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Gina - March 17

I had a miscarriage on Feb, 24-25. I did not think I would ovulate on day 14 which would be from the first day I started bleeding (two days before it came out). My cervix was closed so I had unprotected s_x thinking was safe on Mar.6th. What do you know! I am positive I began ovulation the next day. I know when I ovulate, I have pain and discharge. I also use fertilty strips to prevent or achieve pregnancy, I was out so I could not confirm it. So 7, 8, and 9th I know I am ovulating. On the 10th, I get my new order of Fertility strips so I test to see if I was done ovulating and I had a faint line. I tested the next two days, and the line became darker! I ovulated TWICE!!! I swear! Is this crazy??? I am afraid that I will be pregnant from the unprotected s_x on the 6th. I am tired and so constipated! I just went through this in February so it is way to familiar. Is this in my head? The pregnancy I just lost was not planned but we were happy. I have already 4 children-19, 16, 15, 12. Any advice? I dont know what day I should count from to expect a period. I am sorry if this is jibberish.


Julie - March 17

Holy c___p Gina. I looked at this thread cause I thought I was fairly knowledgable on this stuff. Your situation has me completely confused. Its not jibberish, but it is all strange. My thoughts?? Its probably NOT in your head, and anything is possible, if you ovulated twice?? Again, possible. Good luck to you, I truly hope you get the outcome you hope for!!


tara - March 17

On another posting (I think in Signs of Pregnancy) someone had posted that there was a study done and some women will actually ovulate more than once a month - although this was more common among younger women. So it is possible that you were ovulating twice. I think it makes sence to count from your first ovulation date to see when you should expect your period. Good luck.


Gina - March 17

I started bleeding on Tuesday Feb. 22nd, I think I miscarried on Thursday the 24th. I ovulated somewhere on March 7, 8, and 9th and then again 10 and 11, 12th. I have always been a 28 day girl until recently before pregnancy. I became 24-25 days. So I really dont know what to expect or when to expect it. Even when I was 24-25 days I still ovulated around day 14 or so. But the time between ovualtion and menstratuation was shorter. I am confused.... thanks!



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