M C In June Four Months Missed Period Advice Please

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LC - November 7

Im just looking for some advice or similar experiences to help me through this comfusing time. I had a missed m/c in june at 14 weeks. i was sooo looking forward to having a baby(like everyone im sure). 3 weeks after the m/c i had a completly normal period. prior to the prgnancy my periods were completly normal. its now been four months and no period . i went to my doctor and he started me on a 10 day progesterone treatment to start a period. i should also add that im not pregnant (ive done like a thousand preg tests and had my blood checked twice to be sure). any way i finished the treatment 2 days ago...no period yet?? does anyone have any advice or similar experience?? success stories. im just wondering if this has happened to anyone else-the missed periods and a successful pregnancy after.. im also really sorry for all your losses as well. good luck and lots of hugs and baby dust!!


Kim - November 7

LC - wow I'm just baffled! I'm so sorry for your miscarriage, first off. How terrible, and at 14 weeks I can't even imagine how awful that was. I've got to say, I haven't heard of someone getting their period right after and then none since. That seems so strange. And stranger still that they gave you something to bring it on and it's not working so far. I guess I would be tempted to go back in and have the doctor take a look at you again. I wonder if an ultrasound would be in order, just to see what's going on inside?


bonnita - November 7

I am so sorry, I have had two mc. They are horrible!!!! Has your dr cked you levels to see if they are off? I agree with kim an us may be in order to ck everything out. Good luck, baby dust back!!!!


Kara - November 7

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Did you have a d/c? Sometimes if you get scar tissue from a d/c it can cause you to not have a period. It is correctable with an out-patient proceedure. If you did, and your dr dismisses the idea of scar tissue, get a second option. He may take it personal if he did the d/c. If you didn't have a d/c I would have them check for endocrine problems. Sometimes pitutary (sp?) problems can cause irregular periods. Also are you very thin? That can cause missed periods as well. Best wishes.


LC - November 8

Thanks so much for your responses, it really makes me feel a little better. Good news, this am when i got up for work my period started!! never been so happy to see af. Now i can get back to the baby making asap!! i was just really concerned that there was something wrong with my hormones (having missed 4 months). my biggest fear is never being able to have a baby of my own.....i always thought getting pregnant and carrying to term would be simple, i never dreaned that it would be this much of a rollarcoaster!! im hoping that i am back on track now but only tiome will tell. i did have a d/c after the m/c. the babys development stioppped at 8 weeks but i continued to think i was pregnant for another 6 weks with no signs of trouble, i began spotting and cramping and an ultrasound revealed the horrible news!. now i cant wait to get trying again, not having af kinda killed my courage, now im feeling a little better. good luck to everyone and lots of hugs and baby dust



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