M C Aug 8th When Is Best To Ttc So Confused

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Beth - August 25

I m/c Aug 8th I was 16 weeks and 2 days. My doctor told me to wait 1 cycle. A friend of mind who m/c at 7 weeks... her doctor said right away that it would not matter. Is it safe to try right away? I am sooo wanting another baby! Everyone of my friends are pregnant... 1 is due any moment another is 7 months and another just found out! I feel so left out now. I want to be happy for them, well I am happy for them but to think that I would have my little baby in 4 1/2 months right now really gets to me. I really want another baby! Should I wait the 1 cycle to be safe I do not want to have my heart ache like this for too long. Please help!


Nicole - August 25

I had a D&C on July 15th...I was only 6 weeks. My Dr. told me to wait 2-3 cycles. I read everything I could get my hands on and even talked to a fertility Dr. She told me the only reason that Dr's tell you to wait is to help determine when you get pregnant. I also read that your chances of m/c can go up very little but then I have read studies that contradict that. I don't think anyone really knows. I decided to listen to my body and I knew It wouldn't get pregnant again until I was ready. Well I was pregnant 2 weeks after my D&C. I am going to get an ultrasound on Friday to see how far along I am and to make sure the baby is ok. I think everyone needs to decide for themselves what they feel is right. If you feel you are ready go for it....but make sure you are ready physically as well as mentally. I know I was ready to have another baby but I know I am not ready if something goes wrong again. Good Luck and I really am sorry for your loss. It will happen for you. You were also farther along then I was so you might want to take that into consideration.


dm - August 25

I too miscarried on Aug 8th (which happened to be exactly 1 year after we started ttc and my daughters 3rd birthday). I was heartbroken but was told by my doc it would be ok to start trying again right away. As soon as I stopped bleeding we started trying again. I was only 6 weeks but if I had been as far along as you I might feel my body needs a little longer to recupperate. My advise would be to take what your doc is saying into consideration and listen to your body and follow your heart. I am so sorry for your loss and I hope you have that little one you want so badly very soon. Good luck!


Marcie - August 25

Hi Beth, I had a missed mc(baby was 8w 4d) and D&C on Aug 10th (first pregnancy). My dr. told me to wait for 2 cycles before trying again, but I think we will wait until after 1 cycle and then be open to getting pregnant again.I am 2 weeks pa__sed my D&C and am now just getting excited to have AF. God has done a lot of healing in my heart, and now it is just wait...and watch....and see what He has for me next! I also have a lot of friends that are expecting, including my sister....Prayers and Baby Dust going out to you all.....


H - August 25

Hi Beth I m/c on August 5th (2nd m/c no children) and like you, I'm ready to try again. I'm also wondering when to ttc. I'm sure you have been reading all the posts and there seems to be various answers from women and doctors. My husband and I have already started because my levels are back to normal and I feel good, of course my doctor said nothing about when to try again, so I'm going on my own research. I agree with Nicole, you will know when it's time. Try to hang in there, I know how hard it is. I'm very sorry for your loss.


Beth - August 26

Thanks everyone for your imput it has helped so much! I think I am going to wait until the first cycle since I was 16 weeks just to be sure because then I would blame myself if something went wrong, After all it's not like its a year only a couple of weeks BUT :) only until the 2nd week of Sept then I think that is enough time! I have a little boy already he is almost 2 and makes this so much easier. I do have older nieces and nephews and they asked about the baby in my belly and I had to tell them the baby got sick.. it was so sad. I go back to the doctor in two weeks so I guess I will have to see what he says. I will we let you all know if it will add my knowledge to us all.


Beth - August 29

Opps! Hee Hee! Looks like we are trying already :)


to beth - August 30

Good luck beth, there is no harm in trying sooner rather than later, chances are pretty slim you will get pregnant first cycle but if you do it shouldn't create any problems. Not using contraception straight after m/c can give you a bit of hope but prepare for disappointment if you get that neg result on the peestick, takes a little while to get back to that emotional bouce back stage.


H - August 30

Hi Beth Good luck! I'm waiting for AF this week, we will see.


H - September 3

Hi ladies Just wanted to tell someone (afraid to tell anyone else) that I received a positive pregnancy (blood) test yesterday. This is my third pregnancy with 2 ending in m/c. So now of course I'm nervous about everything. I don't want to allow myself to get too attached but can't help hoping this is the one. If something happens to this pregnancy, my doctor will begin testing. I hope all of you are doing well. Beth- anything new?


Q - September 3

Congratulations H! I wish you the best and LOTS of superglue. I know how scary it is. But the possibilities..... good luck :)


Q - September 3

I mean the GOOD possibilities!


Kennedy - September 3

Hi everyone. Just wanted to add to the million dollar question. Well I was 7 weeks preg. and also had a m/c on August 8...seems like a bad day for a few of us. Well, this was my second m/c and I actually m/c also in May and waited for one AF cycle. We did and still m/c in Aug. My doc. says to wait at least one more cycle again. We are since we've come this far and we want to increase our chances and not feel guilty if our next pregnancy doesn't go through. It's a difficult choice for everyone but you are the only one who can make that personal decision since you'll be the one who has to live with the choices. I too have read a gazillion things on when to ttc after m/c but the results seem to lean more towards of waiting of at one cycle. My friend is also an ob/gyn doc and she told me the same thing. Good luck girls and lets keep in touch since it looks we m/c the same time.


Beth - September 6

Congrats H! There is nothing wrong with loving the baby inside you. I pray you have a healthy pregnancy. Hopefully I will be PG Soon Too!! Let us know how things go!


H - September 6

Thank you Beth and Q for your kind encouraging words and prayers. My thoughts and prayers are also with you. I agree with Kennedy - let's keep in touch! Anything new with anyone?


Beth - September 7

Its has been really weird... I have been spotting since Saturday, but not enough to wear a pad or anything. I have not had my first period after my miscarriage. Is this normal? I feel like it is taking me forever to start my period. I am ready to get it over with so I can get on with having another baby!


Beth - September 7

Hey everybody! My friend that I first told you about had her baby 9 lbs! I can not Wait to hold my own little love in my arms! Baby Super Dust to Us All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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