M C At 23 Weeks I M I Alone

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brinell - October 20

i lose my baby boy at 23 week pregnancy....i give birth but never had a d&c after is it ok.....don't know the cause of my mc but i had an UTI during my pregnancy never had any antibiotics.don't know if the UTI cause the mc or i have and incompetent cervix.how do u know if u have an incompetent cervix.


stacyr - October 21

I am so sorry for your loss! Your doctor should diagnose an incomplete cervix - what other tests did they run?


brinell - October 21

hi stacyr thanks alot...they never run any test....all i know i lost my baby and thats all they say it could have been the uti or an incompetent cervix....i'm feeling so sad....


stacyr - October 22

I know it is such a stressful-sad & confusing time..I had lost my baby with a missed misscarriage which I found out at 11 1/2 weeks - It has been such a nightmare for me...I can't even imagine what you've been through...All I can say is push the doctors to check you...They usually won't do anything untill you've had 3 losses - but as you were so late in the pregnancy they should be able to do more - there are things they can do for an incomplete cervix if that is what it is...push them to give you answers...Again I am so sorry!


taytay - October 31

I am so sorry for your lost. I too lost my baby at 20.5 wks. just had a completely normal ultrasound and found out it was a baby. We were so happy but then a wk later no heartbeat. No explanation and the genetics came back normal. usually with an incomp. cervix you would have early labor or delivery. i lost my baby in July-still grieving. Continue to talk to others, it does help!


ashmcc - November 11

Sorry hun. I have an incompetent cervix and loss my baby at 18 weeks. My water bag broke and I didn't know why. It can be prevented next pregnancy with a cerclage. Talk with you doc about this. I have to get one at 13 weeks next time with strict monitoring. Good Luck


ikontessa - November 14

I recently lost my son at 21 weeks. Know the pain. My loss was due to an infection of unknown origin. That is all we know. There are no diffinitive answers and it is frustrating. All I can say is you need to press your Dr. for al many answers as he can give you and then try to deal with the fact that most of your big questions, "such as WHY", can never be answered. It just sucks. Am so sorry.



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