M C Fixing Infertility Problems

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Sue - July 26

After 16 months of ttc with no luck I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries. Amazingly 2 months later I was pregnant only to m/c at 13 weeks. At my follow up ultrasound new eggs could be seen forming in my ovaries. When I was 1st diagnosed with PCOS they could not see into them so I had to have blood tests to confirm if I really was ovulating. Has anyone heard of m/c's sometimes fixing infertility problems?


bump - July 26



staci - July 26

sue, I am sorry for your loss. I too have had m/c...two actually. I just had some tesing done, how did they test you to determine PCOS?


Sue - July 27

Staci, I am sorry for your losses also. Nobody should ever have to go through this. 2 months before I got pregnant I had an internal ultrasound and they said the ovaries were enlarged and there was so many cysts on them they could not see inside to check if I was producing eggs. I had no dominant follicle though, so there was still hope. I then went for a blood test to determine whether I was ovulating and they said I was so they thought the quality and regularity of my eggs was poor. We were supposed to see a fertility doctor a couple of days after we found out we were pregnant. Gosh it felt good when I rang to cancel that appointment. Anyway, after the m/c I had another internal ultrasound and there was no sign of PCOS. If I had of thought of it at the time I would have asked the Doctor why this would happen but it took a while for me to process things and it was a different doctor so he did not know my history. They could see new eggs forming and also measure them so they must have had a decent view! On a good note, before I was pregnant my cycles could b__w out to 64days but I got my 1st af 31days after the m/c so I am hanging onto the hope that whatever it was preventing us falling pregnant last time has magically disappeared. This is month 2 since the m/c and we are ttc. Fingers crossed. Have you had troubles conceiving? If you would like to email me you can on [email protected]



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