Male That Thinks She Is Lyng About Being Pregnant

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Durangoblack - March 31

Hello every I am a 25 year old male. I came hear hoping to get some honeste answers I need some advice. I think my partner is lying to me about beeing pregnant. I have good reasong to believe she cant be. She is also known for lying to me. Its a long story About 6 weeks ago my partner told me she had got a DEPO shot. Then about 4 weeks ago. after me and my partner got in a argument, she punched my mirror out on my drivers sidef. Cutting her hand badly from the glass. She was taken to the hospita for her hand injuries. While she was there she stated the ER gave her a blood test "for her hand I dont no why" and that it said she was pregnant. Then maybe a week later she said that she went to the doctor and had a pelvic sound test and that there was twins. She said she had not had her period for two months before she was told she was pregnat. We stop talking for about a week or Two then Last week we seen each other and had s_x again. After s_x we both notice she was bleeding. blood was on me and her to me it looked like a normal period. At this point I started to belive she was lying. She was having cramps and still bleeding. Then I get a phone call this week saying she is in the hospital and she just had a misscariage. She told me the hospital gave her a D%C. I thnk this means they clean you out after a miscariage. So now I was told she is not pregnat any more. She is still bleeding currently but it is light. I read that is normal. So then last night I get a call from her saying that she is pregnant again and that she still has one baby left in her. Now keep in mind she had a miscarage and a D&C at the hospital. Is it possible that if she had twins the D&C did not get ever thing out. She then told me another doctor told her that her cervix is bleeding for another condition with lumps that she has and thats where the blood is comming from. Please help me I can not trust her and the story just does not add up to me. I asked her to take a pee test and she refuses. Stating that she does not need to prove any thing to me. I have been trying to end the relation ship and I think she is trying to scare me.


kc - March 31

If she had a D&C then I can't see how she could still have a fetus growing inside of her uterus. However, taking a home pregnancy test might not work right now to prove whether she is or isn't pregnant. Many times, the pregnancy hormone (hcg) will remain in the woman's system for many weeks after the miscarriage...which would make the test turn up positive even though she isn't pregnant anymore. But after a few weeks, the hormone will go away, and any signs of pregnancy will go away, as her body returns to normal. Good luck!


buffy2297 - March 31

Firstly what country are you from? The reason I ask is because in the UK at least the part I come from when doing a D&C they go in blind and there is no way that they would do that if the other twin was viable. Basically they put in a tube and sc___pe your uterus clean and then suck it all out. This is normally a day procedure but can result in an other night stay as it did with me. Also look for a bruise on her hand to see where they gave her the general anaesetic and near to the bend in her arm the inside of her elbow as there should be a bruise needle mark where they would of taken blood. They take a blood sample incase there is complications and they have to give you a blood transfusion and they need to know the blood type. The procedure is done under general anaesetic and the normal insert a canula in the top of the hand you don't normally use. So if shes right handed they would have put it in to her left. I hope this helps. Please bare in mind I am not a doctor and I'm only giving you my own personal experience and knowledge.


Mandy1984 - March 31

it is possible to have a D&C to remove only 1 fetus but its done a slightly different way, Its not doen under a general anesthetic and usually requires a 48hr stay in hospital, and its not 100% effective, meaning that there is still a high ebough rish of losing the other fetus,, The story sounds a little far fetched but not impossible, Take care and I hope everything is ok for you


frankschick2001 - March 31

OK, when going to the ER, they pretty much always give a woman a pregnancy test. This is done to protect themselves as well as an unborn baby. Treatment for a pregnant woman is different than treatment for a woman who is not pregnant. So even though it was only her hand, I expect that, yes, they would have administered a pregnancy test. But yes, you have reason to suspect lies. First of all, if your girlfriend and you had s_x a month ago, there would be no way a doctor could give a scan and see twins already. Heartbeats don't even register until AT LEAST the 5th week. So now she is saying that she had not had her period for two months. Why the secret? Probably to make her story more plausible. If she doesn't feel that she has to prove anything to you, then just say fine, and let her go her own way. I can guarantee this woman is not pregnant and probably never was. I also don't see how they could have left one twin inside of her uterus without her having to stay at the hospital longer. A selective D&C is very a delicate procedure and they would have kept her there longer. Although it is not IMPOSSIBLE that she was in fact pregnant, I say, where there is smoke, there is fire and if you expect lies from her, you are probably right. She sounds unstable anyway, lying, punching mirrors etc. I bet if you don't talk to her in a few weeks, she'll call you up to tell you she lost the other twin.


Durangoblack - March 31

Thanks also she was only at the hopsital for a night Im not even shore if she stayed the whole night. Im not even shore if she really went. I do know its the end of the month and she is bleeding so maybe its a regular priod. By the way she is 27 single with 4 kids and 3 baby dadys all ready. Bad choice on my part I just want to know if should be woried or not. She would have been 8 weeks when she herd 2 heart beats. Also could the cervix be bleeding like a period for other reasons besides a period. She said she is still pregnat and the bleeding is coming from her cerivx. but not from a period. She states she has lumps and they may be cancerous and her doctor told her thats why she is bleeding.


Durangoblack - March 31

Also what about the depot shot. With the Depot shot, miscariage, the D&C, and the bleeding like a period has me believing she is not telling the truth.


Jenn - March 31

I would think that after a mc, and a d&c there would be no way for a baby to survive that. I say this because When I miscarried the first thing they did was give me an ultrasound to be certai nthat there was no heartbeat. And there wasn't. Any doc would have had one done for her. Second, IF she was pregnant with twins, they would most certainly see were her bleeding was coming from and if one was still viable (living) they would not have attempted a d&c at all. Many times during pregnancy a twin can die and the body reabsorbs it-I think it is called something like vanishing twin syndrome-where one dies and actually seems to disapear. Also, during a d&c they open the cervix, if one was still living I don't think that a doctor would go in and attempt this. My sister in law had a d&c and it was an outpatient procedure-so I don't think that the hospital stay really matters cause she was only in for 5 hours and they let her go home. But I think that she is lying. Don't have s_x with her anymore and in a month have her take a test-then you should be able to see. Or, ask when her next ultrasound is or doctors appt and tell her you want to go with!!


snickelfritz - March 31

Like a previous poster said, it does sound farfetched, but not impossible. And, okay, you asked for honest opinions here, so I think you might need to do a better job of "trying to end the relationship" (if you really can't trust her) than you have been. You weren't talking to her (sounds like you were ending the relationship), but then you see her and have s_x again? And that was just a week ago? If you have major trust issues (and it sounds like you do), perhaps a cold turkey separation would be best.


frankschick2001 - March 31

DURANGO: Like other posters say, just end the relationship. If she is in fact, pregnant, well, then after the baby is born, you have a DNA test done to determine if you are the father. If you are, then there is no reason why you can't have a wonderful relationship with your child, while still being apart from the mother. It is a shame that she has so many babies with different fathers. She sounds messed up and you're better off without her. But again, her story sound like just that.....a story. People lie for tons of different reasons, and sometimes for no reason at all, so don't spend too much time asking yourself "why" she would do this. She is probably a__suming that you don't know anything about pregnancy and miscarriages and all that. But don't let her take advantage like that. Just don't believe her until she can prove it to you. If she doesn't want to prove it to you, well, then it is most likely because she's lying. And if you are with her again, ask to go to the doctor with her, or hand her a home pregnancy test and tell her to take it right then and there.


Durangoblack - March 31

You guys have been great. Thanks!! I will keep the story updated. Im sure I will have some more to tell later.


mcatherine - April 1

All these ladies seemd to have steered you in the right direction. It seems as though only one thing can be left to say - If you continue a in relationship with this woman, why don't you take the responsibility of birth control out of her hands? If someone is willing to lie about be pregnant with your child, what else are they telling or " not " telling you? There may be more you need to protect yourself from than just lies.


littleangel - April 7

hi Durangoblack, i was reading your post and what the girls advise and i was wondering if everything is ok now with you and your GF, did you sort your problems out. sorry if being nosey just wondered thats all.


Durangoblack - April 10

Well I have not talked to her since. She has not mentioned being pregnant since our last encounter. She once asked me for s_x ,and left a voicemail asking why I am I treating her like this. I didnt respond. So now Im just trying to avoid her an se what she has to say next.


Durangoblack - April 21

UPDATE Now she states she is only 6 weeks pregnat from her doctor. WTF!!! That is not even possible. She should be at least 15 weks by now. So how can you becom NEGATIVE 6-7 weeks pregnat out of no where. She said she did not believe him either. So I went back to se her last weekend again. This time I brought a birth control pee test with me. To my surprise the test came back with no results!!! I should have went in the bathroom with her. I am sure she just ran it under water. I touched the striped and smelled it rite in front of her and it did not smell like pee or look like it either. She said she did not now why.. Well I know becasue she is a liar.... So I took it home and I peed on it myself just to se if it was broken. And gues what with in 3 seconds it said not pregant. There is no way she peed on it. If she did even if a lined did not come up you still can se a trickle of blue that only reacts with pee. I figured that out on my own.. I didn not tell her I peed on it, but I know he truth. Now she is saying she is still pregant and that I am a dog "because I dont want to be with her" She said i beter watch out because she is going to get me for all the child support she can. I hate my life rite now. More Action News at 11:00......


Jennifer28 - April 21

Durango- Even if she IS pregnant (which I doubt) if you haven't been w/ her in the last 6-8 wks - it can't be yours. Don't hate YOUR life b/c some psycho wants to latch on to you. She's pretty stupid to think you're going to pay child support for a child when it is so easy these days to prove paternity. I personally would just ignore her. Change your phone number if you have to. She sounds like she needs some mental help. Good luck to you!!


sa__sifras - April 21

These are the ones you stay away from!!! She has a pretty questionable rap sheet as it is. Blow her off and watch her go nuts, but in the end she is really going to look like an a__s when DNA proves she is pretty sick in the head. Don't stress, whatever happens happens...and NO MORE s_x WITH HER!!!



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