May Be Pregnant After Miscarriage

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whitneylea2108 - July 10

Okay I miscarried on June 22nd 2009; I stopped bleeding like June 24th-25th. Fiance and I have had s_x quite a few times after that. not once used protection..I have been getting slight crampy, br___ts are a little sore, not the nipples though, been a little more tired again. so do you think I am or what? :/


a_m_y - July 16

I have heard of many people getting pregnant immediately after a mc. I think that you can ovulate pretty soon afterwards. Does anyone know why doctors tell you to wait two cycles before trying again. I had a mc on sunday at 5 weeks. it was my first pregnancy and first round of clomid. I am scared to death of it happening again. Has anyone had a similar experience and then gone on to have a healthy pregnancy?


jacqui1405 - July 30

Hi sorry to hear about your sad stories. I know how you all feel as i myself have had a miscarriage 3 weeks ago. I was 7weeks pregnant. I couldnt believe it, and i too will be sooo nervous when i become pregnant again! The doctors tell you to wait a few cycles so that your womb can return to normal, also so they can track ur due date if u were to become pregnant again! We started having s_x a few days after my bleeding stopped as we didnt want to wait. They told me i can expect a period within 4-6weeks so im still waiting on it coming. I have been experiencing short/stabbing pains in my abdomen. Round where my ovarys are!! I would have put it down to ovulating but its been going on for days. Im hoping its maybe a very early sign that im pregnant again!? Has anyone else experienced this and then found out they are pregnant?? I am not really experiencing any other symptoms, apart from being hungry all the time. Last time i was pregnant my first symptom was sore b___bs not sharp pains!?! Fingers crossed tho... :-) Baby dust and lots of luck to anyone trying again after a loss!!


vsetter - August 5

I had my second loss this past December. My OB suggested that we wait 2 months to ensure that my cycle had returned to normal. It also helps to track any future pregnancies (as they can then estimate your ovulation date). took about 4 weeks for my period to return. Prior to my miscarriage, my periods were very light and I never cramped prior. But with the first three periods post MC, I cramped and my periods were very heavy. Although it is possible that you are pregnant again, it is also possible that your MC changed your body slightly. I wish you the best!


avie - August 6

Hi, I'm very sorry to hear of all your losses, I to know the pain & heartache of going through a miscarriage. My m/c ended on June 22nd & I was 8 wks pregnant, we were told to wait so as to give my body a good chance to recover. I had first period on the 22nd of july finished on the 27th, both my husband & myself decided we would start trying for a baby again, we have had intercourse nearly everyday since, would it be possible i could be pregnant...I know its too early to do a test but, I'm feeling extremely tired, emotional, my b___sts are slightly tender & I'm suffering some awful headaches, all of which i had before when I was pregnant but, I'm terrified to let myself think I could pregnant so quickly again. What do ye think,is there any chance? Best of look to all of us on our journeys to hopeful motherhood.


DownbutnotOUT - August 6

So sorry to hear about your ladies loses as I have experienced more than one in my life time. My last m/c happened on May 15, 2005 (so awhile ago). Anyway I didn't wait as my OBGYN advised me too and I got pregnant again and lost that baby; a chemical pregnancy. The reason they ask you too wait is more than a more accurate due date it is to make sure your body heals enough. After a m/c your uterine lining gets damaged and when it regrows it is weaker than before. I have heard of people with success stories about getting pregnant right after a m/c and having a perfectly healthy baby. Though I do remember a lady who came on here warning ladies abnout it. She got pregnant right after a m/c and had another one when she was 19 weeks or so along. The placenta detached from the weak uterine wall. I don't mean to scare anyone but this is information you should be aware of, I was lucky in the sense I had a chemical pregnancy. I do not wish anyone to go threw another lose after just having one. I can relate to the feeling of wanting another baby right away but the best thing is too wait at least 1 cycle. I wish everyone the best and happy ttc :)


jacqui1405 - August 6

Thanks all who replied to my message. I had started bleeding a little yesterday and i thought it may just be implantation. However im putting it down to just being a mild period cause its still here today. At least i know my bodys healed now and we can try properly when bleeding stops. Avie- its very possible you could be pregnant. I would say to you take a test, if its negative wait 1 week and take another. It is very scarey and if it does say negative its horrible and brings back all the bad feelings of the miscarriage. But at least you will know! Cause if your anything like me, it will eventually drive u mad thinking am i!?!? Hope u get the result that you are hoping for. Keep us updated. Good luck to you all who are trying!!


avie - August 6

Thanks jacqui for replying to my message. I know there could be a possibility I could be pregnant but its a bit scarey as you said to go do a test, i think i'll do one at the wkend but i don't think i'll get a positive result at this stage, fingers crossed it'll work out for the both of us. I'll keep ye posted on how i get on. best wishes to everyone ttc & lets try stay positive.


PeacePhlower - August 10

Jacqui..i miscarried in March and began trying to concieve not long after as well. My deepest sympathies for your loss. It sounds like you are very in tune with your body but keep in mind that these things take time. Right now your body is trying to regroup and it make take several months and some really bad days before your body (not you) is ready to become pregnant again. I never wanted kids before I found out i was pregnant and now it seems I'm consumed with "baby fever." Every twinge or bubble sends me into panic crossed for us both


jacqui1405 - August 10

PeacePhlower.. Thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear about you loss too!! It turns out i had a period this month, lasted 4 days. So now its away were back to trying again properly. I was babysitting today for my friend, her wee one is 6month and its made me even broodier, lol. I wish u luck! Heres hoping we both get positive tests this month. Let me know if u do!! :-) xxxx


PeacePhlower - August 10

Gyne. appointment Wednesday to clear all the hub bub. I definetly feel ya about seeing all the babies. That's still probably the hardest thing for me. And I wonder why it's just the little ones that really get to us??? Keep you posted...


PeacePhlower - August 12

Gynecologist said all was well and to "engorge myself with sperm" lol No use in giving up til 18 mnths of no results so hang in there ladies...


lozzy - August 13

hi ladies so sad to read all your stories, i also had a miscarriage a week and a half ago i was 9 and a half weeks. I am also keen to start trying again as soon as possible but was told to wait a month to let my body recover. I desperatly want to be pregnant again but am so so scared of it happening again, we already had names picked out and everything when we lost our little angel. I would love to talk to any of you going through the same thing. good luck to all of you trying again x x x


jacqui1405 - August 13

Lozzy... Sorry to hear about your loss. I know what u are going through! But believe me, it does get better. I still have bad days but im mostly okay now. My period came 4weeks after my miscarriage and only lasted 4 days. Were now trying and having fun in the process, lol. Hopefully by the end of this month i will get some good news. I was really impatient and said im not waiting either to try but to be honest, u feel better once uve had a period and u know ur body's healing. Plus its easier to date a new pregnancy too. Good luck though, it will happen for you when the time is right!! Keep us posted on ur progress. xxx


lozzy - August 13

Thanks Jacqui, i can see why its good to wait but im just impatient im sure you know how it is. im just finding it a bit hard at the moment as one of my best friends is pregnant and she is due 3 days before i would have been. I'm hoping to be pregnant again by the end of the year, but it took us 6 months to get pregnant last time so who knows.... Good luck i hope you get some good news this month!! Keep us posted!! xxx


a_m_y - August 13

So sorry to hear everyone's story. This is something you never think will happen to you until it does and then you find out how very common it is. I am just a month over a miscarriage and I can't help thinking about how far along I would be etc...Also I am finding it really hard to be around my pregnant friends/those with infants and I don't know how to get over that, because it isn't really fair to them. Anyone have any advice/ways they are dealing?


lozzy - August 13

hi amy, i dont really have any advice for you but i totally understand how you are feeling, i would be 11 weeks today and i cant get it out of my head. i am also really finding it hard to be around pregnant friends and friends with babies, and your right it isnt fair to them cos they havnt done anything wrong but im sure your friends understand that you might be feeling that way, if not talk to them and explain how you are feeling im sure they would understand. you didnt mention if you are trying again? xxx



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