M C In April Trying To Conceive In June

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ksorbin - June 6

Hello...I thought I would start a new thread. I had a miscarriage in April. I was 18wks pregnant, baby only 17wks. I was induced and had a va___al delivery. It was horrible. I still am completely heartbroken...but I am better. I have had one cycle and we are now ttc. I am CD14 and have not ovulated yet (although I did ovulate last month according to my progesterone level). Currently my OPKs are negative, but my saliva microscope is ferning. Who knows...my dh and I have been bding so much that it is getting kinda boring. LOL. anyway...I thought this thread would be good for people in my shoes. We can chat, vent, and get pregnant together!! BABY DUST!!! -Kortnee


DownbutnotOUT - June 12

well I hope it happens for you, I took a pregnancy test two days ago, about 26 days after m/c and it came up positive! I will be doing anothr HPT today but I also was told by my doctor to go to the hospital and have a u/s done today! So heres to hoping if not I will be ttc again! Baby dust to you. Takce care XoX


kiza - June 12

Hey Kortnee, any positives on the opks yet? Haven't heard from you for a while just wondering if everything was alright?Take care and let us know how you are?


ksorbin - June 12

Hey Kiza, Nope...none of the OPKs turned up positive. I'm sure I've ovulated though...I think about getting pregnant and I usually do. My doc gave me Clomid this month for hyperstimulation so it would be wierd if I didn't ovulate. I am getting a progesterone test tomorrow. We will see what it says. I am trying not to stress about getting pregnant again. Just makes me nervous. I DO NOT want to miscarry again. How are you doing Kiza??? ------------------------------------------------------------------------DBNO---congrats on your BFP!! Let us know how the ultrasound went please!!! I am praying for you. -Kortnee


kiza - June 12

I hope the progesterone test comes back good, you she see if they will chuck in a hcg while your at it, you never know.....I'm doing well, still have down days, but they are getting less, there always seems to be some sort of reminder of what has happened, but that is life i guess. Still wainting on af, appointment with the genetisist next tuesday, then hopefully bd'ing like mad till bfp. take care xxxxxxxxxx let me know how you get on with the doc. DBNO have you been to the doc's yet girl? What did the ultrasound show?


ksorbin - June 13

Hey Kiza...well I drew my lab today so now we wait to see what it was. I thought about adding an HCG. To be honest, I am a doctor so I can order the lab myself if I want to. I decided not to though, because I suppose there is hope that I maybe did get pregnant this month. If I find out now and it is negative...then it is wait wait wait until af then ovulation....yadayadayada. I still have hope. I feel like my progesterone will be okay. At least I hope it is. Glad to hear you are doing okay. I still have tough days too. A lot of them. Oh well. Hopefully we will get BFPs soon and fill some of the emotional void that we have. Although some of it will always be there. Good luck. Let me know how things go with the geneticist. I let you know about my levels. -Kortnee


kiza - June 14

Thinking of you Kortnee, got af today so i'm pleased that it all still seems to be in working order. DH and I are taking the kids on a well earn't holiday at the end of june. Heading to Queensland with lots of sun and surf and plenty of theme parks ( mini disneylands for the kids ) should be o'ing while we are there so you never know. Can't wait to get away from it all. I'll check back in later to see if you've got any results. Here's my e-mail to if you ever want to chat ( groovychickbabe02@hotmail.com ) feel free. Take care speak soon. xxxxx


ksorbin - June 14

Kiza...your trip sounds like it will be a nice relaxing break from life. Have a great time and good luck with the babydancing. My level is still not back yet. I am hoping it will be back by friday. I will let you know. Still no af but I am only on CD 22. Talk to you soon. -Kortnee


kiza - June 15

Well my af has hit with a bang. Was your first one after your delivery quite heavy of just normal ( sorry if tmi ) mine seems to be a fair bit heavier than normal. I had some wicked pains yesterday but nurofen fixed that right up and seem to be fine today. Just debating between myself whether I sart clomid this cycle or wait till next. Oh the desicions. Have they said to you whether or not they will up your dose if you haven't o'ed this month? I'll wait to hear back from you re your tests. Keep your chin up. XXXXXX


ksorbin - June 15

Kiza...yes my first a/f was heavier after the m/c. And yes, they did say they would double my dose if I didn't O, BUT my progesterone level came back 22, which means I did ovulate. I have no idea why my OPKs were all negative. Oh well. We will see what happens cuz we certainly bd'd plenty. My husband is absolutely certain that I am pregnant. I don't feel that way. We will see. If I were you I would take the clomid....why not?? If it increases your chances, then great!!! Alright...I gotta go...I am at work. Take care and I will talk to you soon. -Kortnee


BIG RED - June 15

Hey there ksorbin - I miscarried in April not trying yet just wanted to wish you good luck!!!!!!!! Hope to hear very good news from you soon. BABY DUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kiza - June 16

Hey Kort, great news about the prog levels. You did mention that you ferned so perhaps just go with that instead of the urine opk's. I'm on cd3 now so I will start my clomid cd5-7 and see what happens. Did you have any trouble with cm when you took it, I have read it can dry it up a bit, but to be honest I have never really taken any notice before. They say taking robitussin can, help did you do any of that? I just want to increase my chances as much as possible. So cd24 for you then. What is the earliest you can test? I have only ever done it if af didn't arrive. Take care and will check back in with you soon. xxxxxx


ksorbin - June 17

Hey Kiza....I have only taken clomid this past month. Honestly....I never really paid too much attention to my cm. I did take guaifenisin just in case though. I only affect cm in like 25% of people. So I am CD25. I took a test this morning and it was negative. Might still be too early. My af is due on Wednesday. If it hasn't come by Friday, I will test again. I only tested today because I thought it would be a really cool dad's day tomorrow if I could tell him that I was pregnant. Oh well. Like I said, I don't really feel pregnant, though I usually have minimal if any sx when I am pregnant, so who knows. You start the clomid tomorrow. Cool. It wasn't too bad...I was a little irritable and had some pelvic bloating/discomfort, but nothing horrible. Talk to you soon. I will keep you updated. -Kortnee


kiza - June 17

Thanks Kortnee, I think I will take the Robitussin too just to be on the safe side. I always o'ed quite late on clomid so you may be right it just might be too early yet. I don't think I have ever had a real definate + on the pee sticks it's always really faint and takes ages to appear. My first pregnancy was the only one I had symptoms of being preggers with, but I didn't realise until after I found out it was +, that's why I was feeling like that ( bit bloody thick ). Well i'm hoping af stays away for you on Wed. I'm popping my first clomid tonight, so bring on the mood swings lol. Take care and will check back in with you later. xxxxxx


ksorbin - June 19

Hey Kiza....just wanted to see how you were doing. Clomid going well??? No af for me yet. It is CD 27 or something. No BFPs yet either. I just wish one would come....I think I know which one it is gonna be....not the one I want. Oh well. I will talk to you soon. -Kortnee. BTW...my email is kdawg1811@yahoo.com


kiza - June 20

Hey Kort, clomid is going really well no side affects so far about to take day 4's tablet. I've just read on another post that you might have had a BFP? I am so excitied let me know asap when you have it confirmed, this is just the best news, congratulations. Dh is studying for mid semester exams, so I'm limited on the computer at the moment. But will check back in with you soon. Take care. xxxxx


ksorbin - June 20

Hey Kiza...well I have taken two pregnancy tests that have the VERY FAINTEST 2nd line. Both are different brands. I didn't think it was for real at first, but now since the second one is also with a faint 2nd line, maybe it is. I just can't believe it. I am filled with emotions, good and bad. Looks like Clomid may work. Maybe this will be a lucky thread. I am so glad that you are not having any side effects. Maybe you will get your bfp soon and if I am in fact pregnant, we can be pregnant together. I will keep you posted. -Kortnee



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