May Be Pregnant After Miscarriage

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lozzy - August 13

hi amy, i dont really have any advice for you but i totally understand how you are feeling, i would be 11 weeks today and i cant get it out of my head. i am also really finding it hard to be around pregnant friends and friends with babies, and your right it isnt fair to them cos they havnt done anything wrong but im sure your friends understand that you might be feeling that way, if not talk to them and explain how you are feeling im sure they would understand. you didnt mention if you are trying again? xxx


a_m_y - August 13

Hi Iozzy. Thanks for your comment and advice. I am not currently trying. I still haven't gotten a period since my miscarriage on 7/12. I am waiting until the next cycle and then we will start trying again. My doctor advised me to wait until after my first period. I also think I need some time for myself to just work through the hurt and the anger. I am excited to try again, but feeling a bit defeated at the moment.


lozzy - August 13

I'm the same, i miscarried on 30th july so havnt had a period yet either, but as soon as I do we will start trying again. I really want to be pregnant again but I know once I am I will be so scared and nervous of it happening again but I guess thats just the natural reaction.


a_m_y - August 14

I know it will be hard next time, but I guess we just have to think in terms of it being out of our hands. A glimmer of hope for me is that one of my friends miscarried at the same time as me last year and was in the same week I was, and now she's at home with a three week old. It just keeps me hopeful seeing her beautiful baby. She has been so helpful to me and great to talk to because she knows EXACTLY how I feel and not many people in my life are able to understand what we are all going through.


LynnG - August 14

Hi,I am new in this forum and I have been searching the net to find someone who has gone through what I went through and it was comforting to know that there is a forum such as this. I lost my baby on 25th July and it was the most painful thing I had ever felt.I was 7wks preg and the journey to that day was filled with many tears at night,but I believe it was for the best. My partner and I have not really been trying not to get pregnant but I would really love to be pregnant again.Recently,I have noticed that I go to the bathroom quite a lot and am frequently tired and sleep for most of the day.One thing that is really getting to me,is the waiting till a later date so that I can actually test if I may be pregnant again(I hope).Is it really true that you can get pregnant right after a miscarriage???


golitelee - August 15

Ladies: sorry for your losses. My mc ended on Aug 6 and I am still bleeding. Me and my husband would like to try again and I know we can't until the bleeding stops and I have had a peroid. Is it normal that I am still bleeding 10 days after the dc and when is it reasonable and safe to have s_x again? Thanks!


PeacePhlower - August 29

Well ladies it can be done. After 5 months of TTC after miscarrying I recieved a BFP today. Talk about over the moon...thank all of you wonderful women who opened your hearts and grieved and concieved along side. Much luck.



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