MC 5 6 And Ready To Ttc This Month

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LC - June 13

I miscarried on 5/6 and had a D&C that day. I was about 11.5 weeks along. This was my first pregnancy and I am eager to try again. I just got my first af since the mc and am ready to ttc this month. Anyone else in the same boat? Anyone else have a plan on how they will ttc this month? I have not charted in the past and don't think I will this month but other thoughts, input, suggestion, stories would be nice! Might be fun to track this month together. I know the waiting is what is hard for me so would be nice to have others to wait with!


Kishia - June 13

I m/c on May 1 and I had what I think was af on June 2.


Tamisha - June 14

I had m/c on 5/11 and am still waiting for af. I too am eager to try again. Good luck to you.


jo - June 14

Hi Lc, i had a d&c on 24th april and my period came 30th may. i was hoping to fall pregnant before my period came but no such luck. im ttc again this month. my period is due 27th june so my fingers are crossed. When is your period due?? i wish you all the luck in the world and i hope you get the news we are all longing for. take care lc and let me know how you are going x x


Julia - June 14

Hi there, I had my d&c May 10 and AF arrived for me June 5 and lasted for a good week. I am so glad to be done with that. We are on to ttc mode this week. I ordered opk tests online and will be taking one every night this week. If things are stil on schedule I should O by Sunday, so we'll see what happens. Good luck!


LC - June 14

Af came for me on June 11th and still here....hoping to be done with it soon so I can move on ttc. I was pretty irregular before my pregnancy so don't know when I will ovulate. I think we will bd every other day once af leaves up until af arrives next time. I am hoping that this will cover all possible dates of o'ing! Thought about the opk but don't know how those work? What do you do with those? Jo-my next af should be here July 9th if I am on a regular schedule. This cycle was 36 days though. Julia-can you help me out with opk? How do they work? Good luck to everyone! :-)


bump - June 16



Julia - June 16

Hi LC you can buy opk kits at the store or order online (much cheaper) You use them like a pg test but instead of first morning urine it's better to use later in the day. For me I get only the control line then when O is coming close I'll get a faint 2nd line then dark 2nd line (+OPK) then I would probably O the following day. I think they'e good, at least you know where you're at and when you should have O'd. Worth a try if you haven't before I think. Best of luck to you this month.


TAMISHA - June 17

Hello ladies, Well I had my m/c on May 11th, and I'm still waiting for af. Feel signs of it, so hopefully comes soon.


LC - June 20

Thanks Julia. I may hold off on opk until next month if we don't conceive this month....for now we are bding about every other day. Having a difficult time today....would have been 18 weeks today. Just talked with a girl from my office who has an appt this afternoon to have a 3D sonogram. Happy for her but can't help be sad for me....


Tamisha - July 4

Well af came and went 6/20. Today is my birthday and I should be ovulating today. Hoping for good news this month. Happy 4th to all !


Anja - July 4

Sorry for your miscarriage. I think we are in same boat. I miscarried on 3 June 05, D&C on 4th June at 10 weeks and half. I am happy for you because you have AF. I have not yet started AF but I wish I start now. I am also planning to try as soon as possible, only waiting for my first cycle. The waiting thing is really painfull but its good because it makes your uterine lining to heal. Try it if you are emotionally & physicall fine. You will possibly have normal period after trying if your utrine wall isnt ready. Wishing you lots of good luck. Baby dust to all participants of this ite


Tamisha - July 21

Help! Ladies I am going crazy. I work at a hospital and I took one of our pt and got such a faint line, another lady who looked at it said she only saw one line. Before my m/c af was very regular. For past couple weeks I have been feeling signs of pg. For one, my nipples are very sensitive, and I have been urinating much more frequently. I couldn't help it to take the test. I don't know if I should give it a couple more days or what??


Kim - July 21

Tamisha, I am excited for you! I hope that you are pg. Please let us know what happens...wait for two days and take it again. BEST OF LUCK! I am in limbo also - I m/c June 25th, decided not to wait ttc until my next period though, thanks to SUPER fertile looking cervical fluid. :-) Couldn't let that come and go and not do anything about it! So now I am waiting to "miss" my period (tough to calculate since I'm coming of a m/c). I am hoping for a BFP soon. I think I ovulated about a week ago, so I better give it some time before I start taking tests. I will let you know!


Tamisha - July 22

Well I took another hpt and it was a BFP!! I am so happy, but at the same time extremely scared.


Caroline - July 22

Hi LC I was diagnosed with a missed miscarriage on the 2nd June and had a D&C on the 6th. I did not ovulate after the D&C but my AF arrived spot on 28 days, I know I ovulated this month (used two packs of OPK to make sure!) and we are trying very hard to conceive this month. We have done all we can do and now have the 2 week wait - wish you all the luck in the world and have my fingers crossed for you - let me know how you get on xx


Dak - August 4

I am happy for you ladies who are preg. I wish you luck so that you carry the preg to term. Caroline, I am also ttc this month I think I ovulated between Jul 31 to Aug 3. I will test for preg on CD 36, today is CD 23. I am wishing you all the best so that you conceive. Please keep in touch



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