Mavis Tench Are You Ok Haven T Heard From You We Care

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Beth1 - January 16

Hi Mavis tench are you ok?? Haven't heard from you... Just want to let you know some of us care about you. We are so sorry for your loss.


Suebee - January 16

Hi Mavis, as Beth1 said, it would be nice to see you back so we know you're okay.


Amy B. - January 17

Hi Mavis... you ok?


Candy - January 17

Mavis, I've read a couple of you posts on other threads and on the big argument threads that were going on. Please bear in mind I'm not presuming to know you or projecting my feelings on to you. So this is just an opinion but you seem to be hurting really badly. Hope your finding a way through. The lashing out (know you don't think it is but it honestly does seem a bit like that) seems just to be frustration with the universe and I really understand that as I suffered a loss myself which resulted in me having to bury my child. I hope you find some positive stuff to cling onto and good luck with the trying. xx


lulu - January 17

Mavis, I too am wondering how you are doing...


Heather - January 20

Mavis, How have you been holding up?


Bobby Tench - January 22

This is Mavis husband. She is not holding up too well. I found this site in her favorites folder, and she has been through a whole lot in the past month. She is trying to hold on, but can't. Everyday is a struggle wih her.


em - January 22

Thats b___hy lorraine. I agree she was rude but she was obviously struggling to cope with her loss. Have a bit of compa__sion.


Amy - January 23

Hi Bobby ... Please disregard what Lorraine had posted. She is most likely someone who comes on here just to cause problems. We all care for your wife as NO ONe in their rigth mind would ever wish the loss of a precious baby to anyone. Please tell Mavis we are parying for her. She did sound a bit angry but we understand it is her form of grief. I remember the first month I lost my baby I would cry in bed and just keep praying for God to wrap his arms around me... I was sooo down. She can come here and find all the support she needs. ALL of our paryers are with you both.


Lorraine - January 23

I'm just telling the truth. Don't judge me. I'm saying how i feel, and i feel that it's great that she isn't here anymore


Amy - January 23

Lorraine, I am not judging you at all. I think what you said to Mavis' husband was insensitive. They both have lost just as you and I have lost. Compa__sion would be a great a__set to this subject. We do not know how someone will handle greif or how much they can take. I hope you will join with me and offer both Mavis and her husband support. Maybe, just maybe through our support Mavis will come out of her anger and grieve in a more productive way. I hope you understand whta I am trying to say... not judging you at all.


lorraine - January 23

I was just stating my opinion. Nothing wrong with that.


** - January 23

Kind of like talking to a brick wall, huh Amy? I agree with you.


Mary beth - January 23

I agree with Amy !!!!!! Lorriane I also have opinions about alot of things. However, because I try to have compa__sion, poise and some cla__s, I keep them to myself. Judging is not always wrong either you know!. You can judge a tree by the fruit it bears. I can say a apple tree is such because it brings forth apples. And you know what else? I do have have to tolerate EVERYTHING in this world just because the media is pushing tolerance! Hope you wise up!


... - January 23

To Lorraine. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion but you need to know when is the right time to express it and when it should be kept to yourself. No one here is judging your opinion, they are judging your common sense and compa__sion.


lorraine - January 24

why don't you guys think before you judge me. I know mavis and Bobby, ok? did that ever occur to you? please don't fix your mind to form an opinion about someone unless you know the WHOLE situation!!!!


Suebee - January 24

Lorraine, perhaps you should've gone into further details so we could better understand your comments. You most think very unkindly about Mavis considering you know her personally? Apparently you can't understand how to project your feelings in a civil manner as these girls have tried to explain to you. Gone way over your head? This forum is for support of each individuals struggles. As the girls on this subject have mentioned, we all have different ways to deal with things. Perhaps forgiving Mavis for the insensitive comments she may or may not have made would be a better direction for you to take. It's quite obvious she is in a great deal of pain and sometimes people lash out in attempts to make themselves feel better at the expense of others. I'm not saying it was right to do that, but it is understandable. Let's move on and offer Mavis and hand back to this forum and hope we can help her through this difficult time in her life. I'm sure you've leaned on people in this forum for your own grief so please join us in lending our support.



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