are you doing? And JESSIE, how are you? When is your due date again? My update - finally had our L2 u/s on Monday, along with the fetal echocardiogram. Everything looked good, so that is another big relief! I'm getting a bigger belly every day, and I keep growing out of clothes. It's amazing to think that I still have 4 months of growing to do. I'm going to need help getting out of my car in another month or two - the seats are very low! Anyway, hugs to all, and keep those posts coming - I do check every day even if I don't have time to write. :-)


Beija Rene - January 26

Ladies - Today, I made twelve weeks. I also visited the doctor. I got good news and bad news. The good news are that the baby's growth rate is above average. He/she is six days ahead of schedule. His/her heartbeat is 163. He/she is also extremely active. The bad news are that the sac and/or placenta's growth rate is three days behind schedule. Because the baby is larger than average and the placenta is not big enough, he/she does not have enough room. The baby is stretching the placenta causing the placenta not to have a round shape. It has the shape of a bean. According to the doctor this is happening because I am dehydrated. The dehydration is caused, in part, by the occasional vomit due to nausea and the frequent urination. I need to drink a lot more water. Which mean that I will have more bathroom visits a day. Unfortunately but typically as soon as I get some liquid in my body, it goes south. Still if I have to drink water like a fish, I will. The problem is that I have to stay in bed and the bathroom visits will cause me to get out of bed more often that I should. Everything is soooo challenging. I just hope everything goes well. Currently, I feel like I am walking on pins and needles. Ironically I am in bed restrained from walking. The doctor wants to see me again this coming Monday on 1/29/2007. Time will tell what happens.


HopefulK - January 26

BEIJA - saw you on the other thread but posted before I read. Just wanted to say good luck and listen to the doctors. If it helps, the fact that you've got to 12 weeks is a real milestone so you have made the second marker, the first being getting pregnant, we all know how tough that can be. Good luck and let us know how it goes.


NVgirl - January 27

Hi everyone --- life has been fun and chaotic all at once! LOL, Alex has been crying all day even as I type. And DH said he is going to sleep in the shed outside to get some peace and quiet and it is 21º outside already and who knows how cold it will get in the wee hours. I told him he was being idiotic. He took his sleeping bag. I hope he gets so cold he comes back in the house soon! =o( ••••• AV: Congrats on your baby girl! How exciting. ••••• JESSIE: How are you? I looked at your pictures... your tummy is sooo cute! ••••• DD: Nice to see you! You must be really busy. ••••• Beija: 12 weeks already... wow time is flying. week 13 = 2nd trimester, Congrats! And drink your water!! •••• KitCat: Fingers crossed for you. ••••• VAL: glad to read you L2 u/s went well! •••• Everyone else HI!


chandellina - January 27

hi ladies, may i join you at this late date? i know some of you already from other threads over the past year or so. for those not familiar with my situation - i have had 2 miscarriages around 8 weeks, in Oct. 2005 and March 2006 and have been ttc ever since - to great frustration so far. (have had 3 rounds of clomid and now moving on to injectables and IUI in March) I'm 13dpo right now and that means AF will almost certainly come tomorrow. i wake and take my temp with dread! it was still up today though, so fingers crossed!!!


Beija Rene - January 28

Chandellina - Welcome to this thread. I am glad you are here. The thread "Miscarriage: past, present and not in my future" was starting to get a little sad and lonely. I kept visiting it just to talk to you. I will keep my fingers cross for you. I hope you don't get your AF tomorrow and temps continue to stay high. However, if this does not happen, don't feel bad. Soon, you will be pregnant again. It is just a matter of time.



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